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YeTianshi chapter 3 . 11/25
Why is Ichigo calling himself human? He doesn't have a drop of human blood in him!
His mother was a Quincy while his father was a Shinigami...
He got hollow powers attached to him through his mother on the day of the attack and that's it.
Nothing human about him o.o
Zenkari chapter 22 . 10/24
(THREE FUCKING YEARS... REALLY?)I enjoyed the story so far, but as seeing where the name of the child was at first(revised chapters) and seeing how far it was into the story where it was the original name, I'm kind of disappointed as the rewrite isn't as far in as I hoped, What I kind of wish people who go to rewrite the story would do is make a new chapter every so often along with the revisions. Its an interesting story, very interesting really. Anywhore I'll check back every so often on it, maybe once every few months if I can remember it AND I JUST FUCKING REALISED ITS BEEN 3 YEARS SINCE YOU UPDATED FUCK ME. I hate when that happens when you forget to look at the last update date and find out you just got fucked over, never knowing the end of the story -flips table-
Tachibana Kabuki chapter 1 . 10/9
Best BleachXRosarioVampire crossover Fanfic EVER!
Tachibana Kabuki chapter 1 . 10/9
Best BleachXRosarioVampire crossover Fanfic EVER!
Sigh chapter 1 . 9/27
Usually fanfics are kinda bad...But this...Ugh. It really makes me lose my faith in that this is the second most reviewed fic on this cross over section. Don't even come back to this, it is very cringey.
Lol wut chapter 1 . 9/26


When I checked the comments I was dying in laughter from this cringe, MOKA AND ICHIGO HAD A KID? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH
Silent Evanescence chapter 2 . 8/8
This is just too strange. I lost interest and stopped halfway through after I learned that Ichigo and Moka were in love and had a child together already. Reuniting lovers isn't new, but it just isn't my thing.

As far as writing goes, a big thing I noticed is that at the beginning there is too much mystery going on. When I see the protagonist randomly going off trying to kill someone, I don't think "What's going to happen next." I think "Why the fuck is he doing this." With a dark protagonist, the reader needs to be able to relate to them and feel like their actions are justified. This just felt like he saw pink hair and went homicidal. If the reasons were justified (and I don't know if they were because I lost interest), the reader doesn't know until after the protagonist goes after his past lover with the intention of killing her and all her friends, including her sister and boyfriend. Again, some people may like that sort of thing, but it just isn't my cup of tea.

Just as an after thought, I thought it was really stupid in chapter one for Ichigo to throw Moka to her friends and demand her back IMMEDIATELY after. I also found it strange in this chapter that Tsukune and friends called Ichigo a monster. It just seems odd to associate homicidal behavior with monsters when his closest friends and girlfriend are literal monsters.
Noble chapter 12 . 7/8
Damn, roasted the shit out of that man in the AN
Kamen rider w chapter 22 . 7/2
It has been two years now and the Bleach Magna is almost coming to the end so hurry up and update already
Guest chapter 22 . 6/21
I seriously hope you move on and get past this, you're really over thinking this. A rewrite should be in order
Guest chapter 22 . 5/27
You need to let go of your Biased.

Did you read the whole rosario manga and Epilouge?
Tsukune eventually becomes powerful on his on. Lol

Did I mention he kicked Gyokuro/kokoa and Kahulua's Mother ass
SomethingAncient chapter 16 . 4/18
This chapter was difficult to swallow for two reasons: power consistency, and Ichigo's personality.

First of all, you wrote Ichigo has half his power right now. According to previous things you have written that means he is still at the level of a captain, probably stronger. Yet his speed is also too slow, or is his sword purposefully slowing him down? Is Hokuto at a captain's level? And is he using quincy techniques like their version of flash step in order to dodge Ichigo? Some clarification on these things would be nice and help the story make sense.

Ichigo's personality is inconsistent because you want him to remain really dark; as a result, it messes with the flow of what feels natural. You have provided the elements necessary to help him heal (Moka and Kumiko) and show them starting to change him back for the better. But immediately have him revert and do things that he would do if he still didn't know where Moka was (Like point a blade at Kokoa's neck... seriously, a firm hand on the shoulder and a death threat would make more sense if you wanted to keep it dark). He doesn't seem to be allowed to develop as a character because you want him to remain so dark. You wrote that his intentions have changed from pure vengeance to protecting his family: let that reflect in his fights. Get rid of the unnecessary sadism and have him just kill as quickly as possible (obviously he will still torture to get the information). Most of these enemies probably go to hell anyway.

