Reviews for Naruto: Underneath the Underneath
Adventreader221 chapter 7 . 12/1
the mysterious man is Hagoromo Otsutsuki
narutosoul chapter 15 . 11/13
1. yes
2. maybe
3. nah he deserves one good girl
but raikage will help
5. yes
narutosoul chapter 5 . 11/13
i've been fraking out since the rape section and now im too nervous to read the next chapter... good job though... seriously
fff2545 chapter 10 . 10/27
Kitsune.Sage420 chapter 30 . 10/24
You have been writing "Piece" instead of "Peace". Piece means a part of something. "I just grabbed a piece of pie." Peace means to harmonize. "This world is very peaceful now that the war is over." Just a fyi .
Kitsune.Sage420 chapter 13 . 10/23
If time moves slower in the toad realm then a month there would be more than a month in the normal realm. It should be time moves faster in the toad realm, that way what you're planning actually makes sense lol
Kitsune.Sage420 chapter 11 . 10/23
lol I know you asked this question a while back, but to answer why not to many people review is because you're a great writer/story teller and their isn't much needed to be said as we wait for the next chapter for your stories .
Gabby-Hunter chapter 23 . 10/8
Does that mean if there was a bowl of ramen Naruto would stop the fight to eat it?
Ryanoj1029 chapter 23 . 8/20
Dear jiraiyas lost student
I just want to say that I love your stories.
I was just wondering about something... Does naruto still have that pure curse mark or have I missed something?
Love your stories
Kwood101 chapter 36 . 8/15
must say this currently is in my top 3 of best fan fiction ever and the reason i learned of this is Legacy stole a joke from you i haveve read it a few times and was reading again and just noticed the joke they took from you but OMg what a wicked story so far and how you keep in check with the additional characters your adding is beyond me but i will no must say please please keep up the good work its very rare to find some 1 who has taken there story the way you have so thanks thankyou !
Dogo20 chapter 10 . 8/12
9/10 one of my favorite fan fictions ever
Emocean chapter 1 . 8/8
... wow.
NamelessReviewer chapter 5 . 7/25
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOUUUUUUU! I have been looking for a good sasuke fic for weeks!
ShikamaruNaraUzu chapter 13 . 7/8
That Joke Chibi verwion Dam shorter
ahitt6345 chapter 9 . 7/8
I'm reading chapter 9 right now. I hope Temari won the pairing vote!
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