Reviews for Even in the Worst of Times
Windsett chapter 1 . 1/10/2016
This fic is so good my dear, you write so well! :D All of the characters are just written so well – their tone, vocabulary, everything. I can clearly picture each of them behaving and speaking the way you’ve written them! It’s such a good idea for a story as well, that deleted/missing scene of Quark reminiscing about his lost fortune he could have made from Weyoun. There’s good possibilities behind it, and the one you’ve written about is a great one. And it’s just fun and enjoyable to read!

Ah Quark, always on the look-out for profit, be it information or latinum or both. And it completely seems like something Weyoun would do is to drip feed some info to Quark while really hoping to gain back more than he’d paid out. Like an investment, a concept that Quark would appreciate. Quark’s astute enough to play Weyoun’s game and not win, but is able to console himself by making a profit overcharging - that’s so good and true to character! As is that small line about his acceptance of the fact that the Occupation may cease being an occupation one day – it may be the new way of things, and he’s prepared to adapt to any new ruler. I love how you write both Quark and Weyoun:) It’s great fun to read their interactions, and I wish there had been more of them on the show. If there had been, they definitely would have been similar to the way you’ve written them.

I laughed at Weyoun’s conversational line of ‘Actually no, I came out of a cloning vat on a starbase.’ Just – he says it so matter of factly and it wasn’t something Quark was expected! It stalls Quark’s careful conversation about being with your own people but doesn’t derail it, because Quark is a pro and can still engage W by talking about other things. Poor cloned Weyoun, never having been to the Vorta homeworld. I wonder if he does miss the homeworld and being among his own people, even though he’s never experienced it. Maybe such desires are bred out of him when he’s cloned, but a small residual part of him still wants it, even though he shouldn’t. Anyway, I also love the description of Weyoun’s smile being disgustingly sincere! It’s so true he does that. Like he puts a great amount of effort into his expression being pleasant and agreeable that he actually goes too far and ruins it and elicits the opposite reaction he intended. Maybe he can’t help it. Or he can, and it’s his passive aggressive way of expressing the fact that he doesn’t always like doing what he’s doing. Anyway that’s a bit rambling. Weyouns’s observation of ‘I like to think that all of us have more in common than we think’ is so perfectly diplomatic. But then he does add that it’s been pleasant having so many Vorta on the station. Weyoun probably really does think this, but maybe says it in a tone designed to hide the true depth of his feelings, and instead make it more of an admission that clever insightful Quark was really right all along. Weyoun’s acting ever the perfect diplomat, and giving Quark a small victory.

And Weyoun, with no head for economics! Quark probably could have charged even higher prices than he did and Weyoun would still pay them. But then Odo comes along to ruin things and that’s just typical for Quark when he’s about to win.
I like the description of Odo saying his name in a way that elongates the only vowel in his name! The way Odo says his name conveys so much, and both men know it. And ah Weyoun offering to pay then and now so he doesn’t rack up any debts, which is what Quark didn’t want. And Odo not being sidetracked and asking W how many drinks he had, so that he could calculate how much he should pay. But then Weyoun taking the question the wrong way and becoming all sycophantic and apologetic! And Quark just being disgusted and bemused. And being ever the entrepreneur and thinking about how to turn this to his advantage. Selling Weyoun access to Odo was a genius idea and something Quark would definitely consider! And have no qualms about pulling off. But then Odo ruined it by joining the Council and being in Weyoun’s presence every day. But Quark can still take some consolation and pleasure by watching Odo being uncomfortable with Weyoun’s servility. It’s all so good!

Yes Weyoun will play the part with Quark and be friendly and buy drinks, but no one insults a Founder and Weyoun will instantly show his true disapproval if you do. And I love all of Quarks’s and Odo’s exchange after Weyoun leaves – all of their dialogue is so in character and great!
Ah Odo’s remark about Weyoun liking it on the Station. Weyoun probably does – the war is going in his favour, he gets to be with Odo every day, and there are fellow Vorta around. Even though he does have to deal with Cardassians and other temporary nuisances.

And ah Quark, he’s not completely self-centered and does want to help the resistance because deep down he cares more about profits. Maybe not to a huge degree, but it’s there. And he allows those good and noble and ethical desires and intentions to be expressed, but he cloaks them in the familiar and acceptable and expected pretense of only desiring profit. But it was really good the way you wrote Quark not even bargaining over Odo’s request not to over-charge Weyoun – it’s a more direct and obvious way of Quark expressing what he feels. Quark truly does want the Federation back in charge, and would prefer their latinum to the identical bars held by the Cardassians. And then he outright agrees to start charging Weyoun regular prices. Lol Odo’s smug knowing smile – he knows that Quark wants to help but will never say so outright. And even though Quark knows he’s just lost this sparring match between Odo, he can comfort himself by imagining the profits he’ll make selling the root beer that’s left in his stockroom – he’s already convincing himself that by agreeing to stop overcharging Weyoun and forgoing short term immediate gains he’s actually the true winner, because if the Federation comes back they’ll drink more and his profits will end up being greater. It’s an investment, and he’s a smart enough businessman to see it.

This is such a good fic, it really is! Thank you for writing it and sharing it! I look forward to reading it again soon :)
Fairyhaven13 chapter 1 . 10/16/2012
This one was sweet. I love Quark and Odo's relationship. It's funny.
Hummingbird2 chapter 1 . 9/19/2012
That was so much like an episode, I could see the characters and hear them talking. Fabulous, thank you!
Malvolia chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
Oh, how I love these characters, and how they all play off each other. The exchange about Jem’Hadar and Cardassians (“lovely people”—ha!), Quark’s horror over Weyoun crossing the sycophant line and then irritation at Odo’s coming to his defense (in an Odo-like way), and Odo’s gruff sarcasm that masks more of a respect for Quark as a person than either of them would ever like to have show. I could see and hear this in my head as I read it. Thanks!