And what is up with Ichigo's pride and obsession with other people being weak? Ichigo lost all his family and friends because he wasn't strong enough and his pride changes from those he loves to his powers that have failed him? I would think him more humble and obsessed with killing an enemy and getting stronger, rather than every possible slight triggering his need to kill whoever said the wrong thing... which is just about anything.

And the way you write Ichigo in fights: It's like he's developed a Kenpachi level obsession with finding a strong opponent.

It's still not a bad story, it still carries my suspension of disbelief, and it is entertaining. I just wanted to let you know of a few things that bother me because they either weren't explained or explored.

Have a good week and God bless,
SomethingAncient chapter 14 . 4/17
Well, if Tsukune calls Ichigo a monster after this I will say he is stupid as well as petty (and I would expect that to come out in his behavior so outer Moka would start seeing that ugly side of Tsukune - otherwise he hasn't developed much at all as a character).

And I don't remember him being actually stupid in canon. Unless his preference for one Moka over the other counts, because that is pretty stupid and ignorant. That aside though, I like him less in this story than I did in the anime.

On to your vs. segment.
Why compare Seshomaru and Genryusai? Are these questions loaded? I think it would make more sense to compare him to Byakuya - the two have a very similar demeanour.

Genryusai might not have to release shikai to win. If he did... well there'd be nothing but ash left. Genryusai could take both Kyoraku and Ukitake together; either one of these two could arguably take Seshomaru. Actually I think any captain could beat Seshomaru.

You know what? I think it's completely unfair to compare Inuyasha and Bleach in a 'who's stronger' way. Bleach comes out on top there.
SomethingAncient chapter 13 . 4/16
I want to participate in this "who wins" competition you set up, so here goes.

Aizen beats Naraku because Aizen became what he wanted to be despite losing. When Naraku lost... he lost.

As for Ichigo vs. Inuyasha: The two are superficially similar so I see the draw to compare them. Asking which one is more "badass" is subjective so it doesn't matter what I say in an argument. In my opinion however:

Zangetsu is the more "badass" sword because it has a personality and is something no one else can wield and draw power from. Tetsaiga has specific requirements but it's not impossible to temporarily bypass or meet those requirements.

Ichigo has the more "badass" transformation too. I think it (both versions) looks cooler, and Ichigo doesn't become unable to use his weapon once he transforms. Inuyasha becomes a full demon in his transformation and therefore will be unable to use Tetsaiga for long, if at all.

Now on to things I can be more objective about.

Ichigo has the faster growth rate and I will give one reason that explains it efficiently: bankai in two days (Yes, two. Not three.). If we want a more drastic example: It took him less than four months to go from unlocking his powers (not Rukia's) to transcendence.

If we ignore powers and go for straight swordsmanship then Ichigo is the winner. Ichigo had ten straight days and nights if fight-to-kill battle against Kisuke... who is a master swordsman. Inuyasha has lived longer but didn't regularly use a sword until Tetsaiga's transformation became known to him. And even then, Ichigo is smarter in combat, taking much less time to figure out the opponent's movements.

Who is stronger and and who would win in a fight may sometimes be different, but in in the case of these two the stronger one would win.

Ichigo is stronger for several reasons.
Power: Who can blow up more at once? Ichigo. Inuyasha did massive damage to a small mountain with Tetsaiga's ultimate form, Ichigo cut Mt. Fuji in half with the air pressure from a single swing (accidentally).

Speed: can anyone say 'Shunpo'? Let's not forget Ichigo makes multiple after-images of himself while in Bankai.

Temperament: Ichigo is way cooler under pressure. And it takes a lot more to goad Ichigo into violent behavior.

If the two fought it might go something like this: Ichigo would knock Tetsaiga out of Inuyasha's hands and keep Inuyasha away from it with superior speed. This would cause Inuyasha to go full demon and either Kagome stops him or Ichigo is fighting an opponent at a level he has already defeated in Shikai... I think. He still has bankai and that mask. Worst case for Ichigo: he hollowfies and launches city leveling ceros at this enemy

Anyway, thank you for the read.
SomethingAncient chapter 12 . 4/15
Sleep is for suckers :p

That was a refreshing chapter.

I have one question and one observation, but really well done (I'm ignoring technical details like typos and diction).

So outer Moka's feelings shifted in favour of Tsukune because he went ghoul that last time. But three weeks of watching Ichigo deal with nightmares did nothing to sway her back?

I noticed that (a few times) something would be said out loud and only one person would hear it and then have to explain it to the others because, for some reason, they failed to hear it the first time.

Anyway, on to the next chapter. Things look like they're going to get a bit of relief from the action. Which is nice. Thanks for writing this. Have a good week and God bless,
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