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Guest chapter 14 . 12/29/2016
Yeaaahhh! An update! How long was it? I really missed this story! And I couldn't forget anything of it. It was such a relief that Light saw and saved Hope. But the greatest relief of all is that Hope guessed that an angel saved him. It couldn't be a more fitting ending for this chapter. I can guess Light may think of the same method to use on Yeul. But... will she be permitted to do so? It's such a beautiful story with great things to come and a really rich background! I can't wait for the rest of it:)
XxShyxX chapter 14 . 12/22/2016
I really missed your fics
i chapter 13 . 2/5/2016
Ahh... and an other update, this story never stops pleasing me. Fang is still the rebellious woman we know, and I like her boldness. She is not the type to bent to laws, specially laws of oppression. Now maybe is Light's turn. We'll see about that, since she has an obligation to Etro about her sister.

Simply written, but always in your style, I loved the chapter. The way you write relaxed me a lot, and trully it was wonderful. The last scene with the three was all-heartfull, and I believe Lightning came to understand what Fang said to her - about breaking more hearts. As Lightning becomes more close to those two, the final choise will be difficult to make. Follow the rules or the heart? This is going to be bunch of critical decissions. Can't wait to see how Light will face her destiny!
Fluffy Cookies chapter 12 . 6/15/2015
Oh. My. Gosh. Where to start? Loved it from the beginning to the current spot, also loving your recent story, Last Paradise! I'm hoping you'll send out the next chapter, seriously! Take all the time you need - I really want to see what happens after Lightning discovers that Fang's an angel, really badly! I know your last update was three months ago, but really, take your time! I can't wait! ~ _
Lotusbitch chapter 12 . 3/23/2015
Hello Nasa :)

Glad to see you have update with a new chapter of ACF. Fang quite quite annoying and unnerving especially when it comes to Light who has no patience and doesn't like being kept in the dark about someone who knows her true identity. But still, it was quite a surprise at the very end with Fang revealing herself to her xD

As always, wonderful job on this chapter :)
i chapter 12 . 3/23/2015
Oh... just I cannot believe you're back with this. I still don't believe a read an update :) And it was marvelous, by the way, and specially the second part. Ha! I knew Fang was an angel (if whatever she said it's true...)
I liked when Light dug into Fang's memories, and I like how much mysterious that woman is. I expect to find more in the upcoming chapters, but I still feel bad for Caius. He isn't the "slob" everyone calling him, but okay. Surely how you build your characters and their lives in this is vastly interesting. This story never ceased to amaze me.
By the way, well done to you. Updating this story, and as yourself already said, means you found hope again. It's true that life doesn't stop because of any difficulty, because man knows how to fight, and its one of his merits, despite the downs which may enbody him at times. We have the will to fight, YOU have the will to fight and we are right behind you. This chapter is the proof. The whole story should be a creation of this fight. The same fight your heroes give.
So, don't give up. With all this plot twisting, and the mystery burning, we resume our journey of "Angels Can Fall." Can't wait!
Luka chapter 12 . 3/22/2015
Oh my god, I wasn't expecting Fang to be an angel too! That was a nice surprise! :o

What's going to happen now?! Had she always known about Lightning?! Or was she told about her through Cid or?

Aahhhhhhhhh! Anyways I really liked it! Also welcome back! It's good to see you again! I missed your fanfics so much and I'm glad you're back!
Edward December chapter 3 . 3/13/2015
Do you mind If I right a fan fic called angels can fall it is unconnected to yours and won't plagarise?
Xianit chapter 11 . 6/30/2014
Very late review time!
This is getting exciting. Yeul has her suspicions, and Hope's quest to find an angel is progressing. I wonder what he'll think when he wakes up. And Fang has discovered the secret!
Can't wait for more!
Lotusbitch chapter 11 . 6/6/2014
Welcome Back Nasa :)

Happy to see that you are back with of course a new chapter of ACF *YAY!*
The topic on the view of the angel’s role has been on a struggle for those who accept them and those refuse to let them from what they see as an act of evil. Hope wants to find the gate and prove that angels are real beings living amongst humans. But sometimes, getting to close to the truth can bring destruction and inhumanity out of humans, who are curious or want to gain power for their own selfish needs. I like the fact that Fang is all up in Light’s face knowing who she is and that she wants to help which is so like her lol

Caius is so adorable showing his concern for Yeul. I laughed out loud when he was asked about what his relationship to Light is and she just covered for him saying he is his friend. I admit that I want him to actually say that Light is his girlfriend xD

