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alix33 chapter 22 . 2/7/2013
"This is a chapter for the grown up's," - "grown-ups".
"four mugs of steaming coffee and a platter of chocolate biscuits." - Yum!
"Remus wrapped his arm around her, and she burrowed into his side. Maggie smiled at Remus, happy at their show of intimacy; Sirius smirked and made a lewd gesture, causing Maggie to pinch him on his side. "Ouch," he complained. "Why did you do that?" "Because, Sirius, you were acting like a thirteen year old boy," Klytië remarked. "I might not have seen what you did, but your aura changed, and this one," she nodded her head to indicate Remus, "began blushing furiously." "How did you know I was blushing?" Remus asked. "My forehead is next to your cheek, dear. I felt it." "Oh," Remus said rather blankly. With all her special skills, sometimes he forgot she was just a normal woman, with normal nerve endings." - Sirius, give over with teasing Klytië already: she has known you practically your whole lives, plus she has the aura-seeing thing going on.
"So, Remus, are you ready to teach again?" Lily asked from the small frame on Grandma Prudence's table. "Absolutely," he answered proudly. "Do you realise this is the first job I've had where I got it all on my own. Nobody pulled any strings or used their influence. It's not in the Muggle world, but in the wizarding one. Even my furry little problem isn't a hindrance, it helped me get the job. I don't even have to worry about it coming out, because no one cares." His enthusiasm built as he was speaking, making his friends smile deeply." - I am elated on Remus' behalf.
"You might be barking up the wrong tree if you're looking to Sirius to settle down," Lily suggested and Maggie nodded. "That was a horrible pun," the Irish witch retorted, causing all three to laugh." - I appreciate horrible puns far more than I do non-horrible ones.
"You two are still as lovey-dovey disgusting as when you were alive," Sirius groaned. "No, we were worse then," Lily countered. "I wouldn't straddle his lap and make out with him anywhere public now. I had no qualms about making out in the common room then." - Hehehe, what stories those common room chairs and couches would tell if only they could talk.
"Paddy has always been immensely private, however," Lily added. "I can see both sides of the argument. There are things in his past which he doesn't want to remember or burden anyone else with." "But, he told you," James said as he kissed his wife's cheek. "You're his Petal." "Yes, he told me, but only because I dragged things out of him for his own sanity," she retorted. "Well, the ball is in his court now. All we can do is be there for both of them if there's fallout." - Poor Padfoot, in fact, poor everybody, if he and Maggie break up.
"I envied your straight hair." "You're quite kind, and I wish I had some of your curl. Sirius is the one who got the beautiful waves. Why such good hair was wasted on a man I'll never know," she jokingly sighed. "Definitely, although it does go well with the long lashes. Perhaps he was destined to be a lass and came out a lad?" "Hey, hey, enough with the teasing," Sirius put his hand over his heart, mocking as if he were hurt." - My hair is stick straight naturally and my eyelashes little stubs, two things I made me peace with nearly 20 years ago already.
"The healer began to list the potions and salves he would need to use and how often each day. Sirius' mind wandered away during the discussion, and thankfully Maggie paid close attention. She'd relay the information to Mrs Potter and Lily, and they'd keep him straight." - Maggie, Padfoot's Petal and James' mom all on the case? I now feel a fair bit sorry for Padfoot.
HGRHfan35 chapter 21 . 2/2/2013
That was a wonderful chapter. Loved seeing all the info on the kids. Their thoughts and feelings. . .
But this past made me snort out my tea though my nose! ***"Better him than you," James answered from his frame. "Knowing you, there'd be nothing under the kilt and you'd provide some rather scandalous views. Your hairy arse is the thing of nightmares!"
*** ROFLOL! You love his arse!
Happy weekend my Luvzzzz
jojor99 chapter 21 . 1/29/2013
What a lovely chapter!
alix33 chapter 21 . 1/24/2013
While I understood you were trying to do justice to Maggie's undoubtedly charming Irish accent, I felt the way it was done a) was more than just a bit stereotypical; b) thus it made me a fair bit cross; and c) detracted from the otherwise high quality of the writing in this series of fics, so I am relieved at us readers now rather having to use our imaginations to conjure up said Irish accent.
"Everyone, get down here," Harry yelled up the stairs. "I could have screamed," Lily scolded her son. "I asked you to go and GET them. Close physical proximity eliminates the need for raised voices." - I am torn between wanting to go AW! at how cute it is, Harry's mom in the portrait scolding him and sympathising with Harry about the scolding.
"Lovely Lily," Sirius addressed her, standing in front of her frame and giving her the Marauder's trademark lopsided grin. "I seem to remember a Head Boy who would stand at the bottom of the girls stairs and loudly recite poetry until you arrived. You never told him to be quiet. In fact, I think you found the action endearing." "That was different," Lily said, getting flustered. "It was a grand, romantic gesture. Harry was just screaming out of laziness." She hated how he could get under her skin, even now, when she wasn't alive. The man truly had a gift. "If you say so," he said sceptically." - Hehehe.
