Reviews for To blast off
SuperPotterWhoLockedDancer chapter 3 . 5/2/2012
that's so sweet! I loved thinking of little Joe and little Brian :) I bet they were cute little kids

thank you sososososososoo much for posting this under starship! I probably would've found OMG sooner or later, but I'm glad it was the former!

my only problem with the video is that I probably shouldn't show it at my youth group at church because of the language...:( but then, it is starkid, so they're going to have language in everything- even in LWL, at one point, when she's on her caffeine high, Tanya/Lauren says "see for yourself f***ers"...I guess no starkid production will ever be completely language free

anyway, thanks do much again for telling me about this, it was amazing, and I liked the whole message of "love each other", because I think that no matter what religion you are (or even if you haw no religion), that is (or should be anyway) a universal rule

that's why I want to show it at my youth group, because I think they'd really appreciate it...I would, except we have some 12-year olds- and maybe even an 11-year old, if they come up this summer- and I don't think their parents would appreciate it very much :(

anyway, point is, I'm obsessing over my newest discovery of something Starkid related, like always, and I got sidetracked- I think it was very well written, and congratulations on being the first person to write an OMG FanFic! :D