Reviews for Chaos
Shiranai Atsune chapter 1 . 11/29/2012
Name: Rockette Winters (English)
Suishou Yusaburu (Japanese)
Rockette Froste (English)
Fubuki Yusaburu (Japanese)

Appearance: Long black hair tied into a ponytail, two white-colored locks of her hair are dangling on her shoulders. She also has light (near sky) blue eyes and regular colored skin.
(Galourmore Captain: white-colored dark blue shirt with white captain's waistband. Her number is 10, which is written at the back of her shirt. She has a black wristband on both wrists, grey shorts, long black stockings and matching sneakers.)
(Casual clothes: blue sweater, tattered and ripped shorts as well as black school shoes)
(in GO, her hair is longer but the bangs are shorter. She wears a tan coat, blue sweater, tattered and ripped jeans as well as black low-heeled office shoes)

Clothes (since we don't use uniforms) (see appearance)

Weapon: her ninja weapons

Personality: distant, cold, silent, is always seen reading book and practicing soccer on her foot, she wanted to show her emotions but was too stubborn to share her feelings. As the series progresses, she becomes dense and more open to her teammates. But when she’s playing soccer, she becomes violent, strict and intimidating.

Berserk- Illusion Arts- obviously about illusions

History or past: The hardcore captain and first female captain in Galourmore history. She's cold and determines to put them into top shape to win the championships. She's a member of top striker groups in Galourmore, being in the co-group; Elements. Each one of them control all four of the elements, so far, only being four members- her and other three. Galourmore specializes in nano-technology that enables kids to have super-speed/strength and accuracy. So far, only the elements were able to be successful while the others...not so much. Once they've learned the truth in Galourmore, they immediately sent themselves away by purposely failing. They enrolled in Galourmore High, because if they don't, they would be taken away their abilities (which would also kill them). So far, they've only manage to get one of the cures. They were told that if they win the championships, they would be cured. So far, after she joined Raimon, she doesn't seem to get along with them first. The only ones she got along with was Shiro, Endou and the managers.

Do you want to add another info:
The Comet- shoots the ball comet-like. The background is a cosmic outer-space-like place, she jumps in forward to the ball, jumps behind it after lifting it up by her heels, then kicks it with the behind of her right foot.
Crystal Cannon- there's a snowy/blizzardy background, she lifts the ball up into the air using the front of her left foot as snow covers the ball, the camera closes up to her left side, then is seen kicking the ball.
Blazing ball- In a fiery volcanic version, the ball bursts into flames, then using her ankle, she kicks the ball up into the air, then, she flips backwards then kicks the ball using the back of her foot.
Air Blast- The background is a blue sky with clouds (or anything else depending on the weather), she lifts the ball into the air in a massive speed, then after two counter-clockwise spins by going around it, she kicks the ball in a ballerina-like way.
She left Galourmore for Raimon to find the cure herself; she doesn’t want them being burdened with her.
She acts like a mother practically to everyone.
Yusaburu means 'Rock' and Suishou means 'Crystal' and Fubuki means 'Blizzard'
Pronounce 'Rockette' at 'Rocket'
Has quick ninja skills which she learns in her free time.
After Raimon and Galourmore's battle, that Endou showed her the true meaning of strength and skill, she began to respect him well. (Going as far as calling him Endou-sama)
ShadowCyclone chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
I certainly am interested! I'm submitting my OC here. Hope you accept!
Name:Ryuukaze(last) Rei(first)

Appearance:She has waistlength dark blue hair and violet eyes.

Clothes (since we don't use uniforms): a dark hoodie over a beige shirt, jeans and white shoes.

Weapon (Sword, guns etc.): a katana

Personality:She is usually calm but she can be really rough if you mess with her. She is a tricky kinda of person. You can never read any emotion from her at all. She has high intellect (basicly she's smart).

Classroom: (Choose from the choices below)

Slaughter- Arts of Sadness – they can control their enemies' sad feelings, and kill them mentally.

