Reviews for Some Die Young
IanPhilippe chapter 1 . 9/23/2014
Heh I actually read the sequel first, so I was glad when I noticed that there was this story, since I'm a huge fan of fic where they just start figuring out that they like each other... thanks for writing this, and thanks for letting me see a really unusual pairing, I'm a HUGE fan of those :)
lowi chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Oh gosh, mew, this story! :333 It's AWESOME, and it has cheered me up by so much, wow. it. :DD

First of all, we have the title. Which is perfect. In every single way. Awesome song, and very fitting, and now this is totally my song for this pairing (which happens to have become a new OTP of mine, whoops. Not that that's a bad thing, but still...XD)

ANYWAY. I need to take one moment to appreciate the fact that you have all these fantastic pairings here. I MEAN LOUCO, COME ON! :3333 It feels like I'm addicted to them, and you're my personal drug dealer, and just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. XD and then having a background LouisHugo, that is nothing but perfect. And okay, maybe the RoseScor disturbs me a little, but I think I can forgive you for that because of Scor's interactions with Ron, and the picture I got of them with orange faces at that Quidditch game... Priceless. ;)

And then you don't stop there, but you have VicNev, MollyMichael, LilyTeddy, Jamestin and AlbusCalytrix (which I had forgot about, even! :O)!

And then of course. Viktor Hugo. (Because I liked that "pun" a lot, haha!) It was, just as usual with you, so carefully written and so subtly developing that in the end it made so much sense that it was impossible to /not/ ship them. YOU ARE SO GOOD AT WRITING, AS YOU KNOW. :D

I love also how you've written Hugo, he's adorable and awesome and just I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I CAN'T. :'))) &hearts

Another thing-the ending with Louis being the one to point out that Hugo /loves/ Viktor... TO PERFECT FOR WORDS. XD


I loved this story, as you hopefully can tell from this review. :3 FANTASTIC WORK, TSUI!
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
So this is the fic titled Some Die Young that you mentioned a little while ago! I love your long oneshots, just saying. I love the mentions of the various M&MWPs, especially the side pairing of Louco, and the past LouHugh, which is an awesome cousincest ship. You're right, I do ship Vikugh now, lol. I love your characterizations of Rose and Hugo, because most people write Rose like Hermione and Hugo like Ron, but yours is kind of the opposite, which is totally original. I like how I could slowly see Viktor and Hugo's relationship building throughout the piece, and by the end, I had totally been rooting for them so I'm glad that they did end up together. I love how the title refers to what Louis and Hugo had, as I was wondering how you were going to use the title Some Die Young without killing anybody off. And yes, mew, you do need to write a sequel to this! Loved it!
Morghen chapter 1 . 4/29/2012
mewwwwww, OMM, you already know how much I love this story!



I guess puns are good sometimes! :P

But, to the story! Merlin, I hadn't planned to like this pairing for much more than its pun on Victor Hugo because we all know how much I love LouisHugo, BUT MERLIN DAMMIT, I LOVE THIS PAIRING NOW! It's like we discussed the other day, Louis/Hugo were more of a teenage thing and didn't last. Not that I love LouisHugo any /less/ now, but you know what I mean!


I really loved how you built this pairing up. At first, Hugo thought Viktor was just another one of his parents' friends and another Quidditch freak, but then he gradually realized how much more Viktor is than that. It was the perfect pace and Hugo's change of mind was very believable. I thought I was going to die when Viktor gave Hugo his jacket and that was before anything even got very slashy! The little "dispute" between Louis and Hugo made me sad, but then I remember that Viktor would make it all better and I felt a little more assured :P. WHEN HUGO WAS BEING MEAN TO VIKTOR! GAHHH, I JUST WANTED TO SMACK HIM ON THE HEAD! He is so like Ron sometimes! -.-

"Viktor frowned. "You smell burnt.""

That part! XDD I started laughing a bit when I read it!

I love how you write Viktor! His accent and his wording is just amazingly done! Some of the shit he says made me laugh throughout the story XD I also liked how you showed that he didn't suddenly "turn gay" for Hugo by giving a back story about his previous relationship. It gave some good structure to his character (if that makes any sense).

WHEN THEY FINALLY KISSED! OMM! Well, even before that! When Viktor just picked him up and had that conversation, I was pretty much yelling at him! OF COURSE HE LIKES YOU VIKTOR! MY MERLIN! XD But I was hanging onto every word, crossing my fingers, and just waiting for them to snogged each others' faces off BUT THEN THEY DISAPPARATED! *le sigh* and then they kissed and I was a happy!Mor XD

And, of course, the ending was perfect! I was happy to see that Louis and Hugo were friends again and that Viktor wouldn't be going too far (well, hopefully they go far, but THAT'S FOR ANOTHER STORY!) ;D

Merlin, this review is a jumbled mess of fangirling and capitalized letters, but to just summarize it, I really love this story. And I really need you to write a sequel and then a sequel to that and then a sequel to that and so on and so forth!