Reviews for Ahuvati
geistklempner chapter 14 . 1/18
Nicolae's child in the Millennial Kingdom... oh that has so much potential. Mind if I borrow that idea for the Omega story?
geistklempner chapter 12 . 1/18
Oooh, I love the bunnies thing. Very clever. Wonder if we'll see more of that in the Millennial Kingdom, especially near the end...
geistklempner chapter 11 . 1/18
And this is where Carpathia would do well to play any last-minute secret weapons that he surely has in store!

The three spirits got very little use in LB proper, which is too bad. Hope to see what clever tricks they come up with here!
geistklempner chapter 10 . 1/18
Looks like your version of the story doesn't have a prolonged siege. Probably a good move on Jesus' part.
geistklempner chapter 8 . 1/18
What exactly happened with the fighter-bomber? Did it drop its payload? Did it crash?
geistklempner chapter 7 . 1/18
Where I am from, quail is a wartime / depression food. However, it has pretty much all the protein you need to survive, if not to thrive.

Looks like these two have a good thing going, good for them!

An Angel is a tough enemy to defeat; the GC will have to step up their game if they want a chance to bag one...
geistklempner chapter 6 . 1/18
Talk about a coup-de-foudre romance!
geistklempner chapter 5 . 1/18
Annie seems to have slid into the relationship with David very quickly, despite not remembering him... guess the chemistry is still there. I wonder if the plot twist will be that he wasn't his fiance at all.

I guess the siege of Petra hasn't begun already, it'd be nice to see how they prepare for it!
geistklempner chapter 3 . 1/18
Yay Hannah getting stuff done!
geistklempner chapter 2 . 1/18
Hmm. I wonder what Annie will do with this crazy world.
geistklempner chapter 14 . 1/17
Thanks for finishing this!

Did you see "Children of the Goats"? It would follow very smoothly from this piece.
geistklempner chapter 13 . 1/17
Wow, this chapter is great. Simple, short, and yet very dark and powerful. You write the Millennial Kingdom a lot better than I ever will.
SunRise19 chapter 15 . 10/7/2016
Very cool! I'm sad your fic is over..I thought it was really interesting to see things through the eyes of a couple from the book who could not end up getting married.
SunRise19 chapter 14 . 10/7/2016
I can relate to Hattie a lot.
SunRise19 chapter 13 . 10/7/2016
Vry interesting chapter! I mean, I've read about it in Matt 25 but still neat to see it written out with relatable people.
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