Reviews for Wood and Stone
The Imaginatrix chapter 1 . 9/29/2015
...Boy am I glad this isn't quite canon to Star's Journey. Sharron dying would have hurt me so terribly—indeed, it has now—but I'm glad she is alive in your current series. I'm guessing you did this here to make way for your favourite Rowan ship. I personally like both of them. :)

I loved your study of Bronden in this, though. Everything you wrote fits beautifully into canon and now I love her as much as you do. :)
SophieAngel69 chapter 1 . 6/22/2014
Oh my gosh I am literally crying. That was so beautiful. At first I thought it was a romance story but then she became a seudo mother to him and when Sharon died my heart broke.
Collaborative Lady chapter 1 . 6/16/2013
WOAH character death! Aheeheeheeheeheeahem. It came across as ...sudden. Still. Like what you've done with Bronden. Curiousness about the direct source of her shame aside, the development from that was steady and well written. Like how you have her popping her head out and finding everyone has sort of ... moved. It happens. It's a little bit of a shock, and a teeny bit hilarious.
mistrali chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
This is a good character study of Bronden, particularly of her loneliness and unwillingness to be hurt. Her relationship with Val was also explored well- it's nice to see she's not entirely friendless. I would've liked a bit more plot, however, and more gradual progression both in Bronden's opening up and in her and Norris's relationship. What you gave us was great, but it seemed to happen rather too quickly because you didn't linger on individual scenes. You would skim over months, which covered a huge space of time in a few paragraphs. For instance, some of that predicted volatility would've been good to see.

Much of the story is narratorial voice/Bronden's thoughts - maybe you could've had some Norris-Shaaran bonding time, or something, to balance out all the Bronden. But Bronden herself was wonderfully done - I especially liked that she managed to be matter-of-fact even at the end, at her most vulnerable. The h/c is emotional without being saccharine, and the trust she and Norris place in each other is shown really well in this fic. They're two characters I never considered even interacting with each other that much, but you've made it work.
Crystal Silvera chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
Aha... Shaaran died. Saw that coming, judging from what you've told me. XD

Great fanfic! Definitely going in my favorites, although I don't think that there will be any more chapters. :P And so Bronden finally cracked. Heh, and Rin's got Norris to thank, who would've imagined it.

HOW DID ROWAN LEAVE THE BUKSHAH?! No offense, but that's absolutely impossible, in my view. Star or Treasure probably would've rammed him before he did that. And I spotted the tiny DQ crossover too! Heh, the new keeper's name is Leif. Uh-huh. Well anyway, same author, so who really cares. Can't wait for your ... big one, ya know. I think it'll be really good, since I've got this one to refer to!