Reviews for Animaniacs: Nocturnus
Guest chapter 119 . 4/7
This has been an exciting story
Can't wait to see what will happen next
Fanatic97 chapter 119 . 3/30
And that's probably why Rem no longer socializes with Dot on days out hehe
Supercoupleschan chapter 1 . 2/26
I ship Yakko and Rem so much I'm dying! When does this become canon!? Also you're story and chapters and the way you write are phenomenal! You get all their personalities and phrases so spot on I feel like I'm watching new animaniacs episodes!
pastelpeachpunk chapter 118 . 1/8
i'm absolutely thrilled that nocturnus is back! i missed it dearly, i love the way you write and your characterization is always spot-on! i can't wait to see more.
Fanatic97 chapter 118 . 1/8
Wow. Rem managed to talk down impressed!
Fanatic97 chapter 117 . 1/8

It's back and better than ever!
foxchick1 chapter 118 . 1/8
They should be glad she didn't go KABOOM!
grace chapter 116 . 12/31/2016
i want to say that i absolutely adore this fic. reading it has brought me so much joy and i'm always sad to see that it hasn't updated. the way you write all of the toons is so spot-on, it's amazing! and over the course of this tale i've become so invested in rem's character. i hope that things have been going well for you recently!
Cupcake chapter 116 . 11/11/2016
Please update its such a cool and fun story
Cupcake chapter 116 . 11/2/2016
I can't wait to read more chapters
Zanybro chapter 116 . 9/14/2016
Been a few years since I last read this fanfic thoroughly. Gotta say it's better than I remembered.
Reggie Jackson chapter 116 . 8/19/2016
Its been a while. This last story arc with Seth returning was written very well. Rrally deliverd a great sense of drama and horror. The ongoing relationshipbbetween Rem and Yakko is great as always.
Your story just gets better with each chapter!
Fanatic97 chapter 116 . 8/11/2016
Great as always lol!

Love to see Rem stick to to Lars
rhylith chapter 115 . 8/3/2016
I love this story, It's amazing and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Some ideas (take them or leave them)
Her usage of toon-physics/abilities might slowly be increasing her toon-"percentage", it might not even be noticeable (as toons feel pain.. or at least act like it when getting hurt) until she gets cut again and ink leaks out instead. Which she might try to hide (unsuccessfully), the warners find out and cue a bit of drama/comedy as they try to teach her more toon abilities.
(could get pretty fuzzy too, "family" bonding time)
F-ckthesystem125 chapter 115 . 7/31/2016
Here what is? XD.
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