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gentleautumnrain chapter 133 . 2/4
Sorry, I find this really cute. :3
Misha chapter 134 . 2/1
aw, Rach. You've gone so far, but then... there are a lot of ways for you to express your feelings. It's okay. We'll still be internet friends though we have quite different interests and I can always be an option if you need someone to talk to. Seriously. Love you.
Peddielover chapter 131 . 1/28
I have a prompt in my head that I've been imagining/dreaming of, it's basically Patricia and Eddies moving in together party, and all the friends come over for the party at there new apartment and den dey play truth and dare and things get akward XD
Purple-Diamonds chapter 133 . 1/25
Eddie finds out that Patricia turns out to be a secret nerd.
Guest chapter 133 . 1/25
Prompt: College AU, Patricia's looking for a new roommate to help pay rent and is more than surprised when a certain American is standing in the open doorway (considering she was expecting someone of the same sex). Boundaries are drawn, limits put in place, snarky insults are traded, witty comments made, just your everyday banter, which eventually becomes something more... (Peddie, if it wasn't already clear, but I guess it could work for any other couple with a somewhat similar dynamic eg. Jeroy but I know how you feel about them so...)
Guest chapter 133 . 1/24
How about a Kabian one where Nina comes back so Fabian kind of forgets about KT so she gets upset/jealous and almost leaves Anubis but Fabian finds out and has to convince her to stay and the two end up together?
heroineriejj chapter 133 . 1/24
Im curently to lazy to log in xd. I dont know if i prompted(whut?) This here before but im going to leave it anyway: poppy(jeromes sister if im correct with her name) has a party(bday or whatever. En she invites mara as well since she consider her friends. When everyone is significant younger mara&jerome start talking(theyre broken up badly)an rekindle their romance/friendship
H20xSpelboundfanx chapter 132 . 1/24
Please do more poppy, please, do one with her and Jerome & do ones with each one the guys from Anubis eg poppy & Eddie, poppy & Alfie, poppy & Fabian, Poppy & Mick Bonding like brother & sister. I fell like we didn't get to see enough of poppy. My favorite character!
GUEStLily chapter 133 . 1/24
Prompt: Peddie- Patrica and Eddie prank people in the house and bond while doing it:)
H20xSpelboundfanx chapter 133 . 1/20
Please do something between poppy & jerome
LiveLoveBreatheSing chapter 132 . 1/20
Awww Jara fixing Peddie and Fabina
Guest chapter 132 . 1/20
Please do poppy :)
talia.state.ezust chapter 64 . 11/18/2014
Stupid wrong smiley face!

- -
talia.state.ezust chapter 63 . 11/18/2014
My smiley face went wrong

- -
talia.state.ezust chapter 62 . 11/18/2014
Please don't say you have 300 views, and only four reviews. I have four stories on my account on wattpad, but even with multiple, as in over 200, views, I don't have a single comment, or vote. Stop being so petty.

I don't believe in god, and kind of dislike the asking for reviews, but I really do love your drabbles, so please don't think of this as hate, or that I'm trying to annoy you, because I just kind of wanted you to stop with reviews, and the speech about loving god at the end.

Also, please refrain from using "y'all. It gets under my skin.

I thought the Drabble on sleepover spies, pancakes, and detention for two were so funny! Your drabbles are always funny, and wonderful. Do you ever do ships for jeroy? That could be fun to try.

Please don't think I'm hating, because I'm not trying to hate, and don't intend to, but I wanted to point out It gets sort of annoying to me, and ask you to stop.

Do you watch doctor who. If not, it's a really good show. The 50th anniversary mostly. If you try it, just warning you the first episodes are awful. 5th season on Netflix is best. Do you have netflix?

Getting to long so going to stop writing so much on this review and even writing it's getting long is long, and that extra bit about saying it was getting to long when I was saying it was getting to long in that part was long, and even this bit so long, so I'm going to stop saying stuff about it getting long, and even when I said I would stop it was long, so I'm going to go before my iPad explodes with how many times I used the word long,


P.s. I made the smiley face myself. Do you like it?
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