"Most definitely, Professor Lupin," Hermione added, shaking his hand when Harry let go. Remus went to reprimand her for calling him that, but she spoke before he had a chance to. "You are a professor again, and perhaps you will be mine, so it is appropriate to call you such." Everyone laughed" - Hehehe.
"Ginny and Luna both hugged him, the second genuinely surprising the older gent with the action." - Yay! at Luna hugging Remus.
"Headmaster MacLiam considered it an honour they have someone with my affliction teaching the class as I could explain what goes on in the mind of a werewolf better than anyone." "I could have told them," Sirius said mockingly. "Squirrel, run, catch. Bird, jump, catch. Black dog, run, tackle. Scratch, scratch. Ooh, new black dog, run tackle. His mind just jumps from one thing to another." Some of the students in the know laughed, while others just looked perplexed. "How would you know what he does as a werewolf?" Daphne asked. "Aren't werewolves dangerous to humans?" "Only if the human smells like food," a tinkling voice said from the doorway and everyone turned to see the small woman entering the room. "With Sirius, he usually smells like feet and old butterbeer. He's even unappetising to a werewolf." Remus, Maggie and Harry laughed at Sirius' expense." - Hehehe.
I liked Hermione and Klytië'a conversation a whole lot, especially this bit: ""Really? Can you honestly see something about my past or future?" Hermione followed up. "I can. Would you like me to share it with you?" "Perhaps. Answer a question for me first?" Hermione demanded rather than asked and Klytië nodded her head, a restrained smile pulling at her lips. "How do I know what you're about to say is really my future and not just something you're making up?" Ginny swatted her girlfriend for her boorish behaviour; no one could believe what Hermione was saying. There were several remarks of agreement with Ginny. Even Sirius was giving the bushy brown-haired girl a look. "Really, Ginny, it's quite okay. Hermione has never been exposed to true Divination, I know Sybil Trelwany and if she were my only exposure, I'd be sceptical too."
"I know Sybil Trelwany and if she were my only exposure," - "Sybil Trelawney".
"at least if your friends reaction is any indication." - "friends' reaction".
"I can see bits of a persons past," - "person's past".
"sitting on what I believe would be your parents bed," - "parents' bed".
"Hermione," Remus interjected, "why don't you wait until later to ask your questions. I'm sure the rest of your housemates are interested in finding out what classes they're enrolled in. I'm quite shocked that you seem to have forgotten as well." "Oh, er, yes, I did forget. I can't believe I forgot about school," she mumbled. "Neither can we," Neville added and everyone laughed." - Hehehe.
"In the spirit of not keeping secrets, the whole house knew Mrs Malfoy and Draco were staying at Sirius' house. He'd also warned them they might have tutoring sessions with him, but they would always be at Stargazer's Summit and either Remus or he would be there to observe. Draco wouldn't get away with any of his previous rudeness or bullying behaviour." - Yay!
"Whether it was caused by his finally securing a job without having to life about his lycanthropy or if it was the woman he was smitten with," - "without having to lie".
"leaning over to look at his girlfriends timetable." - "girlfriend's timetable".
"Sirius chose to sit on the marble end table next to Remus' chair. "Sirius Black," a reprimanding voice came from out of nowhere, "your bottom does not belong on my great-great-grandmother's table. That was a gift from her father when she married. He crafted it himself. You're a strapping young lad and you will move a proper chair in! Have I made myself clear?" By the end of her tirade, everyone was looking at Prudence Potter's image. She was seated next to Eldon in a lovely drawing room, it was probably a formal portrait when they sat for it. She looked every bit as irritated as she sounded, and every person - witch, wizard, alive or dead - was laughing at the tall Marauder's predicament. "Sorry, Grammy Prudence," Sirius apologised, his face a bright strawberry shade." - Hehehe.
"There are some lessons all transition term students take as a group - like money management and house-keeping charms." - Those are excellent lessons. I wish muggles could take them too.
"Lily interjected. "None of you were even proficient for the number of years you'd been at school. You all will be taking lessons with me, but they're going to be at Maggie's family home, as they have a large potions lab there. Why that man gave Severus the job I'll never know," she then muttered. "Yes, dear," James said patting his wife's hand. "I don't think we should talk about Snape's shortcomings in front of the students." "Don't worry about us, Mr Potter," Luna said. "We all knew Professor Snape's head was full of nargles. His infestation was so widespread I think it's a miracle we learned anything at all. His brain must look like a mole rat lair." "What's a nargle?" Susan whispered to Hannah who shrugged. Ginny put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh, something neither of the boys did. Remus, Maggie and Sirius smirked, becoming accustomed to the girl's odd behaviour. "Luna, you're amazing and wonderful," Harry said with a warm, genuine tone and smile. "I know, but thank you for saying it," she replied dreamily." - These paragraphs made me go AW! at Luna and laugh (but not in a mean way) simultaneously.
"Maybe there is a career in there, Susan," Maggie suggested. "Sure, there's Madame Malkin's for your robes and Twilfitt and Tatting's if you're rich,old and stuffy. Gladrags is good, but their stuff is very conventional and conservative. A shop for the young and hip could do really well." There were murmurs from the girls agreeing with Maggie's assessment of the shops." - That sounds cool and it made me wish I were more into clothes but I am such a jeans and T-shirt (jeans and sweaters in winter) girl. I only read fashion stories in newspapers for entertainment.
