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AuthorBugsy chapter 6 . 8/18
I need to wake up early tomorrow wHY
John Smith chapter 42 . 6/13
Wow! That was a really beautiful ending. I have so much to say that I don't know if I can get it all out in one review. That makes me glad you have that extra chapter added on now, so I can add one more review later if I feel like it. xD

Overall, this story was very well done. It had great storytelling and a strong dynamicism to it that kept me guessing and excited the whole time. The later part of the story, the "recovery" arc, I guess, felt much slower even though it really wasn't when I look back. However, I still really loved how well you handled it and approached Sora's slow recovery so well. This ending was particularly of interest to me because you didn't SHOW us how much better he was, and that was really nice. I actually got to the end and kind of had this odd feeling that it SHOULD have been a bad ending and it COULD have been a let-down, but instead it was very fulfilling and wonderful and warming to me. I think that's because it really did allow Sora to face his fear without the shame of being witnessed and worried about by his friends, and it allowed him to crush the darkness away by his own power and realization, no one else's. He had the support of Roxas, but it really was on his own. That was really significant and beautiful. It also allowed us to imagine what WE wanted Sora to be like after he defeated his inner darkness. Was he immediately recovered? Did it still take him some time? Was he his normal goofball self right away? We don't know, but we don't really have to know. All we know is that he WILL get better, and the timeframe isn't what matters.

Your characters were flawless, honestly. I mentioned in another review that your Axel wasn't the same as mine, and this became even more true toward the end when he was so unsure and kinda pathetic, honestly. Then I realized.. I've never even bothered thinking about how Axel (or any of the organization) would act if completely alone and abandoned. They all believe they have no purpose or existence, and to me that just BEGS for a full on existential crisis the moment their ONE goal/belonging is torn away from them. Even if Axel wasn't happy with the Organization, it was still all he had (or all he believed he had). I really like how you handled him, and this will definitely shape the way I think about him in the future! Awesome! Your Sora was also absolutely amazing. The ONLY thing that made me really sad about this fanfiction (well, other than all the actually sad stuff) was that we got to see so little of happy Sora. You started the fic at the perfect moment... but while it would have made the beginning drag in an undesirable way, my heart yearns for some happy opening scenes in which Sora is completely and totally himself. I definitely cannot choose a favorite character of yours, but both Riku and Kairi have to be at the top of the list. They were just incredibly well handled and so full of depth. Kairi's unlimited support and soothingness and Riku's steadfast desire to make things right were completely on-point. I really love so much how well you wrote both of them. All of your characters were great, however. Oh! I almost forgot so I'm adding this a little later. xD Your Roxas was also easily one of my favorites. I love how he acted so cool and confident even when he had no idea what was going on. This felt so true to his character that I was just tickled by how well you had him pegged! Awesome job on your Roxas too!

Can I say how much I appreciate how you handled the romance in this? It was just enough. I could argue that the Leon/Yuffie was unnecessary, but it was also completely unobtrusive and frankly very cute. I am not much of a shipper, myself. Unless there's an actual romance in the story, I usually don't think further about which character might fall for whom. For that reason, 99% of my ships are just what canon offers me and I accept. I feel like you could have added a lot of shipping in here, and I feel like it would have ruined the mood/feel of the beautiful fic. So let me just thank you very openly for not involving anymore romance than the sweet, meaningful romance you did. It was the perfect amount, not too much and not too little.

Overall, it was just gorgeous. The actual writing skills you employed made the story flow well, and it was almost hard to remember that I was reading a fanfiction most of the time. It was simple, it flowed well, and it was easy to read through quickly and smoothly. To me, that is the mark of a skilled writer. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to read this story and wish you all the best in future writings! :D

PS I just watched E3 2016, and once again the annual tradition of having my extremely high hopes of getting a KH3 release date shattered into ten thousand pieces was a glorious success!
John Smith chapter 41 . 6/13
Wow that chapter was great. I really REALLY love that you gave Sora an 'episode' of sorts. I was kind of waiting for something like that to happen, and it really was well-handled. It was out of nowhere, and it was so easy to miss that even Riku didn't realize it was happening right away. To me, that is a great way to write... episodes aren't always as obvious as people like to think they are, and sometimes it's in subtle gestures that people show their distress. Bravo to you for writing so carefully!

