Reviews for Had it been that way
lowi chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
This is extremely sad, and I've been in a Remmius kind-of-mood today (I have no idea why!) so rereading this just got to me - really much. It's just so beautiful, and I love how it's Remus thinking back over him and Sirius.

The idea of Remus and Tonks being together after Sirius' death as you've written it here, is brilliant, and I can surely see it happen this way. Which I think I've said to you before, but! But it's very plausible, in my opinion, and I think you get that across perfectly, both with capturing Remus - and by the tone you've set in this fic!

And that final "No." It's just too sjkhdaksdhajkh, I really can't express it! But I LOVE IT, OKAY!

And I love this entire fic. And I love Remmius. And I love you. :D
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Really good job! I have basically the same idea of Remmius and RemusTonks, to be honest - that Remus only started a relationship with Tonks because Sirius wasn't in his life anymore, and she provided happiness to him. Remus was so in-character, and his thoughts were definitely realistic. And of course, I loved seeing Remmius! I love how you characterized Sirius through Rem's eyes, too, and how Sirius caught on to Tonks' attraction before Remus even did. The lyrics worked really well with the story as well. Great job, of course!