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MrsFH chapter 40 . 3/11/2016
Thanks for finishing this story, even though "real life" was so busy and stressful for you. Since I have a child with a chronic illness (OK, she's not a child anymore at 24, but she will always be my baby) that periodically lands her in the ICU, I know a little bit about how hard it is to be creative and productive while all of that is going on.

You're a very talented writer, and I have enjoyed your stories very much. Best of luck with your original fiction!
Guest chapter 5 . 3/8/2016
hi. I've really enjoyed the stories so far and even though you did hint at the ginny thing in the prequel, I honestly hoped Harry would get over it because I honestly hate her and Harry's not Oedipus. What I love most about FFN, even with all its issues, is that I can search for stories without characters, and I only read the ones without Ginny, and if she is in there its such a minor role and not a pairing with Harry. I was enjoying this story so much and then the end of the chapter came and honestly...puke. I'm sorry but the two of them are a ridiculously terrible pairing. I read your AN in the beginning of the next chapter and I'm sorry, but no matter how much I want to keep going with this story because its so great, I just can't get past the pairing. If you ever rewrite it and take her out, I'd be all over it, but I just can't continue to read this. You said its not going to be a romance so then why even include a pairing in the first place? Its not needed and it drives away readers because no matter how much i love this and want to keep reading to find out what happens and i've really loved every moment so far (up until xmas at Grimmauld), I just can't keep reading this. Next time, please do everyone a favor and if your not going to include ginny in the list of characters, at least have the decency to put H/G in the summary so we all know and are not suddenly shoved in the face with them kissing. Thanks.

And sorry again because you really are an excellent author and I really was enjoying things up until that point.
alix33 chapter 40 . 3/6/2016
"Who knew the Longbottom's" - "Who knew the Longbottoms".
I'm still pissed-off at the way Harry was denied his family for 14 years.
Yay! for the razing of Grimmauld Place.
FFX2player chapter 40 . 3/4/2016
Irony is that you wrote a coming of age for Harry, while coming of age as a writer, so to speak. :)

I'm glad in the end that Harry and Ginny are a work in progress. At the age of 18 most boys are really not ready for long term relationships, which is why I love the ending so much.

It's strange to think of this as ended. I mean, yes, it had a large hiatus a few times due to life being harsh on you, the author. But it still doesn't seem as if it can really be over. I thank you for writing a wonderful and intriguing take on how Harry might have changed the wizarding world :)
mwinter1 chapter 40 . 3/4/2016
Awaiting more.
Amice chapter 40 . 3/4/2016
Thank you for finishing the story. You did a great job. Good luck in your future endeavors :)
dmn410 chapter 39 . 1/31/2016
I just completed a marathon read of this and its prequel. Excellent. You have great skill in spinning a story. I shall be visiting your author page and reading more of what you have to offer. Thank you for sharing. I loved this. It has been a pleasure to read.
n0b0dysang31 chapter 33 . 1/29/2016
i found this story again after reading the first one, and the first few chapters of this one and then not finding the story after one of the hiatuses you had taken. i have been rereading your works and have greatly enjoyed your work up until this point. i was deeply disappointed in the last two chapters and how handling the magical equivalent of brain surgery was done. I mean, you messed with Harry's brain and mind in a very fundamental way with that ritual as he was bound to that horcurx and it was literally a part of his mind since infancy. As a medical professional, I have seen post anesthesia patients many times, and I can tell you that people are greatly altered in personality, highly emotional, and cannot be held accountable for their actions for up to 24 hours post operation from the anesthesia alone, never mind the actual screwing with someone's brain. So having someone undergo a rather obscure ritual, that no one has documented the after effects of very well, and expecting him to come out of it perfectly fine and in control of his actions immediately upon waking was horrible on the parts of the other characters. and what the heck was a 14 year old doing monitoring a person coming out of such circumstances? Of course he was going to have inappropriate and exaggerated emotional responses to everything! Ginerva Weaseley never should have been allowed to sit with him, and he should have never been allowed access to essentially a deadly weapon and for it to be on his person while mentally altered! for the other characters to blame him for his actions and make him feel such extreme guilt while under those effects was tantamount to abuse! Especially since it was their own faults for not being prepared for the outcome of such a ritual. And this is not even taking into account the abuse he suffered as a child based on your story and JK Rowlings. I mean, the ore realistic scenario for a child coming out of such neglectful and abusive situations would make him more in line with the character of Tom Riddle than Harry Potter. An no one has actually had him undergo counseling with a real mind healer for what happened to him through his entire life. That is a failure on the parts of every adult around him.
Once other point, from a legal standpoint. Since he is emancipated, also, the fact that people were restraining him and preventing him from leaving the room last chapter was legally false imprisonment as none of them were medical personnel or law enforcement and therefore cannot legally hold someone against their will. So anything he did legally can be construed as self defense as they were holding him essentially captive.
Guest chapter 39 . 10/28/2015
lilkathra chapter 39 . 10/18/2015
love to know what happens next
fraewyn chapter 39 . 10/17/2015
Love it!
Guest chapter 19 . 10/15/2015
You realize that the site rules govern what content is (or is NOT) acceptable in posted stories, right? You might want to review them since this non-stop posting is a clear violation

If you must violate content guidelines wity such a temporary note, the least you could do is pull it down and replace it when the next story chapter is ready for posting.

carolyn jinn chapter 39 . 10/6/2015
Great chapter. Can't wait to read the next one. :)
VizeerLord chapter 39 . 10/5/2015
More please. Sweet blessings on your House.
Stephanie O chapter 39 . 10/5/2015
Very exciting end to Nagini! I liked the potion that took care of the DEs' protection spells around them...unique and effective! Kudos for Draco as had to have been difficult to cast a spell on dear old dad (Not!) and I hope his conscience doesn't bother him too much - first his aunt, then father? That's got to be hard to come to terms with, even knowing firsthand the evil they've done.
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