"I already know what I want to do when I grow up," she continued. "I want to be scribe and translate ancient documents." - "be a scribe".
"I already know what I want to do when I grow up," she continued. "I want to be scribe and translate ancient documents." "Wow," Ginny said, impressed. "It must be nice to know what you want to do at what, thirteen?" "Actually, I just turned fourteen," - I agree with Ginny about it being nice to know what you want to do in your mid-teens. I was 23 before I thought I did and since then that has changed too.
"but she wasn't an attention seeker either." - "attention-seeker" gets hyphenated.
"Her blushed was so vast and so deep it went from her hairline to where her neck dipped inside her blouse and deeper than the filling of the cherry pie she'd baked for supper." - "Her blushing was so vast".
Yay! for how Harry reassured Hannah.
"Pangs of jealousy strummed deep within Hermione. It wasn't that she wanted Neville as a boyfriend, she didn't; he would always be more of a friend than anything else. No, she just wished a boy, any boy, would show interest in her." - Hermione's thoughts there made me go EW!
"I have a few teaching supplies I need, as well as picking up my uniforms." "Ooh, are you wearing the kilt? I'm sure your knobbly knees will look fabulous, peeking out from under your skirt," Sirius teased. Remus leaned over and swatted his friend in the head. "No kilts just yet," Remus explained. "I'll need them in the spring, and I'll spend my gold then." "Can't wait, can we Prongs?" Padfoot continued to taunt. "Better him than you," James answered from his frame. "Knowing you, there'd be nothing under the kilt and you'd provide some rather scandalous views. Your hairy arse is the thing of nightmares!" The adults laughed, even as the kids were scrambling from the room with mock screams of horror." - Hehehe.
"You do know, Sirius, there are charms to help with that furry little problem of yours," she said. The gents laughed even harder, as she used the code name from Remus' lycanthropy from school, unwittingly." - That was very funny.
"giggling as if they were school girls themselves," - "schoolgirls" is one word.
lyaser53 chapter 21 . 1/23/2013
Great set up on with the show!
Stephanie O chapter 21 . 1/23/2013
Loved the family moment with Harry and his parents there at the end! :) I also really enjoyed seeing Hermione & Daphne get to know each other better - it looks like they're set to become pretty good friends this year, since they're "sticking together as the single gals"! I'm a little disappointed that we won't get to see Maggie's accent anymore...I thought it added some Irish realism to the story, because it was utterly impossible to forget she is Irish when reading her accent! ;) It's also great to see Klyte again, and I do hope that she & Remus become closer in a romantic sense...and that Sirius gets his "alone time" with Maggie! lol Thanks for the early update!
EmlynMara chapter 21 . 1/23/2013
The opening lines were so true. I could easily transpose Harry with one of my children. Made me laugh. I enjoyed getting glimpses of the other students and seeing what they were like and what their aspirations were. Hermione really needs lessons in life. Sounds like maybe her friendship with Daphne - even though it's just beginning - might help with that. I, for one, will miss Maggie's accent. I enjoyed it.
Sugar Quill5302 chapter 21 . 1/22/2013
I really like this story, please don't stop writing it.
Georgia chapter 20 . 1/20/2013
Very interesting story. The plot is interesting and well filled out. The accents are a little distracting though. I'm not sure if Maggie is supposed to be Jamaican or not but that's how her speech reads. Thank you for sharing your story, I look forward to reading more.
tlyxor1 chapter 21 . 1/22/2013
Lupinesence chapter 21 . 1/22/2013
Great chapter, nice to see Klytië again and I liked the reasoning behind Ginny and co.'s decision :)
Teufel1987 chapter 21 . 1/22/2013
Quote:Harry, while being Muggle born as well, had a very different type of first exposure, so he'd had an easier time believing.:End Quote
Um, James and Lily weren't Muggles … so Harry can't be Muggleborn.

Other than that, nice chapter. Like the quick update.

By the way, why didn't Sirius think of conjuring an armchair or a chair during the family meeting instead? He's a pureblood, he's grown up around magic … so it's expected that he'd think like a wizard and not a muggle. Hell, the portrait should have just told him to conjure one instead of dragging one in and possibly scratching the floor.
Rhett1980 chapter 21 . 1/22/2013
As it was getting good, it becomes Harry/Ginny. Daphne would have been a better choice. For some reason any pairing of Harry/Ginny usually puts me off a story.
mdauben chapter 21 . 1/22/2013
Thanks for the quick update! Not a lot of impartant stuff happening this time but it was still fun to read. I rather liked the developing friendship between Hermione and Daphne. That could prove interesting.
EmlynMara chapter 20 . 1/21/2013
Not surprising that Draco is still so opposed to everything. There is a lifetime of training to undo - if it can even be undone. I'm glad Harry was finally able to control himself. Scary Remus was fun to see - hopefully Harry gave him an alternate view of his behaviour. I like the backstory you are weaving for Narcissa and Sirius.
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