Reviews for Salved
ilzehs chapter 1 . 5/4/2012
Hey, now THIS deserved some freakin' reviews! One of your better pieces from recent times my friend. & a super thank you for giving me such a wonderful prezzie. It was a wonderful read, & I enjoyed it to piece. So happy you finally took your step in the angst genre, & w/ as good as you handled this, expect me to poke more angst out of you ;)

Gah...LOVE that you tried POV too! A thing that makes an angst story specifically all more intense.

Love the idea. Love the reflection of Adam's pain. Poor baby..the humiliation he faced...Usually really like Wade/Adam pairing. Like this take too where Wade was in Nexus character.

I REALLY love the way you wrote Adam after they almost broke him. Jay & Randy so sweet & gentle. It wasn't over-done. They gave him his space. When he silently latched himself into Jay's arms, my heart broke. It was like so look in Jay's eyes...w/o thinking about anything else, he just lean into the comfort only those arms give him. Beautiful. The Randy touch was beautiful too.

This is one of my fav! Very well done. & Thank you again!