Reviews for Hell
henry baker chapter 5 . 10/31/2015
you always gotta start somewhere when trying to make amends
Annifrid chapter 5 . 8/4/2012
Is it time for an update soon? I've been checking in on this story every now and then to see if it states "complete", because it sounds really intruiging, and I know I like your writing.. :) I hope you haven't given up on it, and that I'll get to read it soon! (Sorry, but my feels can't handle unfinished business, I hyperventilate and become hysterical. Nothing to aim for if able to avoid it..)
WOAAAH, WAIT, HOLD ON..! I'm not reading it, but I stole a glance above this review box, and the last line says "The end". Is it finished already, just that you didn't change the status to complete? If you read this, please take the time to change it so I can bring my faint hearted self to read this, as I assume, brilliant piece of work! Kisses and Rizzles on ya! :)
RavenSkyAngel chapter 3 . 5/5/2012
Just wondering why Jane is so angry with Maura. What did Maura do? Maura was justified in being angry with Jane after she shot and killed her bio father.

I mean, Dean shot Doyle. Doyle survived.

Doyle shot Dean back. Dean died.

Jane shot Doyle because Doyle shot her boyfriend. Eventually, Doyle died.

So, Dean shot Doyle...Doyle killed Dean...Jane killed Doyle.

So what has Maura got to do with Dean dying?

Why is Jane so angry with Maura.

Most important, why is Maura apologizing to Jane? What did she really do? Get mad with Jane for killing her bio Dad? Wasn't that a normal reaction? That's it?

And it seems like it's Jane who did not want to forgive Maura. Why? Because her bio dad killed Dean? so? What has Maura got to do with that!

Hope you can explain this better.