Reviews for The Courtship of Alphard Black
lowi chapter 1 . 5/1/2012

I love how it's tied together with Mor's oneshot, and I love how it all happens, and I really don't know how to write this review because umm, I don't know. HAHA, BUT I LOVE THIS STORY.

The way you make Alphard's eyes as a sort of theme throughout the story is wonderful, it's really beautifully written and makes a lot of sense, and just showed a lot of Orion's character.

And the dialogue. In the entirety of this fic, it's so wellwritten. You've done an absolutely fantastic work on that part, I don't know why it stood out to me so much, but I could really hear them say everything in my head, haha. X3

I also think you did a brilliant work on that scene where Orion has sex with Walburga, it's very well written, and one can clearly tell how Orion doesn't feel something for Walburga. And then how it evolves into his relization of what he's feeling for Alphard-it's so well done, and as usual, really subtle. :D

""Orion," Alphard said hoarsely."

OH. MY. GOSH. That is hot. And so slashy. I. LOVE. IT. X3

And then Alphard tells him he has to court him first - IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Cue dead!Lovisa XD

I can't wait for the sequel, and more stories for these two, and just askdjaklsjdaklsjd I LOVE YOU MEW EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE GIVING ME WAY TO MANY NEW OTPS TO KEEP UP WITH. Fabulous work, absolutely fabulous. :3
Morghen chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
Holy shit, mew...

I LOVED THEM! I've always hated Orion for how he (and his wife, blergh) pressured Reggie-Poo into being a DE, but this slashy side to him makes me like him! I mean, you showed a whole new and unique perspective on his life, while still keeping it canon, and just WOW.


Alphard's character is just YUMMY! I mean, Merlin, I like how he's all different from the other Blacks, but not in the way that Sirius or Andromeda were. AND THE DESCRIPTION OF HIS EYES! It was so vivid and asdfghjkkl DROOL WORTHY! Gawd, I never knew I could like the description of someone's eyes sooo much!

I really liked how you wrote Orion, as well. Reading that scene from Regideon in Orion's perspective was awesome and perfect and asdfghjjkl. Merlin, and how it ties together with the end! As much as I never thought I would say this, I felt my heart breaking for Orion! THAT'S CRAZY!


I was waiting for them to just start snogging and every time they were in a room alone with each other I was like, "OH, THIS IS THE MOMENT! OMM, THEY'RE GOING TO JUST RAVISH EACH OTHER! ANY SECOND NOW!" but they didn't! :(( I will admit, though, that the tension in the second to the last scene was just amazing. They might not have went "at it" but just the taboo-ness of their attractions and the way Alphard said Orion and how he trapped him against the wall, IT WAS ALMOST BETTER THAN THEM RAVISHING EACH OTHER!

""That I'll be your dirty little secret? Yes. But I'm a gentleman. You must court me first.""

I just loved that line. XDD

You do really really really (to the nth power) need to write sequels for this! I can't wait to read them!


It was better than I imagined! And I expected it to be really awesome! :D

autumn midnights chapter 1 . 4/29/2012
Loved it, mew! I absolutely adore this pairing as well - I've always been interested in this generation of Blacks, considering we don't really know anything about them from canon. I love how you slightly tied this into Mor's fic as well, and I definitely can't wait for the sequel to this. Your characterizations of Orion and Alphard were excellent, as well as what we saw of Walburga and Cygnus. It was written very, very well, and I liked how it was in a bunch of little scenes that slowly showed the development of their relationship. Great job - of course!