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Cheile chapter 10 . 12/8/2016
Hiya Eydie – you have another great chapter here. Nice little C/T friendship scene with both of them expressing their anger and frustration over Seska’s betrayal. You have captured well the early season B’Elanna with her bluntness to try to get Chak to stop guilt-tripping (i.e. would you have slept with her if you knew she wasn’t Bajoran?) and then admitting her own fault in that she wanted it to be Carey because (she thought) Seska was her good friend.

I had to LOL at them continually deactivating Doc and his bit at the end where he grumped about his first two patients running out on him. So very in character.

I hope to see the next scene soon :D
madnessdownunder2 chapter 10 . 10/16/2016
I think I like you, look forward to what you do next! Good work.
madnessdownunder2 chapter 1 . 10/16/2016
very believable. And I remember the passage from the book "stood there wearing the uniform like he never took it off" didn't think it was easy though! Well done.
annejoy chapter 10 . 9/26/2016
Another great chapter! I love the friendship between Chakotay and B'Elanna. Wonderful writing again. Thank you!
CrlkSeasons chapter 10 . 9/24/2016
A much needed missing piece - appropriately cathartic.
Moonlitfaith chapter 7 . 8/12/2016
I've enjoyed all your additional scenes but I have to say the Banea one blew me away.
I wanted to quote almost every line and had shivers afterwards that made me pause my reading.

Well done.
Looking forward to more scenes!
Cheile chapter 9 . 6/1/2016
This is a great addition to the events of “Prime Factors”, Eydie. It makes perfect sense how the let down over the space-folding transportation is weighing on the crew, for varying reasons. Some, like Kathryn and Harry, are upset with the lost chance to get home. Then you have B’Elanna, who realizes that she’s violated the trust she’s built up the past months with Kathryn and it’s hitting her how wrong she was to go against orders. Its funny how both she and Kathryn know about the illegal still Neelix built and how they each end up sharing the moonshine with a friend. I love how the scene wraps up with J/C talking over drinks and getting to know each other better, we didn’t see nearly enough of that for my taste.

Great work! And now you must update cuz I’m out of chapters! ;) Hope to see more soon!
Cheile chapter 8 . 6/1/2016
Hiya Eydie, back once again for CP Reviewathon.

I actually haven’t seen this episode, so I’m running a bit blind. However I like how you channel Chakotay’s unease and frustration over the incident with the aliens and compare it to his memories of what he saw on his homeworld after the Cardassians attacked and how having more idle time contributes to those memories trying to occupy that idle time unbidden.

Seska is just uggh. What a bitch. I did love this part because it gives some real continuity to what we end up finding out in “State of Flux”; I’m sure they didn’t want to show too much to keep us viewers on our toes but I would have loved to have seen this shown onscreen, particularly her conversation with Culluh that wraps it up. Culluh is sure that Seska can’t offer what she’s offering, Seska is sure she can one-up the dumb Kazon. And still thinks she can take Chakotay with her to boot. Yeeeeea, okay. Dream on, Seska.

Great chapter!
Cheile chapter 7 . 5/31/2016
Heya Eydie, I am back doing another review for Caesar's Palace Reviewathon :)

"Ex Post Facto" is one of my favorite early Tom episodes and you did a damn good job of constructing this pre-episode portrayal of Banean society and how they put Tom through their sham of a trial and sentencing. It is scary how they go off the guilty until presumed innocent, which sadly is a reflection of many societies today (even some so-called "enlightened" ones in "great" countries). Really makes the concept of presumption of innocence important.

I like the idea of the robot being used to play Tolen Ren's dying memories; it's primitive but effective. And of course the act Lidell is putting on is just Emmy-winning :eyeroll:

Oh that doctor who does the memory implantation is such a creep! I don't blame Tom for being freaked out aside from the obvious. Poor guy. The ending wraps up nicely with Tom's first reliving of Ren's dying memories that we see in the ep.

One tiny correction – it's "Ex Post Facto", not "Posto" :)

Great work again!
Cheile chapter 6 . 5/26/2016
Hi Eydie, had to jump right into this one. I actually just watched this ep for the first time(!) last night so it's fresh in my mind.

Tom's bit of puzzlement was a nice little opener. I like how he can gauge that SOMETHING is going on without being certain as to what.