History or past:Not much is known abour hee history or past except that she is an orphan amd her parents died when she was really young.

Do you want to add another info:-
There. Hope you accept! If you need me to change anything or give more description please PM me.
Ja ne
Paula chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
name: Paula Tactacan (first,last)

appearance: has aburn wavy hair, dark brown onyx eyes, mildly tanned skin

clothes: wears a red shirt under a black jacket with black short shorts and black converse shoes

weapons: kunais and shurakens

personality: not talkative, short tempered, sometimes emo, shy, a person you do not want to mess with, loves sports, smart, really courageous and brave, is a boys magnet, really into sports, is a millionare

class: Rage

past: used to be the team captain of her volleyball, basketball, swimming, soccer, baseball, tennis, badminton, archery, taekwondo, eikido, karate, wushu and kung fu clubs of her former school, was a cheerful person and sometimes flirty

info: is living in a five story mansion with her family, kills anyone who dares to make her cross, has a little sister named Steffi, has a pet lion cub named Danger and a tiger cub named Flare, my mom is a nurse while my dad is a doctor, my parent both work at the same hospital,

if it's okay, could you make me have a crush on Goenji and Goenji having a crush on me?PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP WITH SPRINKLES!
Rileyanna chapter 1 . 5/20/2012
I would love to be in this story with my OC. Although there were so many people before me, I will still try. So here is my OC.

Name: Yuki Manoi

Appearance: She has black hair long black hair coming till her waist. In her hair are small silver and red braids. She has venom green eyes and a pale skin. And she has a red tattoo of a pair of devil wings on her chest.

Clothes: a short black strepless dress with red with silver slippers under it.

Weapon: Bow and arrow.

Personality: She has a really cold personality but she has a good feeling for music. She is Sakuma's best friend. Their like twins, Together they have the biggest fun though not everyone understands it. But she can't easily make friends with people because she finds them irritating.

Classroom: Slaughter - Arts of Sadness

Past: Her parents only argured with her and with each other because Manoi never listened to her parents. And she didn't have any friends except for her ipod with her favorite music. When her parents finally got divorce, she was left behind alone in the house. Then she met Sakuma who took care of her. They became best friends and they still are.

I really hope you will use her in your story! Pleassseeeeee!

99 Terubytes chapter 1 . 5/16/2012
Ok Here it goes

Name: Rein Ookami

Appearance: White Hair,Red Eyes and Fair Skin

Clothes: A zipped black and red jacket with the hoodie on,dark red pants and black shoes

Weapon: Crescent Moon Blade(Right Hand)and Carving Knife(Left)

Personality: Sad,Ignorant,Calm and Very Quiet

Classroom: Slaughter- Arts of Sadness - they can control their enemies' sad feelings, and kill them mentally.

History or Past: He was hated by everyone around him even when he was born even his family but when he was 8 he stabbed one of the kids with his favorite Carving Knife because of the kid threatening was kicked out of the house and came back 2 years ago to kill his family.

Do you want to add another info: He has never ever smiled,laughed or chuckled and never has a very sad and painful someone always try to came up to him close and talk to him he will always remain silent until he/she will touch him.
Dameria O chapter 1 . 5/8/2012
Oh my I'm so very sorry! I forgot to put anything about her personality! I'm so so so SO sorry! *bow*

So here's her personality:

She doesn't care about anything because she thinks that even when she died, no one's care. All she cared about is making people suffer before they died and her older brother.

I'm sorry... Please forgive me...

Green Apple Mochi
Green Apple Mochi chapter 1 . 5/4/2012
Sorry, I can't log in using my cell ; but I really want to submit mine asap! So here we go.

Name: Nene Mikami

Appearance: has a knee-long white hair with black ribbon hanging on the edge, yellow gold eyes and small pink lips.

Clothes (since we don't use uniforms): Wear a long sleeve plain black t-shirt with turtle neck, short purple with black square motive skirt and a black and white sneakers with knee-high black socks.

Weapon (Sword, guns etc.): She got a pocket knife and a pen-gun on her skirts pocket for emergency, but his main weapon is a small hand gun.


