Reviews for Family Position
Katzztar chapter 5 . 11/21
I really can't see them going to Hogwarts for all 7 years. After all they wouldn't be able to see Sally that much. What, only a few weeks until they go to Camp for rest of summer? I really can't see a loving family go through a separation that would only allow them to be together for 2-3 weeks out an entire year.
Katzztar chapter 4 . 11/21
I know in the reviews some wondered why the boys wondered if there was other demigods there when the hat said it's not sorted any in centuries. I wonder if the kid knowing makes the difference.
After all, Percy & Harry has gone to Camp, so they know they have god for a father. Could it be that the hat doesn't detect if they are demigods and instead just reads the info from their minds? If the kids do not know they are demigods, then the hat won't know either?
I've seen a lot of fics that overpower the hat, giving it abilities to detect things unknown to the kid wearing it, such as heritage or if cursed. Be nice to see a story where it does just as its described in books and nothing more. That is it can read the mind of, and communicate with, the one wearing it.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/25
The sorting hat said there were no demigods at Hogwarts in chapter 3, also... What happened to Voldemort being alive due to no one defeating him?
king bob chapter 4 . 8/25
Sorry... I have to ask... If the hat said he had not sorted a demigod in centuries.. how old do Percy and Harry think Fred and George are in order to think they are children of Hermes?
MattKennedy chapter 5 . 8/5
Fun story! :)
Lunary chapter 5 . 7/16
Looking forward to the next chapters :)

Guest chapter 5 . 5/16
Please update soon
LaraNe chapter 4 . 5/15
I like it!
Mar91 chapter 5 . 5/15
I like chapter
imgonnadie chapter 5 . 5/16
Excellent if short chapter
Jully Reed chapter 5 . 5/15
I l-ike the idea of your story. But you go a bit too fast imo. It's feels more like a summary... Maybe if you expanded a bit a put more details your story would achieve greatness :)
Sakura Lisel chapter 5 . 5/14
Okay the gods and everyone else who are STILL blaming Harry and Percy for the stolen lightning bolts are morons. Sure IF Harry and Percy were a pair of UNKNOWN demigods who NOBODY knew ANYTHING about except that they were Poseidens kids because they spent their ENTIRE lives not knowing anything about the non-human side of themselvrs, like in Percys canon series *lol*, but the twins practically grew up with the Demigods since day 1. Went to Camp Halfblood every summer, etc. They KNOW the twins. Plus they KNOW exactly WHERE the twins have been for the last year since they told them before they left. So everybody thinks the Jackson twins somehow snucm out of a magic school in SCOTLAND, somehow traveled all the way to AMERICA to where the gods live, snuck in and stole the lightning bolt then made it all the way back to Scotland and back into school without anyone seeing them coming OR going? They have the perfect alibi for where they were at ALL times when the lightning bolt was stolen. I bet even Hecate could vouch for that if she wanted to. *lol*

Aw... but you should make the chapters LONGER. Barely ANYTHING is going on before the chapter is already over. I was half hoping for another confrontation with James about the whole Harry and Percy being HIS kids thing. *lol* is he going to give up in trying to get 'his' kids even if it means basically KIDNAPPING then from their REAL parents since only ONE of the Jackson 'twins' is his while the other one legally DOES belong to Sally and Poseiden. Or does he think Sally and the twins dad are REALLY going to lay claim to THEIR kids just because his dead ex-girlfriend supposedly used magic to 'transfer' HER unborn baby into Sallys already pregnant body?
WhiteElfElder chapter 5 . 5/14
I wonder why they would be blamed if they had not even been up there?
Lourdes08 chapter 5 . 5/14
great update!
tamashiyuki chapter 4 . 1/7
Be continued?
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