The rest...was just great. Tom and Harry are my favorite friendship in Trek next to Kira and Jadzia and you have both of them down so well; Harry's aggravation and self-blame are perfectly in line with how he was in the early seasons. He thinks he went overboard and that everyone will hate him now, plus he's personally upset at this lost opportunity to get home or even at least let his parents know he's alive and well. Tom's pang of envy is an extra nice touch and very fitting too. I bet in canon it probably took him a couple years to get past Harry ever mentioning his parents with love for him to ignore that he never had that himself.

It wraps up very well with classic Tom on the outside, and the barest hint of the real Tom that it took us viewers awhile to know shining from the inside.

Great work again.
Cheile chapter 5 . 5/26/2016
Heya, Eydie! Here for more :)

OMG I am squealing my fool fangirl head off right now. THIS is how "The Cloud" should have ended!


To start with, I liked your expanded version of the ending scene in Sandrine's; very realistic and almost feels like it was filmed (oh we can wish). Everyone's voices are true to form, as are their actions – Chakotay liking seeing Tom taken down a peg or three while realizing that first hint of fascination and admiration of his captain, and Tuvok's deadpan comment about playing pool "recreationally" for six decades. :P BTW, did the gigolo really grope Kathryn, or did you add that idea in? Inquiring minds wanna know ;P

Kathryn's first attempt at solo meditation was brilliant and lovely. I adore that ever so subtle hint of J/C by her remembering the feel of Chakotay's hand on hers :squee: And it was of course great to see her spirit guide be true to form – speaking of truth yet in riddles to leave her wondering what is to become of them all in the days, weeks, months and years to go. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Super love! Well done!
Cheile chapter 4 . 5/26/2016
Heya, Eydie! Back to continue on with these – and also am here representing the Caesar's Palace forum for our Reviewathon. Stop in sometime and say hi – could use a fellow J/Cer there ;)

You have really captured Doc's essence in this one – both when he is by himself and later as he's interacting with Kathryn. He is already starting to grow a little bit, like taking on Tom's idea to go through the motions of reading data rather than just instantaneously grabbing it via linking himself to the database. Reflecting on what he knows of Zimmerman is a nice touch as well, as he is acknowledging what he is and his limitations therein.

The whole bit where Doc is explaining his case to KJ as he gets up and paces is great as his body language is described wonderfully in a sentence or two that gives a clear mental image, very easy to picture. And the ending is nice and smooth without feeling abrupt.

Well done as always :)
Annie chapter 9 . 4/23/2016
These are great! You really capture the voice and the essence of the characters, and each story is a seamless fit for the episode. Hope you continue writing!
Cheile chapter 3 . 3/16/2016
Heya, Eydie. Here I am again :)

The Tuvok-Kes mentorship scenes are one of the few times that Tuvok didn't drive me crazy when I first watched the show, and so I really enjoyed this chapter where you set up that mentorship by him offering to teach her discipline techniques. You have captured his voice in a way that I envy; within a sentence or two, I was hearing Tim Russ' voice in my head throughout the scene. You also have a great grasp on Kes' reactions and behavior as well – she's freaked out by what she experienced but she is looking to understand it even before Tuvok interrupts her musings which is a nice way to show that facet of her character. The idea that something on the Ocampan homeworld might have suppressed their mental abilities is intriguing – it could explain the difference between them and Suspiria's little group outside of the different ways that she and the Caretaker dealt with them. (random question - do you plan on touching back on this point when you do a missing scene for "Cold Fire"?)

The final few paragraphs are a fitting hint to what we know will follow in canon, where we get glimpses of them working together and how they become mentor and student. Very nicely done again :D Looking forward to the next!
Cheile chapter 2 . 3/16/2016
Eydie! I'm back for more. (Gotta love spring break.)

I loved both parts of this chapter, but I have to say the latter is my favorite because Joe/Sam is one of my minor ships so I could totally see this groundwork you've laid as potential headcanon for a relationship :) I like the reasoning behind him wanting the position more than he was just next in line, which is all they gave us in canon for his character. I also love Sam's logic in the positive aspect of not getting promoted – he still gets to do what he loves but without all the paddwork.

And now I want to see their "dinner" and card game scene, haha. Can that show up in a later missing scene perhaps? ;)

Off to the next chapter!
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