Classroom: (Choose from the choices below)

Slaughter- Arts of Sadness – they can control their enemies' sad feelings, and kill them mentally.

History or past: she forgot everything about her past since she got an amnesia, but now she live with her older brother, Nezu Mikami, in a small apartment.

Do you want to add another info: if you're going to include some romance into your story pair her up with Fudou, kay? ;D it's all up to you~

Ganbatte and hope you pick her! By the way, if you need anything from me you can PM me! Yes, my username is Green Apple Mochi, you can try to search it if ya want! :D

Green Apple Mochi
DancingMarionette chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
Can I add my OC:

Name:Sayomi Kurochi

Appearance:waist-long blonde hair, dark red eyes, a child-like figure.

Clothes (since we don't use uniforms): She wears a black T-shirt with a red blazer. She wears a Red and black skirt with chains. And a pair of black boots.

Weapon (Sword, guns etc.): Chain scythe and sometimes chainsaw.

Personality: She is Emotionless, since the world is nothing but war so she thought what's the use of emotions.

Classroom: Slaughter- Arts of Sadness – they can control their enemies' sad feelings, and kill them mentally.

History or past: She used to be so kind and she is a childhood friend of Fubuki Shirou. But she decided to be emotionless when she saw how cruel the world was, and how chaotic it was and she realize that kindness can be a weakness in this world and is the reason for death, til then she became a emotionless but cruel killer.

Do you want to add another info: She had a crush on Fubuki Shirou before and until now sadly she denies it.

Hope I'm accepted.
THE DARK WEEABOO PAST chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Ciao~ I'd like to submit! I love Dark!Raimon. They're somehow sexy. Even Mamoru. Anyways, here I go.

Name: Arashi Kurai

Appearance: ... I have no idea what to write so.. . /wiki/Arashi_Kurai

Clothes: If you know "I Am The Best" by 2NE1, the one that Minzy wore on her part in the first verse.

Weapon/s: Japan's katana, Russia's pipe... uh.. if you know Hetalia, you would know these.

Classroom: Berserk-Illusion Arts!

History: ... I killed Steve and my parents are dead.

Pwease. Continue!
soapscent chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Name: Natsuki

Age:?(appears 8 or 9ish)

Appearance: Small, pale, fragile. A cute little girl wearing a white dress. She has chin-length black hair and sidebangs. Her eyes are teal. She seems somewhat odd...

Background: Not much is known, except that she has no guardians, except for a large white peacock that seems to follow her everywhere. It seems to have an ominous aura...

Classroom: Illusions (this child is strange.)

Additional information: She has a whispery voice and is barefoot. (you can make her an antagonist if you'd like.)

Update soon!
AyasumiMamera chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Oehh! I love this plot! _

Please accept my OC!

Name: Kimutso Ariane

Appearance: She has waist-lenght, bright red hair and big, innocent-looking brown eyes. She always wears a small, pink ribbon on top of her head.

Clothes (since we don't use uniforms) She wears a white skirt, a white V-neck T-shirt with a light pink hoodie. She also wears black ballerina's.

Weapon (Sword, guns etc.) Two knives

Personality: She's very shy and polite. Always nice to everybody.

Classroom: (Choose from the choices below) Arts of Sadness

Slaughter- Arts of Sadness – they can control their enemies' sad feelings, and kill them mentally.

Rage- Arts of Pain- they make you suffer physically if they want you to.

Berserk- Illusion Arts- obviously about illusions

History or past: Her mother died when she was three years old. Her brother was murdered and since then, she wants to learn how to kill people as a revenge. She's the princess of Daleville, a small country on the othrt side of Japan. She has a HUUUGEEE crush on Hiroto.

Well, that's it.

Good luck writing further!

espiosbutt chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Name: Midorikawa Mai

Appearance: Black hair tied into a ponytail, with four thick strands of hair falling over her forehead and has pale skin


Weapon: Katana

Personality: She's kind, helpful, cute and blushes easily. She always loves teasing Hiroto and Nagumo but she hates been tease by them. She always act like a 3 year old girl at Suzuno.

