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recxrds chapter 2 . 6/15/2012
When Are You Gonna Write The Story?
endlessrandomthoughts chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
Name: Stella Brynn Carter

Nickname: Stell , Stellz , Stellie

Occupation: Drummer Of "Project Direction"

Social Class: Unpopular

Age: 17

Eye Color: Dark Choclate Brown

Glasses/Contacs; Glasses but only for reading

Hair: Super Dark Brown With Red high lites and it's in layers to her shoulders it flips in

Weight/Height: 90 Ibs 5'1

Skin: Tanned

Distinguishing marks: Birthmarks , dimples , and a mole thingy above her lip

Is she healthy: yes

Fave Color: Orange

Music: Any Kind


Transportation: Her Car ( its a 2012 Ford Edge in White)

Hobbies: Skatebording, Playing Drums , Dancing , And Singing

Shoe Brand: DC Or Orsis

Habits: Yelling at people

Strenght: Taking Up For Her Friends

Weakness: When Someone trash talks her

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Finances: Normal (not poor or rich)

Mother: Donna Ashley Carter

Father: Frank Peter Carter

Siblings; Emma Cate Carter/-9 , Mckenzy Camryn Carter- 6 , Lucas Samuel Carter-11



Talents: Drumming , Skateboarding , And Singing/Dancing

Extremely Skilled At: Video Games

Extremely Unskilled At: Putting on make up ( she's not a Girly girl)

Good Characteristics: Tomboy, Tough , Pretty , Funny , Not Afraid To Kick Butt

Biggest Regret: Wearing Skirts/Dresses

Biggest Acomplishment: Being the First girl to ride the "Mega Ramp" With her eyes close at west side skatepark

Darkest Secret: Don't have one

Friends: 1D , BTR , Lab Rats , Jaycee

Most Liked: Her Tomboyness

Most Disliked: Nothing

Crisis: Very Well Thinks Of A Way to fix it

Clothing: Always Jeans (So She Can Ride Her Skateboard) and skate girl tops and hoodies

Jewelry: Cartlidge Pericing and Earrings

Living: Miami , Flordia

Want To Live: Canada!

Spending habtis: food and candy

Prized Possesion: Her Signed Tony hawk poster

Admires: Zayn- she thinks hes cool

Influenenced: Adam- He is so funny

Most important person in life: Her Lil Sister Emma

Week before story: hanging with BTR , 1D and Lab rats

Love Intrest: Carlos
recxrds chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
Im going to base this OC on me! :{D

Name: Mia Juilanne Clarke

Nickname M , Mei (ME is how it's pronounced)

Occupation: Backup Singer/Dancer for BTR/1D :)

Social Class: not so popular :/

Age: 17 1/2

Eye Color: Choclate Brown O.o

Glasses/contacts: Nope (:

Hair color, length and style: A caramel gingery color and its 2 inches below the shoulder in layers :D

Weight and height: 90 pounds 5'2 (SHORTIE!)

Skin: Tanned

Distinguishing Marks: A slightly darker than skin birthmark on left cheekbone

Is he/she heathy: yes

Favorite Color: neon high liter yellow :D

Music: pop , rap , jazz and occupella

Food: carrots! , strawberries with whipped creme, and tater tots

Transportation: Her car it's a 2011 shiny red corvette

Hobbies: singing,dancing, and basketball (-:

Shoe Brand: puma or nikey

Habits: talking with food in her mouth :-

Strenght: Being with people she loves

Weakness: when people accuse her of false things

Hometown: Dallas,Texas -.-

Finances: Wealthy

Mother: Monica Danielle Hurtt-Clarke

Father: Christopher Cameron Clarke

Siblings: Spencer Andrew Clarke-24 , Ryan Joshua Clarke-19, and Gabe Dakota Clarke-14

Other family: Her Mom and Tasha Were Best Friends In High School So Tasha & Donald are her godparents



Talent: Singing/dancing

Extremely Skilled at: jumping rope

Extremely unskilled at: rembering stuff

Good characteristic: pretty,funny and cool

Flaw: Try's to act all tuff but she isn't

Regret: none

Biggest accomplishment: being a backup singer/dancer for 1D/BTR

Darkest Secret: She Has Anger Issues/Louis/She told him

Friends: 1D , lab rats & BTR and Jaycee

Most liked: her humor

Most disliked : her tuff girl act

Crisis: handles very well

Problems: figures them out

Clothing: flowey tops and shorts

Jelwery: earrings,Braclets and necklaces

Living: MIami ,Flordia

Wants to live in: china :P

Spending habits: cute clothes

Prized Possesion: her limited addition juicy couture purse

Admires: Chase- His intelllingence

Influenced By: Niall- He is so good hearted! (:

Most important person: her brother Ryan they are super close!