As always, wonderful job on this chapter. I’m looking forward to reading your next update :)
Cascade00 chapter 11 . 6/2/2014
Is Fang an ex angel, she just has to be!
i chapter 11 . 6/2/2014
HELLO, HELLO! Dearest Nirianne, welcome back. A sight for sore eyes, indeed. I'm so glad you returned, all refreshed and well, ready for the writing action! So, here we are, for the next and exciting chapter of the ANGELS CAN FALL, which, yeah - really honestly - is evolving into a seriously interesting piece.
The whole story is breathing in the mystery! From this chapter on, more secrets are creeping slowly on the surface, some questions are answered, but more of them are popping and popping up.
Girl, you gave the best in here, I loved this chapter, I loved it, seeing it as a ''gate'' to a new turning up of the story.
Lightning is getting uncovered bit by bit. Now, she is under Fang's mercy.
Who's Fang?
We only have to read the future chapters to find out.
The suspence is burning! And the type of expression, your unique-destinguisive way of writing, not only are remaining, but they are blooring as well. Simply put: I'm pleased to see our Nirianne back, without losing her identity, they way she knows to express out her heart.
Not having to comment on your writing, not serious stuff, I'd like to comment about the scene with the cat. Except of the name -Bun-bun-, it reminded me of a scene of the Twilight, when Bella is rescued before a car was to crush her flat. I don't know if it was your inspiration, but anyways, I liked the way you portayed Light's action, her dialogues, her apologies, her outburst - eventually in your own style. All bottled up and burned. Dramatically, Lightning fleed.
And... so, I couldn't leave without speaking about Yeul. I loved the way you presented her innocence, her desire to see an Angel, and her eyes who traced down Light's true self. Caius is the always-heart-soothing fatherly figure, his care, I melt for it. All of it is so beautiful. Hopeful, as a Hope is looking and wishing for an Angel. A better world, but dark clouds of the World Bellow - Valhalla - duties, Cieth, death... will they find their utter salvation?
I wonder.
More that happy that you returned. As always, CANT wait for the next updates!
Xianit chapter 10 . 1/30/2014
Yay, you're back!
As usual, I loved it. I don't really ship Caius/Light but I still love these Caius and Light interactions.
Yes, the story is making progress! Light got to see what angels do and she'll meet Yeul. I can't wait.
Lotusbitch chapter 10 . 1/29/2014
Hello Nasa *huggles* I’m glad to see that you are back with another chapter for ACF :)

Caius isn’t down with the idea of angel taking away one’s life before they pass away even when they are still alive. With Light struggling to keep her promise to protect Yeul and her Focus, it’s going to be difficult on what side she is going to choose to stay on. I wonder if Caius will forgive her if Light is going to take Yeul away which seems very unlikely. So it’s only a matter time before time runs out for her. Still, It was nice to see Caius being caring and concern for Light which he consider as someone close. And maybe later on as lovers

As always, wonderful job on this chapter. Looking forward to reading more CaiLight interaction in the next chapter :)

Also, hope you feel better soon. I know that having asthma can suck everything out and leaving you strained at times lol So take it easy now, you deserve a good rest
i chapter 10 . 1/28/2014
Welcome back, Nirianne! Good to see the next chapter of Angels Can Fall, I've missed that story quite a lot, so, even after a really tiring day, I wouldn't missed reading this stuff for anything in the world, so... let's begin the review!
You say, you've decided to push the story, I can agree totally to this, I saw more elements of the angels getting known, as much the story's evolotion as well.
Let's start with the first one. I loved the fact, of how interwived together the everyday life (Caius' cooking, Lightning trying to match to the crowd so to pass incognito etc) with the center of the story; the chapter began of Cid reminding to Light of her Focus, and now, we got the new fact she got just a year to achieve the goal. Quite interesting things are waiting us during that year so don't stress out yourself, sit and think and evolve the story according to the time limit, you set yourself. A year.
So! Not only this, in the hospital, Light came into contact with the Angels taking away the souls (I don't have of course to tell you, that your description AMAZED me in there, friend! Congrats!), and her amazement drove me to the fact that, she may hadn't seen that before. Yeap... fighting and fighting all the time Light...
I also want to tell you about the small additions you add, each time an element of the present world, reminds Light of her home. Your way of applying the descriptions, going through their comparison, it is not in any way tiring, but you surely know how to comment on the differences of the two worlds, and how much you should say about them. (seems a bit of stupid analyse by me, but that's something which really interested me and I wanted to tell you now :)
Now, the second senction consisting the story's evolution, I'm glad it came. Finally Yeul comes to see Lightning, something insides her tells her she is the Angel. Light should know, in any time, that her Focus is Yeul. But what about the Oath to Caius? Will she fight for keeping little Yeul alive? Going against her destiny? Her sister's fate? Cid's wedding and the alliance? I loved the way you though this out. The outcome of the story is still cloaked in a heavy mist of mystery, which eats me alive! Caius saves Light from the car, their relationship is just, a really bit, starting getting intimate.
Keep this up! You also made me very happy about updating Heir In Chaos, but you do so well, devoting time for yourself. Be alright, and better things are coming:)
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