Reviews for Fly Away Child
Aranel Celebrenlam chapter 3 . 11/10/2014
Wow! I love this story! I've been trying to find stories based off of the movie and not the book for a while because I haven't been able to read the book so it confuses me to read fanfictions based on the book. This story is great and I really hope you decide to come back to it and update it again. I really want to see how exactly Sparrow fits into your version of the story. Best of luck with any future chapters should you choose to write them!
Chocolate-Skies104 chapter 3 . 5/18/2012
Yay, an update on something good! 3

I haven't watched the movie before (It's kind of expensive where I am... $18.50 O-o'''), so %99 makes no sense to me, but I still like it alot.

Generally I don't like FanFics where people have their OCs intervene with the original plot, I think I like this because it's new to me. :)

There's one thing that I would advise you to change though. In order to get on a plane, no matter where or how old you are, you need a passport. It's illegal to try to board a plane without one, it's likely that the attendant wouldve gone to jail if anyone found out.

Aside from that I really enjoyed reading it. :D

(I also haven't watched the movie because I saw the actor who plays as Basta... I choked. O-O From the descrption in the book, he's sound cute. 3 It also weirded me out because the actor who plays him seems really old. He's probably 25-27 when the book series begins.)
thestubb chapter 3 . 5/17/2012
Yay! You're back(:

Oooh...she gets to meet Mo! Yay! I can't wait!
thestubb chapter 2 . 5/2/2012
Ah! Thank you! You made me so happy, now that Mo didn't just abandon them.(:

I like how you put a spin on the dialogue, but kept the main idea.

Good job!
thestubb chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
It would be okay, if it were anyone but Mo! That's just not what Mo would do! He's dedicated, he doesn't just have one night stands with girls and leave them pregnant. :/

That aside, interesting idea for a story.

By the by, watch out for your punctuation.

Continue! You have a very nice writing style.