Week before story: at her godparents house because her mom & dad are on a cruise for their work

Love Intrest: Louis (;
MaddieMarie123 chapter 2 . 5/6/2012
Omg! thank you for putting me in the story! (:
MaddieMarie123 chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
Name: Annabel Rose Styles

Nicknames: Anna , Bella , Rosie

Occupation: Watching 1D Preform And She Somtimes Videotapes It

Social Class: Popular

Age: 15 1/2

Eye color: Harry's Eyecolor

Glasses/Contacts: No

Hair Color: Dark Brown ( Like Her Brither Harry's ) It Is Also Curly And Comes About Mid-Back

Weight/Height: 5'3 95 Pounds

Skin Type: Fair ( Like Harry)

Distinguishing Marks: Freckles And A Scar From When She Was Little

Heath: She Is Healthy

Favorite Color: Hot Pink And Aqua Blue

Music: Pop , Rock , Rap , Rythm

Food: Chicken Fingers, French Fries, Starbucks Frappes, and Choclate Milkshakes

Transportation :Since She Only Has A Permit She Usually Get Harry Or One Of The Guys To Drive Her Around

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Texting, And Pulling Pranks On Her Brother And The Guys

Shoe Brand: Def. DC

Habits: Smacking Her Gum, Saying Things Out Loud She Dosent Mean To Say, And Biting Fingernails

Greatest Strenght: Being With Her Friends And Family

Greatest Weakness: Her HUGE Stagefright

Hometown: In England (Like Harry Shes British)

Mother: Claudia Rose Styles ( Deceased)

Jayme Anne Reimer-Syles ( Step-Mother)

Father: Jacob Eward Styles

Sibling(s): Harry Edward Styles ( Brother) , James David Maslow ( Step-Brother) , Jaycee Marie Maslow (Step-Sister)

Optimist Or Pessimist: Optimist

Introvert Or Extrovert: Introvert

Talents: Her Singing Abilty

Extremely Skilled At: Singing

Extremely Unskilled At: Preforming Infront Of A Crowd

Good Characteristics: Pretty, Funny, Nice And Shy

Flaws: Her Stage Fright

Biggest Regret: Letting Harry Try To Help Her Get Over Her Stage Fright ( It Just Made It Worse)

Biggest Acomplishment: Dosent Have One

Darkest Secret: How She Got Her Stage Fright/Harry James And Jaycee/ She Told Them

Friends: Alot; Close Buds- Liam , Louis , Niall , Zayn , Harry , Jaycee , James , Bree , Adam , Chase , Leo , Kendall , Carlos And Logan

Most Liked Thing About This Character: Her Shyness

Most Disliked: How She Won't Face Her Stage Fright

Crisis: Not Good Starts Crying An Freaking Out Usually Gets Harry , James Or Jaycee To Calm Her Down

Face Problems: Figures Them Out

Clothing: Jeans, Half Tops, Tank Tops, Sweat Pants, Shorts Never Skirts

Jewelry: Braclets And Earrings

Accessories: Her Cute Purses

Where They Live: Miami, Flordia

Where They Want To Live: Back In England

Spending Habits: Food Her , Harry And The Boys Love Food

Prized Possesion: Her Picture Of Her , Harry And There Real Mom

People They Admire: Her Brother Harry- Because He Can Go Up There And Preform With Throwing Up Or Saying The Wrong Things Like Her

Most Influenced By: Louis- Because Thats Her Brothers Best Friend And He Is So Hilarious and is like another brother to her

Week Before The Story: Hanging With: Lab Rats, 1D And BTR

Love Interest: Liam
xXLove-DirectionXx chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
Full Name: Alexis Marie Sparks

Nickname: lexi, sparky, sparks, rie

Occupation: Drummer for her band National Sparks

Social Class: Popular and nerdy (liked by many people)

Age: 18

Eye Color: green

Glasses or contacts: glasses

Hair Color, length and style:black and green, mid-back,straight scene

Weight and Height: 90 lbs, 5'7

Skin Type:tanned but burns easily

Dstinguishing marks: freckles on face, scar under right eye

Is he/she healthy: very healthy

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Music: anything

Food: cheeseburgers,strawberries, cupcakes

Mode of Transportation: skateboarding when car is in shop (she has a green camaro that her bf Austin got her when she turned 17)

