Reviews for Damaged
Kat chapter 2 . 3/6/2013
I love it, it's amazing and so well written, I really do wish that there was more
ficmouse chapter 3 . 6/10/2012
Oddly I like this part most of all, probably because Kate fascinates me. She is more complex than any of the other characters and anything that sheds more light on Kate is a good thing in my opinion.

You've portrayed her in a far more sympathetic light than the scriptwriters r do and of course played up to my fond belief that Jed is the love of her life and the only one she has ever loved. I like to think that Jed is both her Achilles heel and keeps her from being a complete bitch.

You'e shown her lonliness and isolation all too well. Also her knowledge that Bedlam Heights isn't good for her or Jed yet still she stays.

You also showd her desperation for Warrnes approval and for him to care enough to try and stop her self destructive behaviour. You also showed the contrasts between the two men in her life. Warren who doesn't care enough and Jed who does love her enough to try to protect her even if she doesn't want protecting and cares enough not to take whats offered on a plate even when he wants to because he doesn't think it will be good for her.

You wrote her torment beautifully and I keep wondering if the vision she saw would ever actually come true or if she was tormenting herself and depriving herself of the love and support she really needed to prevent something that might never happen. I suppose it depends on whether you think you can change the future or whether you think it is all predetermined. I assume Kate believes the latter.

The last line was creepy as hell. Kate's belief that building was somehow possessing or controlling them both made me shiver.
ficmouse chapter 2 . 6/9/2012
You know you've made me dislike Warren more that I did which is impressive. He does live his daughter and you make that clear but he doesn't live her enough. He loves the person he wants her to be and not the person she is. Nothing made that clearer when you described him hacking back to the uncomplicated little girl instead of the complex woman Kate has become.

He doesn't really take any responsibility for his own role in that either. So much easier to blame poor Jed who is more sinned against than sinning. I am notbevn sure Jed ever needed sectining or was it simply convenient for Warren to deliberately remove him from his daughters orbit.

He could act to protect Kate and he could help her but he does nothing and let's it all happen. Talk about the sins of the fathers... I am feeling really cross with Warren now.
ficmouse chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
This made me so sad. There's so much love and need there yet neither of them can begin to express it. Jed at least has some insight into the reasons they both behave as they do but he still hurts her. I am not sure it's ok to hurt someone even if you do think that you're doing it for the best.

I liked Jeds refusal to take advantage of Kate and the little insight that you gave us into the past and the young Jed and Kate. You developed a back story that made Kate's self destructive actions far more understandable.
Antonia-x chapter 3 . 5/11/2012
I'm not sure whether to feel pleased or guilty at encouraging you to write at time when we both should be asleep, but however, thank you!

Kate, Kate, Kate...

I like Kate, I'm not sure if we were meant to like Kate; but I like Kate. And because I like Kate, I like that you've explained her behaviour as something she does just because she doesn't sleep anymore, maybe because it makes me feel like she's more likable knowing that she doesn't always behave like that or to that extent.

I do think that you conveyed Kate's total need to be loved so very well, because even if they never said it - she is obviously so very lonely, and lost. And I feel for so much because she's hurting herself and Jed is right there, it's devastating really.

But, yes, I think there is just so much more to Kate that you've explored so nicely here; I'm rather pleased Kate got her own chapter, even if she was so very confused.

However, the implication of a Kate/Jed baby made me smile so very much, even if she thin they are both doomed to mess things up - perhaps it'll be the making of Kate.

Ooh, did I mention I really love the wind/opening of windows with Warren, and the building being a catalyst to the extremeness of Kate's provocative behaviour being thrown in as well, it just gave it a really spooky little Bedlam touch.

That'sJustHowTheStoryUnfolds-x chapter 3 . 5/6/2012
I totally loved this fic, I love Bedlam just as much as I love Casualty and I must say I love your fics equally, as all are stunning. I particularly loved how Warren couldn't call the younger Kate manipulative or anything bad anybody described her as because he thought of her as his innocent little girl. I also loved how Kate knew her father couldn't see the darker side of her and her actions. I loved the part of how they were 16 and Warren caught them sleeping together in one of the asylum beds and sent him away because of it although it hurt Kate to see Jed sent away.

I absolutely loved it and I hope you continue writing Bedlam fics as they are amazing. :')

Antonia-x chapter 2 . 5/2/2012
I trust that we all know Warren is creepy; though as you are aware I can completely buy into the idea that he stalks Kate on CCTV camera through the night.

Also, the thought of him knowing about Jed and Kate, and it being a catalyst for him getting Jed sent away also seems so very likely. However, I am feeling so very sad for young Kate because after finding someone to care about her having them snatched from her quite so suddenly must have been horrible for her. Though perhaps it does a lot to explain why she is the person she is, maybe she is afraid of being hurt again.

I'm not entirely sure that I've reviewed anything using the word sinister before, but if I had this may have to be it. Because while Warren is a creepy enough individual, Kate's nightmare & the wind seem to be there to indicated that all is not well.

Maybe I enjoy the creepiness so much because I am equally sleep deprived, who knows?

Antonia-x chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
Firstly, thank you for the little dedication. I do understand, and I'm rather glad you let this one write itself.

I feel this one may be easier to review, than any others I have to do.. although it's possible I cried so much harder during this one.

After much discussion, I have no doubt in my mind that there was a teenage fling between Kate and Jed - and regardless of whether or not it should be happening I've completely fallen for them.

I like that Jed is awake at night thinking about where she is, I could totally buy into that; I also like that he seems to either blame himself/understand why she really struggles with him near and that's why she behaves the way she does towards him.

In weird way, while I'm not sure if Kate has ever told Molly about her night with Jed, I like that she knows that she gets herself into a worse state over him than the strangers. Also timid little Molly getting a little angry made me smile.

I feel I neither cried because it was Kate or Charlotte, but purely because it was so very convincingly real and I was unable to doubt a word that you'd written,

MW9 chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
Callie, when I woke up this was such a lovely surprise! I love this fic! Bedlam is such an amazing programme and this scene you've written should be included, it's that good! 3