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Mokhalar chapter 19 . 12/3/2019
Why does liara letting the water run on her thigh or calf and increasing the temperature seem to be something sexual? I read your "intro to asari" thing, but it doesn't mention this anywhere, so I'm slightly baffled.
Mokhalar chapter 3 . 12/2/2019
I'm struggling here. I read the reviews and everyone seems to love this but the beginning is rough. It feels like I cant get a grasp on what's going on, I know from the games, but the picture is moving between viewpoints so rapidly it's hard to care. And like there's alot of information missing right now. It feels like it wants to be a mystery but at the same time knows you already have the answers.
Guest chapter 73 . 10/28/2019
man i love this story! , the way that this chapter ends always break my heart..
its a shame that this story is not been updated in long time..
Gypsy Druid chapter 73 . 1/22/2018
I hope you come back to this. I really enjoyed it.
General Cammy chapter 73 . 5/16/2017
enjoyed while it lasted, sad to see it incomplete
tempetepapillon chapter 1 . 10/14/2015
about your millitary ranking system... I realise this is more or less AU and I applaud your creativity, but why put cruisers under a Rear-Admiral? I'm not a military nerd so I checked wikipedia where it said that rear-admirals are part of the flag officers and work in support of higher ranked admiral or are in charge of smaller naval groups or squadrons. I think real-life carriers are generaly commanded by a rear- or vice-admiral simply because they are in charge of the whole carrier-group... Is thits oversight or did you have a specific reason in mind for this?
Tactical Muffin chapter 73 . 12/14/2013
This is the best fanfiction I have ever read. It's simply amazing. I can't even come up with the right words to do it justice...I just hope you will keep writing even though it seems it hasn't been updated in a while. But I guess I can hope, right?:)
ZIrvs chapter 73 . 11/11/2013
Please write more for this story, because I'm loving it. Even though I'm receiving alerts for any updates I still check at least once a month just in case, so please write.
A fan,
Sevantha chapter 73 . 9/25/2013
This is the best Fanfiction I have ever read. It's simply amazing. I too was disappointed with the ending of Mass Effect 3 and this story just make it soo much better. I only discovered it a few days ago and I just couldn't stop reading. Character act pretty much like you would expect them to while developing further.
I really hope there will be a new chapter soon, even though it seems there hasn't been an update in quite a while. I hope this doesn't mean it won't be continued, that would be a real shame.
My compliment to the author, great job!
DrLucienSanchez chapter 73 . 6/25/2013
I was recommended Unity by a friend, who told me, in no uncertain terms, that it was the best piece of Mass Effect fanfiction he had ever read (and he has read quite a lot). Upon catching up with Unity so far last night I revised his statement, and I think this is the best piece of Fanfiction I have ever read (displacing the magnificent Conflict of Interest series my Rae D Magdon), indeed, as I said before, one of the best piece of fiction in general I have had the pleasure to come across. The opening to the story presents something of a challenge; it is disorientating (I suspect intentionally so) as one joins the tale in media res during the final act of the game, the use of a third party perspective is innovative and inspired, and allows the reader to use their knowledge of the story as they know it to help gather context, fill in the blanks, which is a deeply satisfying experience.

The story continues to develop at a remarkable pace once its free of the confines of the game's storyline, and it is here that the reader first gets a chance to see how the major characters of the games, who they would know to varying degrees themselves (I confess I am something of a self-styled expert on the series, so I feel like I know them well, and they never once struck me as out-of-character or skewed), interact with new scenarios, individuals, and each other. The depth achieved is remarkable; the characters believable and dynamic; perhaps the most recognisable trait of the known "game" characters is their speech; their register, their choice of vocabulary, this is emulated almost flawlessly in Unity. This aforementioned depth however is perhaps best exemplified by the Codex, which contains a plethora of really, really well thought out and tastefully assembled background information and character data.

Unity continues apace after the chaotic aftermath of the end of the war, chaotic by necessity, considering the number of things happening at the same time, and this sense of confusion and cathartic urgency, is echoed in the structure of the story itself; jumping from place to place, rapidly building up and establishing new story arcs and character interrelations. Each and every chapter makes you desperate to find out what happens next, The reader gets a sense here of the scale of the story being told, and it is marvelous. A testament to the skill of the author then, that we feel pressured, but not overwhelmed as so many of the characters have been.

As the stories continue to interweave, develop and grow the imagination of the author and pacing of the delivery never falter. My only real criticism at this stage is that it sometimes feels a little like there are too many new story elements being introduced in quick succession, this is especially noticeable with regards to some of the major set-pieces of the story, which follow on from each other so quickly it can make one thing "Oh no, not another crisis?" It is not necessarily that this pacing is not unrealistic, more that it is just a little too unfortunate to bear, and for a reader with a soft spot for Liara, it may be particularly hard to stomach in places. That does not diminish however the incredible, and increasing, depth of the characters, old and new, introduced throughout the story. The new characters require a special mention as they are all, without exception, thoroughly well thought out and enjoyable, regardless of the scale of their involvement (There are two children in particular so brilliantly assembled that their plight, in a matter of moments, can move you to tears, you'll know the ones when you find them).

The only real issue with the story is one that is inherently unavoidable; and that is that there is a tendency to jump around a lot between places and characters. I say this is unavoidable because there are a very large number of discrete, rich storylines all told within Unity, and whilst each and every one is a joy to read and to experience, the frequent transitions between them can often break the tempo, encouraging the reader to rush through chapters so that they can return to a particular thread that was left in an engaging position. Whilst I call this an issue, I also believe that it is the best way to handle it: to remain focused on any one storyline for longer would only make the problem worse when you do have to change, and having fewer storylines would make a worse story.

In short, this is a brilliant piece of work that both casual fans and hardcore veterans of the series will be able to enjoy. It is well thought-out, brilliantly conceived and above all, beautifully written. It is a pleasure to have had the chance to experience this story, and I can only hope that it continues in the near future.
DrLucienSanchez chapter 1 . 6/24/2013
This is the best piece of fan fiction I have ever read. Nearly flawless composition, pacing and character development. This is a fantastic work, and it deserves all the praise it can receive.
compa16 chapter 66 . 4/10/2013
Must read more
LifeIsAGreatAdventure chapter 73 . 4/9/2013
I've just caught up this story and enjoyed it significatnly. I do wish that your plotting allowed for a little less jumping from one set of characters to another. It can confuse the reader (or at least was distracting to me), but beyond this you've done very nicely with your character development and some of the kinds of problems that would face a post devastation ME galaxy. Really nicely done. I hope that the interruption in your posting schedule is not indicative of something bad in your life and to see more pieces of this story soon. Thank you for your obvious effort on it.
malko050987 chapter 73 . 4/1/2013
Shit. I am SO happy Uska and her sister are fine. The first time they showed up I thought they were on the citadel and about to get horribly killed :( Nearly dropped the story out of fear of that happening.

I'm glad it turned out relatively okay-ish.

You're a very good writer. Thank you for sharing this story!
lynettecullen chapter 3 . 3/22/2013
I can't wait for the story to level out.
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