Reviews for Captain Quint Shark Hunter
Greg 14 chapter 1 . 10/6/2014
Hey. Great story, but I read somewhere that Quint's first name was Sam. And when is he going to get to the USS Indianapolis?
stephenm8070 chapter 12 . 7/29/2014
really good I missed these storys im glad their back
stephenm8070 chapter 11 . 2/16/2014
another great chapter and this made my day !
stephen m8070 chapter 10 . 1/19/2014
more !
stephenm8070 chapter 1 . 1/19/2014
damn fine work
stephenm8070 chapter 8 . 1/19/2014
love it man please I need more ! now !
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 10 . 6/16/2012
I really sympathised with Quint in this chapter, because he's doing a job he's good at. He's working on repairs and he's very, very good at it - which is actually going against him, because he wants to be out there fightng the enemy instead and that chance isn't coming his way.

He's good at the repairs, so they want to keep him where he is. But I don't think Quint would ever take on a task and do less than his best, even if he wants to be elsewhere, so it's a shame his willingness and hard work is going against him.

He was very forthright to speak to the Lieutenant the way he did, he was totally honest in his approach.

When he said:

"But if he's sitting behind a desk, just waiting it out, taking advantage of his situation, then maybe he should ask himself if that's the kind of man he wants to be. That's not the kind of man I want to be. Sir."

He was being very truthful to say that, and I can very much see Quint, even at a young age as he is now, being honest and just coming out and plainly speaking the truth of the matter - and he did so in this case, and I don't think he will give up, either. I think he will persevere because he wants to see that active duty very much.

Another very spellbinding chapter, I would have reviewed the minute this was published but I've been deep into a trilogy I've just finished writing, so sorry I took my time - I usually grab this story as soon as it comes up because I can't get enough of it - it was only my own writing that delayed me! A good chapter. I'm looking forward to reading the next.
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 9 . 5/30/2012
Thatwas unexpected!
I was waiting for it, waiting for the moment when his name would be called out for the Indianapolis and it was a difficult moment because he wants to go and fight so very much (but we know what terrible fate awaits the Indianapolis) and it was a really tense moment.
And he's been put on the list to go to a repair base instead?

I am relieved he's not going off to sea yet because of what will happen to him, but at the same time feel I do feel frustrated for him.
He wants so much to fight but his orders are sending him elsewhere.
I very much want to find out what happens as a consequence of this!
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 8 . 5/24/2012
This was a very beieveable chapter depicting how hard life was as he went through his training, and it's clear as the chapter goes on that Quint is becoming one of those men who are determined to fight and to become a fighting man in order to defend his country, and he's not looking att from a naive point of view either, he knows how deadly and dangerous the whole matter is, but hes ready to go out there and fight, its; what hewants to do and he's going to do it.

He's also determined to survive it, that's very clear from his attitude that hehas ever intention of fighting the war and living through it too, no matter what may happen, he is going to make it through.

And I liked the way you put the Mary Lee reference in there too! It was a nice touch!

I would have reviewed this as soon as the chapter went up but I've been right into my own fiction and I wanted to set some time aside between those chapters to read this, enjoy it and give it a review because this is a story that I like to read slowly and take my time with, simply because it is a good one!

I was also wondering what other fandoms you have written in or are thiking of writing in after this story, I would have PM you but you don't have your message option up.

You truly are a fantastic writer.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter very much indeed.
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 7 . 5/15/2012
Wow, this was a chapter with another mysterious character, the woman telling him not to go to war. All these experiences he is having are touching psychic to a degree, very reflective of the mysterious aura of Quint as the man he comes to be later on as we know him in Jaws, a man with an air of mystery about him - a man who has seen many things,most probay not all of them explainable, either.

He seems to be very tuned into that which is just out of reach, almost as if he's aware of signs and omens and it's as if hes getting prepared to step into a journey that will lead him into a strangely charmed kind of life.

I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next!
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 6 . 5/8/2012
This was another amazing chapter. I liked the way you compared his life back in Amity and the people from Amity to how very different life was here in the city, where everyone was anonymous, unknown, because that is the first thing a person would notice after growing up on an island in a small commuity.

The historical details are very authentic and takes the reader back to the era vividly and the impact of Pearl Harbour is very clearly descibed and it's clear how determined he is to fight for his country.

Another stunning chapter that draws the reader right in, a very good chapter!
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 5 . 5/6/2012
This is such a captivating story, it's so three dimesional I could actually see Quint clearly as a young man, see though his eyes and the world that he is living in comes to life so vividly, again, it's like a trip in a time machine!

His background is fascinating and I can really see how he is starting to become the man we see in Jaws, I can picture him as a teenager with a copy of Moby Dick and yes I can see him being well read, and having something of a mystery about him that says he is a man of the sea who has hadd this past and all the adventures and experiences that are starting to unfold.

There's something very bewitching about him and I can easily see this life depicted in this story as being the reason for that mysterious aura that he seems to give off in Jaws, a man who has lived a life, who knows so much and can speak so knowledgeably about it, he is so much more than just a shark fisherman, he has the sea in his very soul and this story is explaining the roots of that very well, along with the mystery and the romance of the life he has lived, the reader is seeing it all unfold here and it's like watching a movie, it's so vivid and so very, very well written. I'm completely captivated and drawn into the story every time I read the next chapter, you truly are an amazing author!
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 3 . 5/3/2012
I find this story absolutely spellbinding. The story is vivid and has so many little details that take the reader right into it, it's fantastic and I can't praise it highly enough!

Reading about Quint's past is like taking a trip back in time, it's so three dimensional too.

You are a fantastic writer.

I look forward to the next chapter!
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Wow this is fantastic! You have captured the essence of the character so very well.

Love this story, I am looking forward to reading more!