Hobbies:dancing, singing, writing, anything creative

Shoe Brand: DC

Habits: bites nails, does weird things when nervous

Greatest Strength: caring and forgiving people, no matter what that person did

Greatest weakness: giving the wrong people another chance

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Finances: wealthy

Mother:Anna Sparks (deceased)

Father: George Sparks (deceased)

Sibling(s): Ashley Sparks (deceased), Jordyn Sparks (12)

Other Family: Jaycee Pena (cousin. they live together, along with Jordyn. They practically act like sisters)

Optimist (positive) or Pessimist (negative):optimist

Introvert (shy) or Extrovert (outgoing): extrovert when you get to know her

Talents: singing, dancing, acting, anything creative, and everything really

Extremely skilled at: singing and dancing

Extremely unskilled at: hunting, loves animals way too much to even harm a fly

Good Characteristics: pretty, forgiving, nice, smart

Character flaws: overemotional most times

Biggest regret: trusting the wrong people in her past

Biggest accomplishment: getting into her career, due to her love for music, singing, dancing, acting, and her bf Austin

Darkest secret/ does anybody know/ how'd they find out: has no secrets, shes an open book. when asked a question, she'll answer it without hesitation.

Friends: Jay, Niall, Adam, Harry, James, Carlos, Kendall, Chase, Austin and her bandmates

Most liked thing about character: how she's random and can make someone laugh, no matter what their mood.

Most disliked: almost always overemotional

How do they react in a crisis:gets all panicky and needs to be calmed

How do they face problems:usually get someone to help and deal with it

Kind of problem they usually run into:near death experiences with those around her

How they react to new problems: overreact and get someone to protect her and possibly talk sense into her

Favorite Clothing: hightops, dc's, tube tops, tank tops

Jewelry: belly button piercings, necklace, bracelets

Other Accessories: key necklace for her diary where she keeps her favorite memories, heart necklace that she got from Austin on their one week anniversary

Where do they live: Hollywood, Florida

Where do they want to live: Hollywood, California

Spending habits: spends alot on make-up and other essentials

Most prized possession: the signed guitar (SG Gibson, signed by Slash, her favorite guitarist) she got from Chase, back when they were dating

People they secretly admire, why: Chase, he's always so optimistic and smart (almost as smart as Alexis) and he challenges Alexis' intelligence

Person they are most influenced by, why: Jaycee, she looks up to her cousin because she admires the way Jaycee got into her career

Most important peron in their life before the story starts, why: Austin, because he has put her through so much good things and she can never stay mad at him.

How do they spend their week just before the story starts: hanging out with Jay, James, BTR, Austin and bandmates

Love Interest: (Austin, her current bfm but he isn't in this story) so Kendall
ThornLuna927 chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
Full Name: Katrina Hazel Violet

Nickname: Rina, Kat

Occupation: lead singer in her own band called Stardust.

Social Class: popular but nice to everyone.

Age: 16

Eye Color: dark green

Glasses or contacts: None

Hair Color, length and style: Strawberry blonde, shoulder length, in ringlets

Weight and Height: 95 lbs 5'6

Skin Type: tanned

Dstinguishing marks: scar on her cheek from being hit and falling through a window.

Is he/she healthy: Yes

Favorite Color: Purple

Music: Country, pop

Food: buffalo chicken dip, any fruit

Mode of Transportation: walking

Hobbies: writing, listening to music, reading, singing

Habits: does weird and random things when nervous

Greatest Strength: caring and forgiving nature

Greatest weakness: giving the wrong people second chances

Hometown: Salem,Massachusetts

Finances: wealthy

Mother: Sabrina Violet

Father: Marcus Violet

Sibling(s): Caleb Violet(6) Kristy Violet(4)

Other Family: Harry Styles(Cousin. They are very close like brother sister)

Optimist (positive) or Pessimist (negative): somewhere in the middle.

Introvert (shy) or Extrovert (outgoing): only shy around the people she likes. Also acts nervous around them

Talents: singing, acting, anything to do with Art, baking

Extremely skilled at: Anything to do with Art, baking

Extremely unskilled at: hunting, loves animals too much

Good Characteristics: nice, forgiving, pretty

Character flaws: when somethings goes wrong is overemotional and takes alot to get calmed down.

Biggest regret: trusting and believeing her ex boyfriend, Sean who won't leave her alone

Biggest accomplishment: starting own band, Stardust and doing concerts.

