Reviews for The Spiral Path
mark-engels chapter 4 . 12/24/2012
Very decent effort. I've enjoyed seeing several of my favorite Gurren Lagann characters in action once again. I do find it interesting how Kinon and Rossiu have kept one another at arm's length all this time, however. By my math, they'd both be in their forties by now. The chance for them to be able to requite their love for one another was very enjoyable to read. Guinble seemed to be enjoying it way too much. OK fine, he cleaned up in the office shipping pool. I wouldn't have guessed he would have done something so reckless either as to place his wager where he did. It did seem somewhat out of character for him, as well as him gloating so openly. I wouldn't think for a minute that Guinble would be above gloating; I do believe he's the type to be much more covert and subtle about it.

Anne and Shiho make a cute "un" couple. And while I realize that this is, after all, Gurren Lagann, Anne seems to have something of an unhealthy preoccupation with martyrdom. Being familiar with Dayakka and Kiyoh's characters and those of the rest of the Dai Gurren Bridage, I don't think that's something that her family or her friends desire for her. So I would have expected long before now for a concerted effort on their parts to nip this behavior in the bud before she really gets herself hurt.

Gimmy and Darry are a couple of my favorite characters too, although I would have liked to read your take how the passage of years had impacted them. It was interested to read how Darry is an instructor, but other than that one might conclude that the two of them were from Anne and Shiho's generation rather than the one immediately before it. I wouldn't doubt that the years of battle would have taken their toll on the twins, including Darry, but her seeing her consult Dr. Zetsubou really seemed to come out of nowhere. I imagine a fierce warrior like her who has been in a cockpit since she herself was a teenager wouldn't have just gone to see him on a whim. Perhaps a hardened veteran like her would need to be *told* to see a therapist, either by her own chain of command or by a fellow solider who is close to her (Gimmy himself, perhaps.)

And yes, I was pleased to see Viral have an opportunity for him to achieve the longing of his heart's desire. But this seemed to come on quite suddenly as well. I might have enjoyed seeing how Viral had agonized over this fact lo these many years before suddenly having this windfall the surgery purports to afford him magically appear from stage left. Perhaps soon we'll get a chance to meet Viral's wife as well. I've got a few candidates in mind based on the canon and a few other shippers in our TTGL fictwriter community.

Thanks again for putting this together, and looking forward to seeing more.

phoenix warrior rising chapter 3 . 12/5/2012
I love it! Please make more!
FasteningMean chapter 2 . 5/8/2012
I'm loving this story so far its really great I love how you portrayed anne's character as well as the story I also love how you don't completely hog the story to anne you know there's other characters in this story and it just makes it much more immersive so we can connect to the characters as well as the story

In other words I really like your fic and hope you keep updating