Reviews for Fading
silverheartlugia chapter 30 . 7/29
"He remembered being cornered by college"XD
silverheartlugia chapter 29 . 7/29
"Xenmas said her voice"?
silverheartlugia chapter 26 . 7/29
(Loged out to review) Whoo drama! But there are several misspellings here.
mOOnlite-duskk chapter 44 . 6/21
It's been absolutely an amazing journey to reread Fading and watching one of my all time favourite kh fan fiction grow better and stronger (although it felt impossible to improve until I read it all!) I honestly felt Fading was the best but after you rewrote it, you have done the impossible and made it even better!
Even though we don't get updates whenever you update a chapter I would patiently recheck your page for update.
It's been an amazing journey and I am anticipating for the sequel!
For what it's worth, the changes you've made for sora is better and flows a lot better with what he has been through. I support your change and anticipating the sequel to watch him recover and be back the way we always love him as: confident optimistic and selfless :)
Guest chapter 13 . 2/19
Loving the edited versions of these! It makes them feel more dramatic and like it's actually happening and the way you use your words it's like I can actually imagine everything, you're awesome! And also, I love your openings with the edited chapters lol, too funny! Have a great day! :)
Guest chapter 10 . 2/8
I keep checking back everyday to see if you've edited this I just get so excited! :D loving the new edited versions great job :)
Guest chapter 44 . 1/2
I think remaking Fading AND making the sequel would prove difficult for you, so I just say make the sequel :)
Kayla chapter 44 . 1/2
I think you should do the sequel! I've read this fic so many times I've lost count and it's amazing as it is! :)
Guest chapter 44 . 1/2
don't try to pile too much onto yourself too quickly. i'd vote for rewriting fading first, then its sequel, then focus on your other stories. i've learned from experience that when you try to take on too many projects at once, you tend to multitask and each story suffers as you're trying to stretch your attention. but that's just my advice!
Reader chapter 43 . 1/1
I would read anything you would put out definitely! Either a sequel or a re-do or anything else! I'm so excited you're returning to the world of Kingdom Hearts haha!
Sora Tayuya chapter 44 . 1/1
I reiterate: I will read anything you type.
Sora Tayuya chapter 43 . 1/1
I will read anything you type. Pretty much.

Also it is good to get folks back into the fandom: we can't let Pokemon fanbase beat us.
silverheartlugia2000 chapter 44 . 1/1
I dont mind what order you decide, it sounds like you will do all three eventualy and i look forward to it! i like the idea of the M rated fic (I have a torture aftermath fic myself) and as for searching, im interested to see if it results in Anti phases, personaly i dont see Anti as dangerous unless he's provoked. when shadows arent attacking he's like a little dorky puppyX3 though with what happened and Sora's angsty emotions, he might be more wary of people than normal. Also I started to reread fading and it does have typos and wrong words. I also questioned why the hell sora didnt just unlock his door with that open-all key he has (XD) so it would do to be refined. Either way I love your work and am excited to see you back in this fandom!
StormyMcCall chapter 44 . 1/1
I believe that you should make a new sequel for Fading. :) This was one of my favorite stories that I've read on hear and would be really happy to have a sequel. Or, like you said, you had another KH story planned that you didn't get into detail with the plot yet, I think you should also just put up another KH story if you don't do a sequel to Fading because your stories are amazing. :)
Nicole Peach chapter 43 . 12/31/2014
Oh wow, I remember reading this story two years ago and reviewing still under anon as "Peach". Personally, unless I'm remembering it wrong, I thought the story was pretty much perfect, but I certainly wouldn't mind a rewrite (although I am curious as to whether you'd leave the original up) and I would read it. Or a sequel. Or something completely new. I would read any of them probably.

I almost feel like rereading the entire fic now. XD
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