Reviews for Sanctuary
Eternalis chapter 2 . 12/24/2012
You should continue this, I think, I like it! I have so many questions, you should make it more of a series. Like where is Sanctuary, and why is it so heavily guarded? What's on the other side of the ocean that was mentioned once? What is Bob? They don't seem to be human, what sort of alien are they? Yeah, anyway, I'll stop my rambling, but if you can, definitely continue this.
Hope K chapter 2 . 12/23/2012
Thank you for a great Christmas present! Needless to say I absolutely loved the story!
hayj chapter 2 . 12/23/2012
*Squishes you!*

So, just a few of my favorite things…..

(Ponders on Ari and Marcus) It’s always the quiet ones isn’t it?

I loved the insight into Zoey and have to wonder why all of her pet dogs died….And, I find myself a bit put out with Carrie.

I love how you’re fleshing out Sanctuary and this world that they’ve made for themselves.

And, Carolyn Two? Pure gold!

My heart broke at little Ari’s line, "But I don't. Even if I do grow taller, I'll never grow tall, like Zoey, or pretty, like Carrie. I'll always be scrawny. I won't ever be enough. I won't ever go hunting. I'll live my whole life here, I'll bed and breed and watch you leave. And then I'll die. Sooner than everybody else, cause of my sickliness, but I will have died long before that. I may just as well die tonight." Because, honestly, who hasn’t been mortified in front of a boy they liked at some point in time.

Only to turn around and laugh when he poked her in the forehead.

And this line.. “You've got the naughtiest mouth I've ever heard."And damn, didn't that sound like a compliment when he said it just right!….Is such a male Riddick thing to say.

Arianna beamed. Maybe for Marcus, she'd be enough. Awww, just freaking awww.

I loved Royce and Riddicks grousing back and forth at each other starting with “a very, very distant cousin,” all the way to “I got plenty of boys left, and your girls don't seem to mind all that much!" LOL!

I get the feeling little Ari might just be the smartest of the bunch. She instinctively knows that Marcus is protecting them from himself and that he’ll leave them one day. But I suppose that things aren’t set in stone, now are they?

And damn, if now I don’t need to go reread all the stories all over again :)

And a very Merry Christmas to you as well, Buttercup! *MWAH*
pie108 chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
Cool one shot thanks for writing it
hayj chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
OMG! I laughed, I cried, (I actually still have the sniffles) I clutched my laptop to my chest. Oh this is glorious!

You have done incredible justice to my fat little Riddick babies and taken them to places I would have never dreamed of.

Marcus following in his father's footsteps with Zoey Bug as his partner in crime? Wow, just wow. The one paragraph about Zoey being his hunter actually made a shiver run down my spine. I love how you can always bring out that dark side of people. I tend to lean towards sunshine and lollipops :)

Where to start...Giving the place a name for starters and seeing everyone through Marcus eyes was a great twist. Marcus' thoughts on Varro made me snort out loud. I can so see this.

Now I have the answer to whether or not their children would accept the fact that they were in essence trapped in this world or if they would feel stifled.

I love that Riddick recognized the "killer/predator" quality in these two children and that, as much as Carolyn loved them she was afraid of them. Can’t tell me she didn’t see that same quality in them that their father did.

Bob being a softie for Zoey. Hee! And the whole bit about Carolyn having Bob taping Jack and shoving it in Riddicks face? Priceless

Calling baby brother Ritchie B? Still laughing over that, and Carolyn taking a broomstick to their father for sitting back and watching.

Carolyn’s thoughts at the end are so bittersweet and I love that Riddick knows his wife so well.

While I realize that I’m probably gushing just let me say that I love your writing. Your words paint these incredibly brilliant scenes that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to match.

Honestly, my fondest wish at this point is that you give life to each of my babies. Does Zoey feel the same way about her brother as he does her? What about Jack? Is he jealous of the skills his father has given his brother and sister? All of these and questions and more need you!

But, if not, thank you for this. It was a huge compliment and I’m honored.