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Fergus Flamacron chapter 54 . 3/2/2014
WELL NOW! Hehehehehehe, wasn't this a spectacular send-off for old Dorkula. I LOVED it! Except for the deaths of Mummymon and Arukenimon - you made them even worse than they were in the actual show. It's at times like that that I wonder why I call MYSELF evil compared to you. But other than that there was SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! But what I loved above all, had to be the fusion between Sakuyamon and Angewomon. I loved the bond that Lily, Renamon and Gatomon had throughout but I must admit I did not see that one coming. But if there really was an ultimate way to peak their friendship, it would have been that. And Ralts was as amazing as ever, though I have to wonder how much money Lily would be willing to pay for someone to invent a way to block her telepathy. Congratulations on the near completion of your story.
Fergus Flamacron chapter 53 . 3/2/2014
Ooooooh I knew it. I KNEW that Myotismon was going to do something like that. I mean how would he not? He hates working for someone else. What I did NOT expect however was for Justimon to do THAT awesome a job right there. Even without Omnimon's help, he was badass, but after that... well... SUPER BADASS comes to mind as appropriate. And you could really feel the emotion in this chapter. I will get on and read that next one right now.
Taeniaea chapter 54 . 3/2/2014
cool story
vitaliusdeos chapter 54 . 3/1/2014
and so it ends, on the back of an insane motorbike.
Fergus Flamacron chapter 52 . 2/16/2014
Ooooooooh, OOOOH! NOW THINGS ARE HEATING UP! HAHAHAHA! Oh you gotta love it! There are just ... so... many... EXPLOSIONS! Man, this is epic. And this time when something very bad happened, it didn't take long for something good to happen too. Justimon for the win. On another note, I love the whole thing going on with Gatomon there. It seems there is truly no part of either her or Lily's life that Myotismon did not mess up back then. And he's still messing it up now thanks to Millenniummon. But not for much longer I say! That is a scene I greatly look forward to.
Taeniaea chapter 52 . 2/16/2014
cool story
Fergus Flamacron chapter 51 . 2/2/2014
WELL NOW! Hehe, most of your chapters are awesome but THIS ONE! This was PURE AWESOMENESS! You've certainly gained great skill in writing fight scenes and the two Demon Lords certainly pulled off a spectacular victory against their opponents. And yet at the same time there really is no cause for celebration at all. Millenniummon's the monster of all monsters and has got to be one of the singly most twisted creatures there are. I believe even Omnimon's going to have some REAL trouble, but its great to see him back in the story. Because there's a dimension destroying Digimon that needs a butt-kicking!
Taeniaea chapter 51 . 2/2/2014
cool story
Fergus Flamacron chapter 50 . 1/19/2014
Oh snap! This can only be bad news yet again. The Dark Spore wasn't good for Lily before but now its actually started sprouting... everything's coming to a head it seems. And I loved the flashback that Gatomon had there - it really doesn't surprise me that Myotismon would deliberately mess with her head. Hope to find out more soon. And aww for Edan and Stella. And on a final note, I'm hoping for some Chaos Digimon to be barbecued sometime soon by a pair of Demon Lords. Epicness all round!
Fergus Flamacron chapter 49 . 1/12/2014
Oh now this was a chapter of awesome indeed! I think I about died laughing when Wisemon accidentally killed his own comrade like that. Not even he saw that one coming did he? Hah! Not to mention Gatomon could put any ninja to shame. And similarly at last the purification of Cherubimon. Man that was awesome to see, and I like that he started to show signs of resistance before the end on the outside as well as the in. But of course Millenniummon's looming threat is going to keep causing problems and it seems they've all stumbled into one now. Looking forward to your update next week.
Fergus Flamacron chapter 48 . 1/12/2014
Oh, you evil little... no matter how many things go right, something wrong seems to happen to counteract it mere moments later, and in this case several somethings. Still this was an awesome chapter and I have to tell you, you do a damn good job of making things creepy as hell. Five shadow humans that want to drink the blood of Tamers - does that scream creepy to everyone because it definitely should. I need to read on now. Thank goodness I have the option to really...
Fergus Flamacron chapter 47 . 12/30/2013
Oh, you are SO evil! I had hope that BlackWarGreymon would survive and begin a proper life but what was I thinking? This is you we're talking about after all. XD But at least he died doing something good, which was better than what happened in canon since there he did something good AFTER he was fatally wounded and here he got fatally wounded DOING it. RIP BlackWarGreymon. Still, seeing Lily and Myotismon working together is still BEYOND weird! And I loved the competitive spirit between Davis and TK, and the effect it had on their partners. XD Good luck with the next week.
Fergus Flamacron chapter 46 . 11/4/2013
Well this was an interesting development wasn't it? Looks like being in hell has a detrimental effect on people when they're not busy fighting for their lives, which is not surprising really, but thank goodness Azulongmon gave the group what they needed to get over that. Not even Kari was immune, yeesh. Still, the battle scenes were as awesome and tense as ever and man, that's some creepy skill that GranDracmon's got there, but its sure fitting for a Digimon like him. And wow... an alliance between Myotismon and Lily, even if only a temporary one. Please make MetalGarurumon freeze everything around him because they are in hell and I thought an alliance like that would only happen when hell froze over. Even if it is an antagonistic alliance. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Fergus Flamacron chapter 45 . 10/7/2013
Well now... wasn't this chapter jam-packed. It may have been shorter than normal but jeez it was full. At least Cody might finally be able to see Ken for a comrade with this development and whoop-de-doo, we have ourselves another Champion level Digimon. An upgrade is always awesome! And oooooh, an army of Arkadimon. That is never, EVER a good sign, especially if they can digivolve on the spot like those ones did. How many more levels can they reach I wonder. And HAHA! Wow, Tai really put the smackdown on that horrible vampire there didn't he? Might as well take the opportunity while he's still in a human body and all. And he rattled off a long list of VERY good reasons why Myotismon should leave Lily alone. Will he? Of course not. But oooh my, this isn't looking good at all for Lily and Renamon. If something like that even scares Ralts, you KNOW it is serious, but she's seriously gone absolutely round the twist. I fear for Matt and Ryo. I really, really do. Still, great chapter and look forward to the next one.
Fergus Flamacron chapter 44 . 9/24/2013
Oooooh, now this was a chapter of big-time awesome and yet big-time creepiness all blended into one. The actual hell! And that sentence was very literal and not an exclamation of shock. They actually landed themselves in… blimey, things can always get worse, can’t they? On a plus side, very well done Lily for not caving in and killing the git, even if it means he’s scarpered again. He can never run and come back enough times, huh? And poor Joe and Gennai…. But most of all poor Lilithmon. I have the terrible feeling that things are not going to turn out very well for her at all. Still, on another note, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wow, Izzy, you REALLY are head over heels for Mimi, aren’t you? Tentomon was right – it IS about time that happened. XDXDXD And finally, OH MAN! After such a touching and heartwarming reunion scene between Lily and Renamon, and you go and pull THAT! THAT! MY GOSH GIRL! I REITERATE WHAT I SAID BEFORE! THINGS ALWAYS JUST GET WORSE!
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