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CelianAdellanie chapter 1 . 8/19
I just reread chapter 35 and again experienced the awe this work inspires in me. Who will join me in reading chapters 1-35 over again before the final is posted, whenever it will be? Rally your soul swords!
CelianAdellanie chapter 35 . 5/19
Oh my. My heart is literally, and I mean literally, racing right now. I can feel it thrumming. That kind of power is genuinely scary... all would be lost. *breathing fast* The tension build up here is intoxicating. Incredible second to last chapter. Very interesting metaphors. My favorite this time was the "inverted castle of an inverted prince". It sums up the core of Dios/Akio's being very well. And of course the rose turned into an apple. They are both in the Family Rosaceae. Somehow I forgot this piece of trivia. An interesting continuity indeed between the two series. Well done. You have attained the elusive sense of surreal realism integral to SKU and MPD.
Nanayamino chapter 35 . 5/19
At last we get to see Akio's reason for his mega villainy. A Fate Train Transfer fixing every wrong he and Anthy had done since the fairytale past does seem like something Akio would want. Of course, as your treatment of Penguindrum's ending has shown, reality-alteration comes with the heavy price of precious memories being lost. Much like Penguindrum's Himari, Utena and Co. do not want to forget. Akio, on the other hand, appears desperate to erase the massive guilt he's been piling on through the centuries. And there lies the conflict of interest. You've given the upcoming Finale a very uplifting title, so I can only hope that the ending you've planned would be more sweet than bitter.
BunnyHeartMedicine chapter 35 . 5/19
You updated again! And Yuri Kuma refs again! Omg Himari plz be ok and I love how Utena wasn't buying any if Akios buckshot keep up the good work
Guest chapter 34 . 3/19
This may or may not be the most well-written Utena story I have ever read, but it is definitely the most well-plotted. Your expertise over the series clearly shows in your many subplots, and you have planned it so well in advance, that they all tie in neatly with each other. I also love how every scene you write serves to move the story forward. Seinen Kakumei Utena is canon to me. Thank you for giving this wonderful show the sequel it deserves, and I will be eagerly awaiting the ending.
CelianAdellanie chapter 34 . 3/18
It all makes glorious sense now. It has been revealed. History is repeating itself, but I dearly hope this time the cycle will be broken. Wow. The masterful back story of Mrs. Ohtori and Kanae. The emphasis on the roles played, connected to the ideals of each individual. Utena's prophesied character development. Flowing syntax, sharp at all the right moments, that captures the element and feeling of SKU and MWP. Minimal spelling error. Might want to mention the characters at beginning of each segment (subtly of course.) Altogether superb. *Recommendation to Fellow Readers: Read while listening to duel themes. Epic!* Congratulations on another segment well done.
BunnyHeartMedicine chapter 34 . 3/18
OH MY GOD EVERYTHING! Whats Akios reason, where's Himari, is Princess of the Crystal/Momoka gonna get out of those vines soon, OMFG EVERYTHING! And I really loved that thing with Kanae, Kozue, and Miki (especially with Saionji tearing up at it) I just can't wait to see what happens next and how this all unfolds
PhantasmusProdigium chapter 33 . 2/20 good. the best utena fanfic i've read so far. can't wait for the next chapter.
PhantasmusProdigium chapter 1 . 2/20 good. the best utena fanfic i've read so far.
BunnyHeartMedicine chapter 33 . 2/18
That. Was. So. GOOD! OMFG EVERYTHING'S COMING INTO PLACE! And I saw that little Yuri Kuma Arashi ref you put in there. Especially love what you did with Shiori, I knew you wouldn't get rid of her that easily. Oh and Himari ooh I love what's happening with Himari right now and you even brought in Tabuki and Yuri! THIS IS SO GOOD! I just can't wait to see how this will get all wrapped up.
CelianAdellanie chapter 33 . 2/17
YES NEW CHAPTER NEW CHAPTER NEW CHAPTER YES! Whoa *slow claps* power charged chapter. I have no idea how you are able to carry such tension, but it's amazing. The entwining subplots make it a thoughtful read as well. You'd better have you own books published if not now, then soon, because this, your skill is talent. I think that I might have to read SeinenKU all over again to fully understand it; just like SKU benefits from reviewing. Take a well-deserved rest before jumping back into the fray. A fantastic job on this chapter!:D
CelianAdellanie chapter 32 . 2/5
Wow. Just wow. The connections are coming together so seamlessly; they make so much sense. And the imagery and the whole darn extended metaphor... it's beautiful. The motives and everything are so intertwined, the SKU-MPD continuity is flawless. I am highly anticipating the next chapter. I will inform you now, good sir, that you have caused me to be emotionally compromised for the rest of the night, if not for the rest of the week. Brilliant and scintillating.
CelianAdellanie chapter 28 . 2/5
The sound racing towards the End of the World! I'm floored. And the Steed of Dios...
CelianAdellanie chapter 20 . 2/5
*literally tearing up right now* Nanami's realization of why adolescence is remembered so fondly...Saionji's reaction to Utena's scream...So perfect. Nanami's little speech so describes the essence of SKU. Adolescence as a time where one can hurt others and oneself without worrying about consequences, not having to be careful or diplomatic in order to fit society
RoseBB chapter 32 . 1/21
Your story is really very dramatic, but now I can't help but start envisioning Tatsuya as Marilyn Monroe. But seriously, please update soon so I get to see how this all ends.
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