Reviews for Legend of Pipit
Shadsie chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
I like the attention to detail, the little things in the household objects and chores that show life on Skyloft and life in the Pipit-household. Be careful about going down rabbit-trails with that, though - the audience is more interested in the characters than the details of their oats and honey.

Speaking of that, it doesn't make sense to me for there to be only one large island like Skyloft, either. People cannot live on pumpkins alone and if they eat bread (as mentioned in the game), there has to be an island out there large enough to grow lots of grain. The leather for the people's clothing and belts on the birds - they need to get that somehow... You could say it's all "magic" but somehow I don't buy it, even in a fantasy-world.

I am interested to see how much this matches up with or flies in the face of my own head-canon for Pipit and Mallara.