Darkest secret/ does anybody know/ how'd they find out: Parents are very mean and sometimes hit her and her siblings, mostly her snd she wishes she wasnt born. No one knows but Harry is Suspicious.

Friends:Harry,Liam,Niall,louis,Zayn, Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo, Logan, James, Kendall, Carlos and her bandmates Siren Daniels, Dusk Rivers and Max Jasons.

Most liked thing about character: how random and unique she is

Most disliked: how she sometimes overreacts

How do they react in a crisis: gets all panicky and needs to be calmed. Her cousin, Harry usually is the only one to calm er.

How do they face problems: usually get someone to help and deal with it.

Kind of problem they usually run into: near death experiences with those around her.

How they react to new problems: overreact and get someone to protect her and possibly talk sense into her.

Favorite Clothing: tube tops, tu tu, hightops. All in different colors.

Jewelry: belly button piercing, braclets

Other Accessories: band to pull her hair back she wears on wrist at all times incase she needs it. Key necklace she wears at all times.

Where do they live: Miami, Florida

Where do they want to live: Abilene, Texas

Spending habits: toys for her brother and sister, shoes

Most prized posession: her key necklace

People they secretly admire, why: Adam, they are so much like each other and like twins.

Person they are most influenced by, why: Harry, he can calm her and is always there for her. Niall

Most important peron in their life before the story starts, why: Her brother and sister, she wants to make sure they are ok and dont get hurt like she does, Harry, he's always kind to her and takes care of her.

How do they spend their week just before the story starts: Hanging out with the Lab rats, BTR and 1d

Love Interest: Niall
MadiMarie123 chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
Okay so my friend Laura told me to make an OC for this story and I did (:

Full Name: Savannah Jayde Hyland

Nickname: Van , Vannah , Jay , Jayde Or Hyland

Occupation: Backup singer and dancer for BTR. Soon to be backup dancer for 1D

Social Class: Popular but somewhat shy.

Age: 16 1/2

Eye color: crystal blue

Glasses/contacts: no

Haircolor: Dark brown (color of bree's hair) that is naturally straight the style Is all one length to her waist

Weight and height: 5'3 92 pounds

Skin type: tanned

Distinguishing marks: she has a scar on her right thigh from when she broke a glass cup and glass lodged into her leg and after the doctor removed the glass she has the scar..

Is she healthy: yes

Favorite color: lime green

Music: pop , rock , and country

Food: cotton candy, choclate bars , baked potatoes , rice krispy cereal and spaghetti

Mode of transportation: taxi cabs, walking , her neon purple moped

Hobbies: shopping , dancing , singing and track

Shoe brand: nike

Habits: biting fingernails , being late , and chewing gum with her mouth open

Greatest strength: being able to share the fun moments in life with friends and family

Greatest weakness: when someone starts talking about her mom that died

Hometown: Atlanta,Georgia

Mother: Alexandrea Dianne Hyland ( Died during Savannah's child birth)

Karen Sarah Hyland ( Step-mom )

Father: Michael Christopher Hyland

Siblings: Heather Lynn Hyland (26) , Joshua Zane Hyland (18) , Dillion Cole Hyland ( step-brother , 9 , twin bro of Delaney) , Delaney Kendall Hyland (step-sister , 9 , twin sis of Dillion)

Other Family: Scott Jared Brooks ( her sister Heather's husband) and Olivia Catlynn Brooks ( her niece , 2 )

Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert

Talent: Singing and Dancing

Extremely skilled at: gymnastics

Extremely unskilled at: rapping

Good characteristics: pretty,smart and funny

Flaws: she has no self confidence

Biggest regret: being born (she thinks if she was never born her mom would of never died in labor)

Biggest Acomplishment: being a backup singer/dancer for BTR

Darkest Secret: she used to cut herself when she was 14/ her brother Josh/ he saw her cut herself in the bathroom and hasent ever told anyone

Friends: adam,bree,chase,leo,Harry,Liam,Niall,louis,Zayn,Kendall,James,Logan, and Carlos

Most liked about this character: how she is so sweet, caring and honest

Most disliked: nothing

How do they react in a crisis: they try to stay calm and figure a way to escape from the crisis

Kind of problems they usually run into: near death experiences with friends

Favorite clothing: graphic t shirts,colored jeans,shorts,tank tops,hoodies, and sweaters

