Reviews for A wish come true
impressionsguy chapter 67 . 10/7
Oh my god! I love your story! Hope to see more soon, one of my favorite stories ever! Now about that problem you talked about, if you feel it's the right thing to do, do it. From what i can tell you're a real good guy.
Sam Fraser chapter 48 . 9/21
So, are you going to do that chapter based on the deviantart picture, "a life for a life"?
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 67 . 9/10
He got owned!
WarHusky2000 chapter 67 . 9/10
Wohoooowhoa... The title... Wow... Never knew you use 'Bitch' as a title comrade... *sigh* I hope you have a safe trip! Keep it up!
Keyblade13 chapter 67 . 9/10
This was a very good chapter my friend, Matt and Blaze going at it, and the epic fight was really good. Also Blaze getting killed would've been too easy, death is always the easy way out of tough situations but it's better for him to get beat and to never come back ever again.
ArrowWing chapter 67 . 9/10
Yeah, bitch! Nopony fucks with the Element of Bravery. Now Zelga is next on Matt's hit list whoo! I can't wait for the next chapter.
rainbow dash chapter 1 . 9/1
real life
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 66 . 8/30
DaQuan Harris-Su chapter 66 . 8/27
I'm not sure why I used my real name, but I did, and the last part was Sullivan, just so you know.I say that the stuff you going through can be seen a few times and everyone usually have some sort of thing that they regret doing, but the important thing is that you realize the mistake and accept that it has happened and to learn from it. Even though somebody can't forget, they can forgive. I say that twilight can forgive others for the mistakes they made in the past, look at trixie, sunset shimmer, and starlight, and let's not forget that recent changeling episode. Twilight would be so happy to have you as a boyfriend, trust me love can work in many strange ways, it has for me, you could just go with it.
TJM2003 chapter 66 . 8/27
When is chapter 67 coming out?
PhotonDragon16 chapter 66 . 8/27
Great chapter and to answer your question yeah I think you do
Mr.Derpface chapter 66 . 8/27
Well when you ask questions like that, then I will happily say, Yes. You deserve what life can give you.
But life wont always be that simple either man.
Gotta work for it!
Regardless, PM or not,
I can't wait for the next chapter
Lunar storm chapter 65 . 8/25
Next chapter please
00RaiserGundam chapter 66 . 8/26
I think Twilight would. I love how you made the bad guys create the Alicorn Amulet.
WarHusky2000 chapter 66 . 8/26
Of course she would, its doesnt matter what did you do to the past... I believe... Keep up the good work! :)
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