Reviews for Days Without Rain
Nami Swannn chapter 55 . 1h ago
I loved this! What a perfect ending!
Guest chapter 55 . 6h ago
oh my god this is all so well written, i'll definitely be reading the sequel regardless of whether i ship it or not
amillionsmiles chapter 54 . 3/13
AHH I love this story so much! I love the friendship between Mai and Katara, and the nuances of everyone else's relationship with each other. I love how Katara owns her sharp side, and I love the rhythm of your writing. :D
Mondler123 chapter 54 . 3/5
I really love this story
xSmallLadySerenity13 chapter 54 . 3/4
Love This! Can't Wait For Zuzu & Tara To Get Married
lewilder chapter 54 . 3/2
This was such a beautiful chapter. I love how you've developed the nuances of Katara and Aang's interactions throughout this story. And I'm totally on board with the Ty Lee/circus/airbending notion. Great chapter! :)
Isali chapter 54 . 3/1
Please update. Will Katara and Zuko marry. If so want to read their wedding, honeymoon and starting a family.
StrawberryBlues chapter 30 . 2/28
I like this. I like like like like like this. Please keep going! :)
ShinigamiAkira7 chapter 54 . 2/25
AwaitTheRise chapter 54 . 2/24
This chapter makes me feel nice too. :)
Pentastic chapter 54 . 2/22
I like this chapter too. They've both grown.
Meditrina chapter 54 . 2/21
Loving it. Keep on keeping on ;-)
mandyb693 chapter 54 . 2/20
windsilk chapter 54 . 2/20
ahhhhhh such a happy, content, easy chapter **
also, in love with the phrase peeping violets
envysparkler chapter 54 . 2/19
Nice chapter.

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