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Guest chapter 1 . 5/14/2015
If only Castle had really decided to lost weight ...
Hannah chapter 1 . 12/12/2014
This fic is AWESOME. Found it via the fanfics blog and so glad I did.
Lydian Stone chapter 1 . 5/24/2013
I just started running recently after a 20 year knee issue that prevented it. Every time I start I get frustrated at how easy it used to be and I struggle to keep going, and every time this fic comes to mind and I find it inspiring. I read this so long ago, but it's stuck with me and I finally went back today, read it again and realized I never reviewed (shame on me!) I loved it when I read it the first time, now I appreciate it on a much more practical level. So thanks for helping me get through the next stride and the next . . .
brookemopolitan chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
okay, this is brilliant. So pleased to be nominated in the same category as you :)
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
If this is sad I'm gonna punch you in the face. I just need something to read before work starts.

There's a moment when he's running, a jag of space and time, long after his heart has started thrumming fast and hard against his ribs and liquid fire has started shooting up and down his legs. It's when he's just pushing off the ground that the possibilities of the world rush and expand before him, and every step and every path is open, endless, waiting. - I hate you because you are so goddamn talented. This is amazing to say the least.

(He remembers the one time his phone froze for four, maybe five minutes. He hit the home button, tapped the power, frantically tried to reset it. His chest started aching, a ball of fire, twisting in his sternum, right where the bullet had –
Something in the phone clicked, reset. He went to the Apple store and bought a backup anyway.)- Punching in the face it is. I just want to lick his face and give him a big hug and I love that he freaking got a new phone because if he missed her call it would be the end of the world.

There's a scale, in the bathroom, that he hasn't stepped on in maybe a year. He's a guy. Scales aren't for guys. But he's restless, idle, and he doesn't want to sleep, doesn't want to write, can't even bring himself to play angry birds (really, since she came back, he hasn't wanted to look at that phone). And so he toes onto it, and - when did he gain twenty pounds? Sure, he works out a little less than he had before he met Beckett, but he gets exercise, chasing after suspects, pacing in front of the murder board, even if he hadn't, exactly, this summer. - This breaks my heart. All of it. That he can't do anything and nothing feels right and even though it should be okay it's not. And like the weight gain mention makes me sad because he doesn't know how it happened and fuck you. (ILU)

and jogs out into the dead-of-night air. - Oh yeah. THAT'S safe.

It's after maybe a mile and a half that he finds he's outrun it, that he loses everything but the rolling rhythm of the run, and even though after thirty minutes he collapses, chest heaving, against the side of a building, oh, does he wish he could go forever. - This is the number one reason I wish I could run. Damn you shins.

"Have you lost weight?" she asks. She has these bursts of directness, now, where the formerly-omnipresent filter between her brain and her mouth blips for an instant and she says things she never would have. He's hoping, some day, she'll let something important slip. - Huh. She was like that in season 4. I never would have thought of it in those words but yeah. And I love that last line.

"She's creepy," he responds.

"How many times do I tell you that I can't arrest someone for being creepy?" - Forever in love with your dialogue.

"It should be easier than this."

The feel of her fingertips, cool and feather-light, brushing over the back of his hand, draws him back to her. "We'll get there," she says.

He runs another five miles that night, runs away from the memory of white gloves stained with blood, runs until the thread of stillness coils around him and he's alone in space with his muscles working and lungs pumping and her voice, echoing in his head, telling him they'll get there. - Jesus effing Christ. Your talent with words is beyond astounding. BEYOND.

Two weeks later they're flat out after a suspect in Central Park when Castle overtakes her - Uh oh lol.

"It hurts when you run," he says, pushing his luck further than he should. He can see it even now, though, the vague furrow above her eyes that means she's swallowing back pain.

"I'm fine," she says quickly.- If you're keeping count, I have 3 minutes until I officially start work and I'm tearing up. You owe me a present.

"Writing's not peaceful," he tries. "It doesn't quiet things down – it turns up the noise." It's a frenetic, chaotic process, the opposite of the quiet wash of breath and pulse he gets at mile ten. - God YES. It's a stresser.

"A hundred and seven days," he says.

She huffs a brittle laugh. "You marking a calendar?"

"No." He's sure he'll never be able to stop counting, that the significant markers for the rest of his life will be Days After. - Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I'm sure FF took all those out. It's a bad word. Repeated.

He reaches out, trails a finger over the sleek fabric of her slacks at the top of her knee. "If I were faster…" He doesn't even realize he's said it until it's out of his mouth; as much as he's thought it, he's never really examined it as a motivation behind his sudden compulsion to run.

She smiles, chuckles, murmurs, "Than a speeding bullet?"

He's affronted. Here he is, confessing his deepest thoughts that his subconscious has hidden away, and she's laughing at him. "Are you really mocking me?" - OMG. That's why it's so good for him. Because he thinks for next time ... YOU ARE RUINING ME, JESSIE. I WANT A BOATLOAD OF PRESENTS (and maybe a boat?)

The brittleness has sheared away from both of them, leaving only soft smiles and easy touches. He thinks if they never moved from this spot, hands on each other's knees, forearms touching, somehow having pulled together after sitting so apart, that would be okay. "And sexy," he supplies helpfully.

He's waiting for an eye roll, but he gets the slow slide of her teeth over her lip, a darkening of her gaze as she watches his face.

