Reviews for A Call to Arms
LadyKiller1542 chapter 37 . 7/14
I have to apologize for not reviewing every chapter but I just want to say that I absolutely love and adore this piece! I've always wondered what the conditions at Hogwarts were like when the trio went off to destroy horcruxes. You nailed it! This is amazing and I'm so happy you're sharing your masterpiece with us!
LemurGirl chapter 37 . 7/13
Oh my gosh, this story is so GOOD! This is the most in depth story about seventh year at Hogwarts I've ever read and it's great. I love all of the different narrators. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!
Kelsey441 chapter 37 . 6/19
I just cannot say enough about how fantastic this is. Your words, your pacing, your grammar: just perfection. Your ability to get inside the heads of so many characters, especially ancillary characters, was just phenomenal. This story gave me so much to think about, and I would probably put it in the top 5 I've ever read. There shoukd be two "favorite" options. There should be one for stories I liked and don't want to lose track of and one for stories like this that are truly favorites. I loved how you provided a reason for Angelina's relationship with George. I've always been puzzled by that and you gave a plausible explanation. Your story made the HP stories so much more real and raw. In DH, there is so much action that its hard to stop and consider the emotions involved. And as I said before, I loved your Ginny. And in my head, I imagine that Neville no longer has a crush on her because he's now confident enough in himself that he doesn't "need" her strength and confidence anymore, at least not in the same way. I typically read Dramione stories, which is weird because I didn't ship anyone while reading the books (I just went along with the story), and in real life I'm a Ron/Hermione supporter. I also sometimes read Theo/Hermione, Fred/Hermione, and Harry/Pansy. I once read a fantastic Harry/Luna. I've read Draco/Ginny before. But I've not read a lot of general stories like this. I'm excited to read more of your brilliant work.
Kelsey441 chapter 36 . 6/18
Ah! Lee! Man, I love him.
Kelsey441 chapter 33 . 6/18
WOW. Having Padma and Parvati watch as George mourned Fred made that SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL. You really know how to get the most out of something.

I'm curious as to what will happen with Lavender. A few small things have been different than the books, it seems (I'm missing Lee Jordan more than a bit), but Lavender living would be quite a change.
Kelsey441 chapter 32 . 6/18
Wow! I had never realized that Severus must have known that he wasn't the master of the wand and that he truly did sacrifice his life. Thank you for that. It makes him even more heroic. I too often read exactly what something says rather than considering everything that is behind it.
Kelsey441 chapter 30 . 6/18
Ugh. I hate the idea of Lavender almost getting help twice and then dying. So sad.
Kelsey441 chapter 26 . 6/17
Boot's mini speech there was emotional. Heart is swelling.
Kelsey441 chapter 26 . 6/17
Nice to see Draco a little grumpy at being questioned, given what he went through at home.
Kelsey441 chapter 22 . 6/17
I adore how much Sprout and McGonagall love their students. The bit at the end was quite touching. I'm curious about the bit about Percy having a temperament like the twins. Is that how you read his character? Hopefully, my reviews arent driving you nuts!
Kelsey441 chapter 22 . 6/17
You are fantastic at adding the little things that make the story more real. Minerva's wedding band, for example.
Kelsey441 chapter 21 . 6/17
I'm lostwhat was the Potter party thing?
Kelsey441 chapter 20 . 6/17
Oh, that was so adorable with the young ones and Seamus. Love it!
Kelsey441 chapter 19 . 6/17
Something in this chapter is the first thing that seemed a bit odd. I always pictured Malfoy as reluctant to use the Cruciatus based on what we saw of him being forced to use it in the book. Am I too sympathetic to Malfoy?
Kelsey441 chapter 18 . 6/17
Reading it from this perspective, it really hits home how absolutely crazy it is that everyone's hopes were pinned on a 17 year old boy. When reading from Harry's perspective, everything seems well in hand even when it's not, and you just believe in him so much, you know he can do it. But from inside the castle, or at Hagrid's place, as the case may be, it just seems crazy.
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