Reviews for House of Couples
PatriciaPuckett18 chapter 132 . 4/16
Yay, I can't wait! Good luck on your other drabbles! And thank you. (:
Guest chapter 132 . 4/16
van u do ones like:
season 2 but eddie is a thug and is realy nasty to everyone but patricia because he loves her

mick comes back and he liles patricia and eddie is jelouse
Queen of the fangs chapter 132 . 4/16
can you do peddie ones like:
season 2 eddie is a thug/gang member and is nasty tp everyone but patricia because he loves her

mick comes back for patricia because he likes her and eddie gets jelouse.

peddie summer and one of eddies friends like patricia and eddie knows and get jelouse and gets possessive over patricia
MizzIsTheFizz chapter 132 . 4/16
That's ok, I'll be happy once you do get to do it! I can't wait to see what you have for the next chapter, take your time on the prompts, when you're done with them I'm sure they'll be great!
Guest chapter 131 . 4/13
Love it
How about these
• mick comes home (anubis) for a while and what will Joy do
• nina is reported missing just when a criminal breaks out of jail fabien's worried
- gill22ian
Guest chapter 131 . 4/11
Fabina?! Reuniting
Heroine Riejj chapter 132 . 4/12
Heyhey, I may have another idea. Its a few years later. Poppys b-day is she invited mara(jerome doesnt know and they broke up) and through the evening they grow closer again.
xXAquaMangoXx chapter 131 . 4/11
Ah really love this one! X
PatriciaPuckett18 chapter 131 . 4/11
Love it, as always! I was wondering if I could maybe please prompt? I was thinking that Jerome and Mara could be accidentally locked in a room together (after their breakup) by Victor or Trudy and they could talk ... Yeah, that's all I've got. xD Anyway, amazing drabbles, as always. You're a true talent.
Have a nice day. cx
MizzIsTheFizz chapter 131 . 4/11
Aww, that was really adorable!
Daddy Directioner chapter 131 . 4/11
Awww! Jerome is so sweet when he's overprotective. Please update!
Guest chapter 130 . 4/11
I like because i gave u the promt i'm guest aka gil22lian
Peddie chapter 130 . 4/9
IDEa! Another cheerleader one. Not sure the other review I sent got through. Guy from eddies rival team flirts with Patricia cause she's a cheerleader at their next game and tries to make a move on her before Eddie steps in
Guest chapter 130 . 4/9
Peddie prompt! Another cheerleader one :) a boy from the football team Eddie's team is playing against begins to flirt with Patricia and makes his move and Eddie observes and then does something about it :)
xXAquaMangoXx chapter 130 . 4/9
Ah this is so cute! One of my faves :)
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