Classroom: Rage- Arts of Pain- they make you suffer physically if they want you to.

History or past: Mai is a childhood friend of likes to call him ran away from home from Malaysia because her family hates she stayed at the orphanage,Sun Garden,she's been adopted from the Midorikawa family with her step brother,Midorikawa day,their parents die in a car accident.

Do you want to add another info: NONE

Writer-sama: I hope you'll accept it! X3
Princess Of Flames chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Name:Angel (First) Starling (Last)

Appearance: She has knee length black hair with curls in the end, her bangs cover her forehead and she has grey shades with fair skin and bluish black eyes with a crown shape birthmark on her shoulder.

Clothes: a purple blouse with a black skirt, a tight black hooded jacket and knee length boots

Weapon 2 handfans that are as sharp as blades and 2 blades which are hidden in her boots

Personality: She is very kind and caring but her attitude is cold and harsh. She is a tomboy. She cares about of her loved ones and doesn't want to see them get hurt that is why she is cold and harsh.


Rage- Arts of Pain- they make you suffer physically if they want you

History or past::She is childhood friends with Goenji. She lived a happy life when an earthquake took everyone but her mother away from her..

Do you want to add another info: she has a mega crush on Gouenji
StarLikeShadow chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
Star: I'm not really interested...

Shino: I am! and I think this should be rated T for killing is not safe for kids rated K XD

Name: Natsume (no last name)

Appearance: long dark black hair tied to a low pony tail and bloody red eyes, slightly pale skin

Clothes (since we don't use uniforms): a red sleeveless sweater vest on top of his long sleeves shirt though he rolls or folds his sleeves to his elbows and some knee length shorts with pockets and a chain with kunais hanging on it.

Weapon (Sword, guns etc.) he has Kunai's (tied to an indestructible string so he can get his Kunais back after throwing them at the enemy (or those he considers as an enemy) and poisonous needles he keeps in his pockets

Personality: strict cold quiet and cool, people thinks he's heartless since he doesn't pay a single attention to anyone and is usually found skipping class and reading a small book up a tree. It is hard to get his attention and the only way to get his attention is to either throw something at him when he takes a nap or trying to grab one of his kunai but they would be risking their lives since he gets mad when people touches his kunais.

Classroom: (Choose from the choices below) help me I can't choose TTTT

Slaughter- Arts of Sadness – they can control their enemies' sad feelings, and kill them mentally.

Rage- Arts of Pain- they make you suffer physically if they want you to.

Berserk- Illusion Arts- obviously about illusions

History or past: he never trusted anyone since he came to the world he used to have someone he could call a friend who used to use the Kunais he had. One day his so called friend was killed and Natsume went to rage after that he took his friend's Kunais and vowed to find who killed his so called friend ever since he stayed quiet and never dared to talk to anyone and always looked emotionless.

Do you want to add another info: his Kunais are a momento of his friend and he never goes anywhere without it and he would usually kill those who would dare touch them and when someone mentions or asks him why he was so cold to everyone he would answer them by saying "Because this is a cruel world" oh and he's a dude XD and the reason he skips classes are because he's too good and he thinks they are boring (but I still not sure which class he should be DX)

Star: really you can't pick his class and he sound so sadistic...

Shino: hey this fic's people are dark right so I just made it to the custom of the place...and please help I can't choose the classes TTTT
Arietta-Haru chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
Sounds interesting! Seriously! May I?

Name: Azumi Haruka

Appearance: she has waist length black wavy hair and brown eyes

Clothes: she wears a white shirt with a red jacket and has denim pants, and rubbershoes

Weapon: Katana

Personality: calm, usually quiet, but sometimes forget people if she only met him/her once and mess once again... She also sometimes sly

Classroom: Berserk

History or past: she has a little sister and twin cousins of the same age of her. They all live together.

Do you want to add another info: nope...

PM me if you need anything else