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lunaatje123 chapter 3 . 3/24
I really liked the first 2-and-a-half chapters of this fic, it started of strong and interesting by quickly fleshing out the dynamics between Naruto and Kurama and their situation, and I liked that you wasted no time diverging from canon. However, I'm sad to say that when you started making author's comments inside the story context halfway through chapter 3, it completely 'broke my immersion', for lack of a better term. Sometimes, that kind of writing can be enjoyable too, but right now it is not what I'm looking for, so I'll set this fic aside and maybe come back to read it some other time when I do feel like reading that type of writing. (Honestly, the thing that puts me off most about it is the sudden change in writing style from immersive 'In-context' to 'author's POV with random commentary', if you get what I mean XD I think it would have been better if you stuck to the first style and kept it consistent.)
Anyway, thanks at least for a fun first 2.5 chapters.
Nightkiller8821 chapter 23 . 3/5
Shorter than the first story but just as good
Guest chapter 1 . 2/14
Chapter 2: Sudden changes and other
Naruto, after fusing with the Kyuubi, suddenly felt a change in him.

He realized, for some reason, he now hated the color orange. So he got a really cool outfit based on what the author thinks is appropriate for a fictional ninja. Describing the outfit would be so hard and unpractical that its is not even worth trying. Suffice to say everyone will find it really awesome, yet practical.

Also, for some reason, he didnt love Sakura anymore. Because Kyuubi powers. Instead he decided he liked Hinata, obviously.

He was also taller and more muscular. He also had a larger penis, because Kyuubi did that too. It was twelve inches, for some reason.

He also had the had a doujutsu with powers of all the other doujutsu. Kyuubi is amazing.

So he went to class that morning. Boy would everyone be surprised!

And they were! Instead of being alarmed at the sudden and clearly unnatural changes in Naruto, they all thought he was the shiznit. They all wanted to go down on him, despite being twelve.

"Wow, Naruto, you are so cool now!" They all said in unison. Because that is what people do sometimes.

Naruto ignored them and focused on Hinata.

"I love you." He said to her. "I am a fool for not noticing you sooner."

"You d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d—d-d-dd—d-dod-d-d—dod-dod-od-od-dod-od-do-do?" she stuttered for a long time, because some writers don't understand what an appropriate stutter length is.

Naruto nodded. "I do." He said. His penis got hard and despite being twelve he already knew what to do with the other twelve year old. There would clearly be a creepy sex scene later on.

Just kidding, they are going to do it right now.

Naruto ripped off his pant to expose his massive, really big, huge, gigantic, penis. Then grabbed hinata by the hair and {Data corrupted}finger the butthole {Data corrupted} Shikamaru blanched {Data corrupted} Masturbation in a {Data corrupted} goatse {Data corrupted}two girls, one c{Data corrupted} yodeling midgets {Data corrupted}porcupine {Data corrupted}right there in the middle of class.
TheInnerBeast chapter 4 . 1/25
Actually it is true when he transforms, as he uses it to turn clones to useable weapons, which should be impossible if it is an illusion. So Naruto can do true transformations.
GenetiX23 chapter 11 . 1/16
I'll be honest, the gimmick's running a bit thin.
GenetiX23 chapter 9 . 1/16
I love Bee, I love writing Bee, his rapping is glorious, and it's the single best excuse for Parappa references.

Wait...holy shit I have to do this

Get this: Parappa the rapper/naruto crossover.
GenetiX23 chapter 7 . 1/16
This is fucking funny.
GenetiX23 chapter 6 . 1/16
Oh hey, I figured out why I love Tayuya. She exists entirely for the sake of mocking the shit out of everyone else. That's amazing.
GenetiX23 chapter 5 . 1/16
Yup, randomly attractive female Kyuubi that, for some reason, isn't a large portion of a fucking skyscraper tall, isn't completely sexless, and isn't completely asexual. Seriously, what the hell? I know furries will be furries, but they usually fuck normal sized foxes, not 300 foot tall things.

Tayuya is amazing, as always.
GenetiX23 chapter 4 . 1/16
This...this is a Naruto I can get behind.
GenetiX23 chapter 3 . 1/16
You know, this story needs more Tobi. /Every/ story needs more Tobi.
GenetiX23 chapter 2 . 1/16
Hey, mocking the cliches is basically the only reason I'd ever put up with them, so congrats: this is literally the only fem!Haku story I'll ever end up reading past the reveal that a girl is pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl because...uh...oh look, Haku can be paired with Sasuke, yes, that's great, ignore the fact that there's quite literally no reason for the "I'm a boy" line in that context. Plus all the heavily disturbing gender swapping implications, as well as the demonstrable inability to stick to canon by the author, signifying stubbornness and inflexibility on the part of the author.

That was cathartic.
Raethor chapter 17 . 1/15
Where's the bit about hi summoning the Death God coming from?
Schnarf chapter 23 . 1/11
those backstory jokes with kabuto and obito were hilarious. this was probably the funniest fanfic i've ever read
Schnarf chapter 4 . 1/9
holy shit, those fourth wall breaks are obliterating my sides
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