Jewelry: earrings, necklaces , Braclets , rings , anklets

Other accessories: neon lime green aviator sunglasses

Where they live: Miami,Flordia

Where they want to live: Rome,Italy

Spending habits: chewing gum..savannah loves it

Most prized possession: her mothers favorite necklace

People they admire: josh- her 18 year old brother he has helped savannah through everything, he even convinced her that mom wouldn't have liked it when she cut herself and she stopped

Most influenced: heather- her 26 year old sister she was super close with mom and she often wonders how heather was so strong and didn't cry when she watched her mom die so she belives if heather is that sting she should be to

Most important person in her life: her dad- because he has been so strong when his first wife and first love died

Week just before the story: visiting heather,Scott, and Olivia

Love Intrest: Adam
xXLaura KateXx chapter 2 . 5/5/2012
Ooopsie I Acdentially Pressed Send! I Will Write The Rest Sorry!

Hometown: Miami , Flordia

Mother: Tessa Michelle Green Short ( Green Is Her Maiden Name)

Father: Mason Andrew Short

Siblings: Mallory Grace Short (12) And Cayley Danielle Short (6)

Other Family: None

Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Introvert Or Extrovert: Extrovert

Talents: Dancing

Extremely Skilled at: Dance

Extremely Unskilled at: Cooking

Good Characteristics: Sweet, Funny, Good idea Thinker , Can Light Up A Room When She Walks In, Pretty , Friendly And Wild.

Flaws: Drama Queen

Biggest Regret: Dosent Have One Yet

Biggest Acomplishment: Winning Miss Dance America 2012

Darkest Secret: She's Dyslexic / Her Family / She Was Diganosed When She Was Little By A Doctor

Friends: Bree, Adam, Chase, Leo , Kendall, Logan, Carlos , James, Harry , Jaycee , Niall , Liam , Zayn and Louis.

Most Liked Thing About Character: Her Sense Of Humor/ Personality

How They React In Crisis: Not Good/ Goes In To Drama Queen Mode!

Face Problems: Try's To Fix Them

Kind Of Problems They Run Into: Same As Jaycee's

How They React To New Problems: Try To Figure Them Out Fast!

Fave Clothes: Dresses , Tank Tops, T-shirts , Sweats , Jeans , Shorts and Sweaters. Because There Comfy

Jewelry: Earrings, Necklaces, Braclets , Rings

Other Accessories: Her Vera Bradley Hipster In Island Blooms.

Currently Living in: Miami , Flordia

Where They Want To Live: Paris , France

Spending Habits: Clothes Because She's A Fashionista

Most Prized Possession: Her Signed Bruno Mars Gutair

People They Admire: Her Mom Because She Fought A Battle Of Cancer

People They Are Influenced By: Idk Lol U Can Pick

Most Important Person In Her Life: Her Mom Because She's Afraid Her Cancer Will Come Back

How They Spend Their Week Before The Story: at Her Dance Competion In Orlando

Love Intrest: Harry
xXLaura KateXx chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
Name: Paige Jacklynn Short

Nickname: Paigey Or Pj

Occupation: Ermm Idk You Can Make It Up For Me :)

Social Class: Popular And Friendly ( She Gets Along With Everyone)

Age: 16

Eye color: A Greenish Blue Mix Soo Like Seagreen

Glasses Or Contacts: No, She Has Good Vision

Haircolor: Honey Blonde With Natural Waves And Brown Hilights Long Layers Is The Style Of Her Hair So Kinda Like Victoria Justices Hair Style

Weight/Height: 5'4 and 94.5 Ibs

Skin Type: Tanned

Distinguishing Marks: She Has A Dark Freckle On Her Cheek (Sorta Like The Little Freckle Thingys Leo Howard Has)

Health: Yes She Is Healthy

Fave Color: Pink!

Music: Pop , Rock , Rap And Soul

Food: Cookies! , Ice Cream! , Macaroni n' Cheese! , Cheeseburgers!

Transportation: Walking , Her Car ( A Bright Yellow Voltswaggon Beetle ) Or Sometimes The Taxi Cabs

Hobbies: Dancing , Singing , Cheering , Gymnastics , Swimming , Volleyball , Shopping And Hanging With Friends

Shoe Brand: Nike , Puma , Or Oasis

Habits: Laughing Nervosly When Trying To Lie , Smacking , And Tapping Her Feet

Greatest Stength: Being Able To

Greatest Weakness: When People Say She Dumb Because She A Blonde
I-LUV-MY-MOM chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
wow... I CAN'T WAIT :D!