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frytrix chapter 2 . 2/23
Ah right, didnt notice the ranma permanent female notice before now, backtracked after i finished Chapter Reading Chapter 2.
Permanent female Ranma rings a strong dislike in it for me, as Authors always find it fun to pair him With male making it slash. Born male allways male, that is my opinion either way. A sorry i am starting to rant will stop here.

I will stop Reading here as i dont want to read further to see what kind of pairing you have for him. I wish you good Luck With the story either way.
Cor Strike FX chapter 29 . 2/19
Keep up the nice work.

Incidentally, I suppose you had to change things a little from the cartoon version of this arc - I recall you had Raven give the Teen Titans the Ring(s) of Azeroth. While in the cartoon, Slade gave handed them the rings.
JanusGodOfPossibilities chapter 31 . 2/10
Excellent chapter/fic. 4,000/10

Now that Raven isn't connect to Trig', and had all that Light/Holy energy running/channeled through her, how is that going to effect the source of her powers? Did it have a cleansing effect? For some reason I have a thought of Raven thinking aloud at some point and a plant answering back, like a Lighter more pure connection to Nature than Poison Ivy does, now that she isn't connected to such a Dark tainted source of power having that energy that Bell, Odin(?) and Frigg channeled through/into her Ravens source/pool of power might have connnected her to a purer source/pool of power than her original darker tainted one.

You also mentioned the Sailor Senshi in the groups who were fighting in the earlier Nabiki scene, what's going to happen with their Crystal Tokyo dream after the Great Freeze now that there are all these other heroes around to possibly prevent it, especially with the revelation of what would have happened to everyone's souls if Raven had failed.
GeorgeTobor chapter 31 . 1/21
A very nice way to take out Trigon.
Bells purity is matchless, I'm not sure even Kami-Sama is as pure as she.

Thanks for a great fic.

Looking forward to seeing a bit more Ranma in Raven in the sequel.
Shinzochi chapter 31 . 1/16
i loved this story as i do the other stories of yours i have read and i am looking forward to reading more as well as the sequel to this one
Janissa chapter 31 . 1/14
*lots of clapping* This was a wonderful story to read with huge ups and down and lots of cliffhangers. I love the ending which ties up a lot of loose ends. Still not sure how the new Raven will be as a mix of Ranma and Raven. I do think she need to talk to her Grandmother as well, they are long over due for a talk.

Thank you for creating this wonderful story. I do think Raven as she was leaving should have hugged the boys anyway, they deserved it.

Shannon Dee chapter 31 . 1/14
Wonderful, looking forward to the sequel.
Firehedgehog chapter 31 . 1/14
very nice
Veedramon chapter 15 . 1/8
Well, so Raven won't do martial arts? Ah shame, I like green Raven a lot.
Veedramon chapter 14 . 1/8
So, Ranma ends as Raven from Teen Titans?
Veedramon chapter 13 . 1/8
Well, I wonder what Ranma will do know?
Veedramon chapter 12 . 1/8
I guess Ranma still loves Akane...
Veedramon chapter 11 . 1/8
When Akane gets home, how will she react?
Veedramon chapter 10 . 1/8
I wonder who the living baby will end with?
Veedramon chapter 9 . 1/8
So, Akane didn't really try to kill herself?
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