"That, too," she says, voice low in the back of her throat. - Amazing. Perfect. Can he start running?

He draws back, flicks his eyes over her, not sure how to voice any of the questions crowding his brain. "It's a good thing I've increased my stamina."

"Lucky me," she murmurs. He has never heard such a tantalizing combination of sarcasm and lust.

"Come with me," he says. She glances at him sharply, but the words have surprised him as much as they have her. There's nothing for it now, though, nothing for it but to plow ahead: "Not – not that. Tomorrow morning. Six am." - I love the wording of tantalizing combination of sarcasm and lust. I love that he doesn't mean to be dirty but she sees it that way. I love that he asks her to run and he kissed her and freaking all of it.

She huffs. "You must be horribly desperate."

"Anything for a chance to run behind you," he says, leering a little, and then she's rolling her eyes and shaking her head but not quite protesting as she walks back toward the squad car. - So this made my heart clench because, because he's joking about her ass but not joking at all and it feels so right in your words.

He wonders if she feels it more than she lets on, if every day is a battle for her, a fight through the hurt, a war against her body. He wonders how she escapes whatever shredded memories she has of that time, or if she doesn't, if maybe she's taken off like this to try and find that inner stillness that comes from setting a fast rhythm in the clear, early-morning air. - Your words all things ever.

"You needed to stop," he says. "You needed to stop and I'm done watching you run yourself into the ground." - Oh, Castle.

He thinks, absently, how nonsensically he adores it when she does that, and it's annoying, infuriating, really, how even when he's so angry with her he can't stop loving her so desperately - Yeah. Sums them up perfectly.

He's not quite sure who starts it, lips suddenly crashing into lips, teeth scraping over tongues and hands sliding over sweat-slicked ribs, and the way she's running her nails over his abdomen as she shoves his shirt up and the way his hands are all on their own wandering higher and higher he knows nothing good can come of this happening in a public place. - Ughhhh so hot.

just a misfiring car engine - Does this actually happen in real life? LOL.

He leans his forehead into hers, smoothes his hands down her biceps. - Love the mental image of this.

"I've been holding you back, though," she whispers, too much earnestness in her gaze, her muscles tightening under his arms. "Since – since," she says, letting it trail into its own sentence, no explanation necessary, no need to say since that moment one hundred and eight days ago when both their hearts stilled for several beats too long. - Breaking me into pieces.

Jessie, seriously? I know you don't always love what you produce. But I just want to say this. Your talent is extraordinary, astounding, incredible, beautiful, painful, worthy of jealousy. It will sit with me all day. (Please write happier. Gift cards will be accepted as presents as well.)
AudreyJ1 chapter 1 . 7/15/2012
Third time I've read it, still perfect, wish there was more!
International08 chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
Apparently I went through a phase (recurring?) of NOT REVIEWING THINGS I LOVED. I'm terribly sorry.

I do love this. The imagery, the growth, the way you have them separate and then coming together again. Really beautiful.
whisper-the-truth chapter 1 . 6/28/2012
so beautiful :)
love it.
EmptyLungs chapter 1 . 6/24/2012
Wonderful, I love it.

Excellent work!
trishtumbles chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
I really like this. Wish you'd continued just a bit more :)
someheartslove chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
Oh, this was beautiful. Love it how he took running instead of chasing her, loved the story about him checking the phone every few minutes and I love it how he invited her to come with him.

This is all one big metaphor, and I'm so glad they're doing it together.
JeuxDeVagues chapter 1 . 5/20/2012
You are amazing. Title. First line, "a jag of space and time." First paragraph, "It's when he's just pushing off the ground that the possibilities of the world rush and expand around him." If I didn't think my fingers would get tired from all the copying and pasting, I would quote every single line of this back to you and tell you why it is perfectly snappy and perfectly paced (no pun intended) and just - just right. I don't understand how you write like this. I don't understand how ANYONE can write like this. I could feel my muscles burning with his (ouch). I could feel the "bite of fall" (blissed out). Okay, I can't help it. I have to quote this: "The overwhelming benediction of pain." And this: "How do you do it?... Run without running at something." I don't know what to do with myself except wrap up this review and go torture myself with Whatever We Lose. (And not that this is important in light of all that I LOVE about this story and the way you write, but I agree that Beckett would not like yoga very much at all.)
nixer chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
Dude, someone should send this to Nathan Fillion. All the work female actors put into their bodies - and I know Stana is too thin these days, but at least that fits with the shooting and the PTSD and maybe losing your best friend/almost lover - why don't the men bother their flabby asses? Nathan was never my type, but he looked so much better in the early seasons that watching Undead Again after watching a season 2 episode made me wince. He's fat. That's all there is to it. He's fat and it ages him and all this boyish cocky-ness was only vaguely attractive in a boyish-looking 35 year old, it is actually verging on creepy in a pudgy 40 year old. And whoever thought of putting him in leather jackets for the last few eps was an idiot. He's a good looking guy. He just seriously needs to work out.
Deb838 chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
I really enjoyed this
tattered.notebook chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
So I may take up running because of this story. :)

This was beautiful. I quite liked it. Loved them running together. Like a lot. For obvious reasons. :)

I'm sorry that this story has rendered me wordless, but it was just that good. I've said the most important things, and that is that this was awesome and I loved it. Well done. :)

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