I'm sad that this is ending so quickly, but I'm happy to see how well its moving forward! Poor Sora... I'm glad to see him finally have a cry, but I really want him to decompress and talk to his friends a little. ;-;
John Smith chapter 40 . 6/13
Oh my GOSH you had me going. It's hilarious that you almost lampshaded your own feint by making Sora do a feint of his own in the story. I was SO nervous about that feeling Sora had, and then BAM it was just Axel. You're cruel xD

And I thought it was hilarious and so over the top for Sora to do that just to prove a point. I guess he's feeling a bit better! It's nice to see him using a trick like that, the little prankster. Thanks for another great chapter! It's nice to see Axel forced to stick around. :)
John Smith chapter 39 . 6/13

I'M SO HAPPY! I'M DELIGHTED! I'M ECSTATIC! Oh my gosh, this chapter just... it was everything I didn't know I wanted! Talk about giving Sora something to elate him away from all that sorrow a little bit! And help fight against that terrible dream! I was worried you might drag it out longer (like Sora was apparently intending to do, that little dummy!), but you made good and gave him this wonderful Christmas gift. How sweet and wonderful! Your writing once again lent itself to this scene SO well, and it flowed so beautifully. Great job!
John Smith chapter 38 . 6/13
Wow, I wasn't sure how you would handle Sora's struggling recovery, but I knew it would come. That dream was BRILLIANT, and I am really impressed with how detailed and specific it was. I love the way you wrote it so fluidly, and I am really enjoying the incredible care you've put into the details here. I knew exactly where King Mickey wanted to bring Sora, but I expected Sora to be far more opposed to it once he saw where he was. Instead, you made him resigned. This is so sad but real to me, and I really loved it.

The reunion itself was beautiful, and I'm so glad you were able to save this moment for a piece of Sora's recovery. It's touching and sweet and just... augh. I love it!
John Smith chapter 37 . 6/13
Honestly, this chapter threw me for a loop a little bit. I'm having a hard time swallowing how fixated Sora is on Axel, unless it's somehow being tainted by Roxas' involvement. It's coming across more like Stockholm Syndrome than a genuine concern, which is a pity. Axel comes and goes from the house all the time and was even returning with groceries the first time Sora woke up there, so it was odd for Sora to know he was taking his leave at that exact moment. I look forward to see where you take this from here!

Nice job writing this chapter once again. I really like the way your writing flows and captures the characters. That ending actually left me feeling more sad and raw than anything else in this whole story so far-isn't Kairi one of his two most important people? And her concern for him is so strong right now that it honestly stings to know this is how he's feeling. My heart! Nice job getting me so emotional. xD
John Smith chapter 36 . 6/13
OH MY GOSH THAT LAST SCENE WAS SO CUTE. I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT. Kairi is so good for him! I love how she's so dedicated and loving and absolutely smitten with him, and she doesn't feel insecure about it at all! She doesn't doubt how important she is to him. It's really beautiful, and you depicted it perfectly.

The scene with the child was also really great. Akira reminded me of Sora too, but he wasn't a carbon copy or anything. His little "I like you more than I like Christmas" was precious and made me laugh irl. Great job on that! I am really loving how much emphasis you are putting on their long term bonds and childhood friendship as the utmost important aspect of their relationship-its very foundations. It's so true and feels so much more natural than any more "mature" relationship they might develop. Great chapter, as usual!
John Smith chapter 35 . 6/13
Awww.. I knew it was going to happen. I KNEW Riku would be the first person he saw, but I was totally not expecting him to take that big tumble and then end up going to Axel. I gotta admit, it seems a little hard to believe that he'd recognize Axel before Aerith and especially Leon, but I still understand that he was super panicked. Poor Riku, I really feel for him. I'm glad that he's opening up more about his fears. It should be therapeutic for him.

I'm a little disappointed that he's not acting like the one who "knows" Sora better. How come Axel suggested saving some of the decorations for him when Riku is the one who used to spend Christmas with him? It stands out of place a little bit, but it's still fine and definitely good writing.

Great job on this chapter! I love how much your writing style suits the different situations. It really speeds up in intense scenes and then takes its time in the more chill ones.
John Smith chapter 34 . 6/13
AHH! I LITERALLY GRINNED WITH EXCITEMENT AND POSSIBLY CHEERED A LITTLE WHEN AERITH MADE HER ANNOUNCEMENT TOWARD THE END. Oh my gosh, this was SUCH a good chapter. Kairi, the memories, Roxas helping to take him to the light... oh my GOSH this was so good!

