Reviews for Baker's Dozen
MetallicAngel30 chapter 10 . 11/14
... Are you a Magical? Because I S#! you not, I went to that camp in SC when I was 10. Weird...
Bogdon chapter 9 . 10/20
Poor Ron, he deserves more. It's so sad that death and grief have severed Harry's relationship with the Weasley family. Emotions can be irrational.
Bogdon chapter 8 . 10/20
Wow, there is a lot of dirty laundry. It’s sad to hear that Harry had an argument with Hermione. But I can understand. I am even sadder to hear that he was kidnapped by the most frostbitten insane killers and rapists. This terrifies me on many levels.
Bogdon chapter 7 . 10/20
Eh, it's really strange to look at Harry from the side of other people, adequate people who understand the norms. Lmao. Harry, you're such a strong guy, phew, I want to wrap him up in a blanket with some dog or cat. Where are his friends ? ! If not the Golden Trio, then at least Ginny or Luna. Ginny understood him well about Riddle and his obsession, Luna could ease her grief after Sirius. Uf. I need Harry to be safe.
I also hope Harry knows where to buy a wand. Because he was so sad in the last book when his holly wand broke ... And now it happened again and worse.
By the way, you are very cool creating nightmares! It is like Harry Potter's dream after what happened.
Lmao, is Morgan starting to get interested in the mysterious stubborn chocolates? There will definitely be a crisis of sexuality and morality
Bogdon chapter 6 . 10/20
Really interesting. So cool that Harry can rationalize what is happening to him. By the way, unless all the kidnappings of families with Muggle blood, the murders of Muggles with a child on the Hogwart lists, destruction, the influence of Dementors ... All this can be explained by terrorism. Biological weapons or something similar. Wasn't it mentioned in the books? Why doesn't Garcia find it?
Bogdon chapter 5 . 10/20
It's really a pity that Kea saw this. It's pretty scary to meet death this way.
However, I'm wondering. Harry survived because 1) he is a wizard with a strong will to live and strong magic (because it still surprises me how he grew up adequately, considering how he was deprived of food, locked up and raised in a small closet), his magic and instincts are adapted to survive in a difficult situation; 2) he is a lucky son of a bitch; 3) he is a master of death who wakes up after death.
Bogdon chapter 4 . 10/20
Is Hill a squib? He killed his parents and sister, which means they were all wizards. But he was not, otherwise he would have received the letter. So the killer has some kind of magic ability. Enough for Potions and Dementors. And apparently enough for faith to turn prayers into a spell. This is really disturbing.
Bogdon chapter 3 . 10/20
Lord, this is scary! I'm kind of scared of eye damage ...
I wonder if Harry saved the town. It's cute.
Wondering why Harry isn't dating girls? Is it too hard after breaking up with Ginny? It's sad by the way. They were such a carefree and fun couple.
Eh, sad to pretend how all the characters feel in early May.
Bogdon chapter 2 . 10/20
Oh my god, this is so exciting! Feels like I'm watching that show! Horrible, though, how badly the magical society looks after its citizens! At first I assumed that everything was connected with the cult of pure blood or with the last war, but these were Americans with a good history. Then there was a child. Someone knows about the title of the Master of Death and is looking for Harry in random people? Reincarnation fantasy?
It is also interesting that Reed applies his growing knowledge of human behavior and understands that Harry is not just a common man !
And I'm also glad you added the moments that Harry's parents were killed, but it is not known how, about complaints to custody. I mean, I basically hated the whole small town because they totally ignored what was going on under their noses. That is, in my city (country) people behave the same way, because it is believed that there is no need to wash dirty linen in public. And I always thought people ignored him too, because Petunia looks extremely socialized and everyone else believes that Harry is a dysfunctional teenager. I've even seen a few stories that play up this. But the thought that someone noticed, but Harry was still living in the closet, still locked in there, raised by the Dursleys and Marge ... It's monstrous and breaks my heart. So someone was cleaning the memory of Muggles? I didn’t think that Albus knew about violence, I always thought that he could guess, but didn’t want to think about it on purpose. As a serious denial and his beloved belief in people. He is known for this (Draco and Snape). I'm just upset.
But then I laughed like hell! It's funny to read about Sirius in the light of information from non-magical people. It's ridiculous when I think the Prime Minister knows exactly who Harry Potter is. Lmao, this is awesome.
But seriously, I really feel relieved when I think that Harry had the opportunity to try the student environment, see the world in a completely different way, learn to think scientifically, see the world. Live.
Actually, I love the idea that Harry has a title from the Queen. I'm not a fan of the trope that Harry is some kind of lord at all, but it's funny.
Ugh, I already hate this fanatic. Does he know about magic, like in Fantastic Beasts? A strange attitude towards magic in America? Creepy. In Christianity, the soul is immortal. In Rowling's world, it is implied that the soul is immortal too. (we don't think what happens to her when the Dementor kisses a person). And in Christianity, witches are prohibited. So the stain is not death, but magic?

I just feel sorry for Harry.
Bogdon chapter 1 . 10/20
I confess, crossovers with Harry Potter are my passion. Very cool to find another one: 3
It's quite interesting to watch Harry in a normal setting. When I read Rowling's books I know that he is traumatized, that he can easily fall into danger and take it like a champion. Nothing at Hogwarts was normal. But here ... I hung up and felt myself on the Instagram channel. Watching how desserts are prepared is a special kind of entertainment. It's hard for me to imagine that the type of personality that I know as Harry Potter can go through a long training in how to decorate food, leave his friends (and Ron and Hermione are one of the most important parts of Harry's personality), leave the familiar world and all that. I just have a lot of feelings about the wizarding world, population stagnation and the Ministry, racism and innovation after the war. Don't listen to me.
However, this is very interesting. I didn't expect Harry to meet his crossover role in the show as a victim. Poor Harry, even now he's open to kidnapping.
AVID35 chapter 14 . 9/16
Loved it ! Left me wanting more like will he remember? Now Harry’s in the Uk will the wizards pop up more? Does the unsubs son heal? What about Granger-Weasley?
Apple Cubes chapter 14 . 6/3
Oh. My. God. this is brilliant! I love this so much, I really love how you keep engaging us in the story with the twist and surprise that you write, I definitely LOVE it when you write Harry as a chocolatier! definitely one of my favorite Harry Potter crossover I've read!
Matt chapter 1 . 4/20
Champagne is not liquor. It's wine.
jmw03u chapter 14 . 3/16
You did a great job with this story. I thought the plot was very engaging and I loved Harry as a chocolatier. Thank you for writing this!
Steve-Arkarian chapter 14 . 2/20
*Points finger accusingly* Do they get together or not? You can't leave us hanging like this!
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