I loved this chapter so much, and I'm so glad you went this route! It really reminded me of the beginning of KH2, when Namine is helping him wake up. It was touching and painful and beautiful. I loved how you made it such a sweet parallel, and then you even had Roxas there to complete the circle fully. Gorgeous job on this chapter! :D
John Smith chapter 33 . 6/13

This was REALLY well written. I love the detail in the fight with Maleficent, and the way you handled Axel's moment of glory was perfect! The teamwork between him and Riku was really satisfying.

The scene between Roxas and Sora was both sad and adorable. Poor Sora is slowly giving up, and Roxas is trying so, SO hard to stop that from happening. When Sora started to fade, I wasn't sure what would happen to his body, but when they all got in and found him like that, I was shocked. And sad. Very sad.

What surprised me is that Kairi is willing to blame Yuffie, but she's not turning on Riku nearly as much. I'd expect her to turn on Riku more, since she knows how much he understood Sora needed help AND was the one in charge of shadows AND is the stronger one of the two rescuers that stopped by then. I guess she's just irrational in her grief. :(

Great chapter and very emotional!
John Smith chapter 32 . 6/13
Ooh, once again a nice chapter! The interactions between Sora and Roxas are honestly sweet as heck. The part where Roxas wanted Sora to stop being so... not himself, aaahh! I loved it so much! I hope we get to see more of them in the next few chapters!

As far as this mounting attack against Maleficent goes, I'm interested to see where you take it. I feel like it could go in many directions, and you've certainly been surprising more than once in this story already. I can't wait to see how it goes!

King Mickey's distrust of Axel is especially surprising now, especially after he was so adamantly supportive of him earlier. Interesting and a bit curious, I must say...

Great chapter!
John Smith chapter 31 . 6/13
Wow, that chapter really surprised me! I wasn't expecting Maleficent to show up until later, but talk about upping the ante all over again! I love how you just keep throwing us all these curveballs. This fic has been a wild ride with one intense action and counter-action after another. Very impressive writing! I love how you've made it flow so well thus far, and you've managed to keep it all feeling very dynamic and original the whole time. Really nothing has felt repetitive at all!

This chapter was a little odd to me in some ways. I thought it strange that Axel's argument won out, especially since I didn't think Maleficent knew Riku was around (or looked the way he did) either. Maybe I missed something, but it felt a bit forced that King Mickey sided with Axel at that moment. It worked out well, though, since Riku got to have his angry charge at her. :) Great chapter!
John Smith chapter 30 . 6/13
Yowza, that was another great chapter. I'm really loving Sora and Roxas' interactions together. Poor Sora just can't catch a break though, can he?

I'm also enjoying how you are winding the story down but leaving yourself so much room for more action. I find it kind of disappointing when stories with the "someone gets kidnapped and oh no" plot end at or just after the rescue. We all know that recovery takes time, especially from prolonged events, so I'm grateful to see you taking your time with this story.

Ansem's departure was odd, and I wonder if there's more to it. To see Axel's reaction to him though... hmmm, I am surprised Axel is willing to lay blame on someone else. I'm actually pretty shocked that he's not feeling even more guilty. The truth of the matter is that Riku was correct. Axel DID stand by and literally watch as Sora was tortured for weeks. That's far more significant than his one failed escape plan. In any case, I just LOVE how well you capture the characters in all these odd and intriguing situations. Great job!
John Smith chapter 29 . 6/13
I won't lie. I'm a little irked with what Mickey said as well. I completely agree with his decision to bring Axel, but to say that Axel cares about Sora just as much as the others? To RIKU, of all people? I dunno man, that seems out of line to me. But I suppose the King knows what he knows. I really liked the way you characterized him in that scene overall, though. He was very caring, compassionate, and commanding, which are all very in character for him. Great job!

Man, I LOVED this chapter though. I've always enjoyed scenes in which characters are working to heal someone desperately. It was all very well done here, and it makes it seem more real that they are stuck using bandages and gauze to patch him up since potions aren't working.

That last scene with Kairi approaching Axel... at first I thought it was odd that she would leave Sora's side, but I think it says a lot about her. She is very much like Sora in that she will reach out to people in need, and she would definitely want to do the things Sora would wish for at this point. I also wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to just get away from the scene for a little bit. I'm sure it's more than overwhelming. The fact that she begged him to tell her what happened was not at all surprising, and I'm glad that he refused. I think it would just be cruel if he did it by choice. ;-; But I have a nagging suspicion that he may be forced to talk about it later, maybe?
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