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Princess Massacre chapter 17 . 9/24
That torture scene was so hard for me to read. Link had been trained to use a sword ever since he was a kid, and the idea that he may never hold a sword again is just so troubling to me. I hope he'll be okay!
Guest chapter 19 . 9/20
Well, I love your story, and I think it's written really well. I just really disagree with the plot line. But that's what fan fictions all about right? What you want to happen. You've Got a great writing style and you've gotten me really into the characters and actually feeling the story. Sorry to say that's why I can't follow it and wait because I'm just so angry... Haha. Just a story though right? Bravo on this story, I'm sorry I didn't log on, I'm on my phone at the moment and a little too lazy to do so but feel free to find me at Blackcat8539 I'm a dramione person so it'll be obvious. Anyway, great story writing! I hope you finish it sometime.
OnlyNeedJuan chapter 19 . 9/8
Gotta say, the writing is pretty good, especially for Fanfiction standards. One thing I can't fully get behind is Link. He's slain creatures the size of houses, yet the war messes him up this much? Can't say I know anyone suffering from actual PTSD (which link seems to be going through, atleast during the beginning of the story), but wouldn't you think his skin is a little bit tougher at this point.

Also, I am not sure if you wanna risk it, but atleast a description of what is going on, what battles have taken place etc. would be nice to give a little more context as to what Link is going through, it feels a bit out of place sometimes, where you forget what the whole deal was.

Other than these 2 things I really like the story so far. Though the Ilia x Kael thing is a tad cliché, I don't mind it, as it's always effective. Keep up the good work, and have a good one.
orchidlove123 chapter 19 . 7/14
This story is amaaaaazzziiiinnnngggggggggg
Like wow u are amazing and I love this story AH
echo009 chapter 19 . 7/13
Yea an update! Glad this story isn't dead I like it
bumtot chapter 18 . 7/8
Please update again soon! Youve got me hooked on this, and i need to see where the story goes from here
orchidlove123 chapter 18 . 4/8
Tis is such an amazing story...such a cliffhanger tho...and it hanst been updated in so looong... ;_;
TheKiro chapter 18 . 3/3
Jeez, I had always thought "I'll review later" and now it's been literally months! I feel bad, even more because this chapter had ripped a part of my heart right out of my chest.

You already know I love your writing style and way of describing stuff - but I can only repeat myself. The inner monolog, the emotions etc. the way you convey them makes it easy to relate to the character. To understand their opinion and decisions, and god. My heart.

I already really loved Aiden's and Link's companionship in this hell-hole. Aiden has become such a charming, poor mountain boy who is in the war for his own reasons. Some known, some not, and he is going through torture over and over again with Link together, losing slowly hope for good. Their conversations are bittersweet, I really loved the way how Link portrayed his adventure and search for Iila there. I always thought that the Zelda fandom gives Ilias and Link's relationship (romantic or friendship) way too little credit. His searching for her, Iilia actually getting out of her prison by herself, finally finding each other while one has lost her memories and so on. It was a great subplot of Twilight Princess and showed Link's sensitive side beside the whole boy becomes hero thing. He cares for his loved ones a lot.

And damn, you should have seen my face as the 'bad guys' finally let the cause of the war slip. It dawned upon me how logical that sounded and kind of obvious in a totally not obvious way. (yes, I make sense) In the game already the Twilight was portrayed as in a huge black wall you couldn't get inside except you were pulled in from the inside. Link only got inside himself because of one of the shadow monster, too. For anyone outside of Hyrule it must have been impossible to understand that the kingdom had been invaded by another realm. The castle itself was closed off completely, too.

I LOVED this idea. Who would have imagined the consequences? Who will suffer and be doomed if a whole kingdom 'disappears'? It gives them an actual reason you could get behind. War never changes, it dooms both side. But in this case it's not just "war!" but it has background (that's not what you can always expect in stories sadly). And god, I cringed as Aiden chose to call their king a "coward". Aiden! That's not how you speak to the guy with the sharp knife in his hands! I mean, you're kinda right a bit, but not if the guy just threatened to poke your friend's eyes out! Oh, and how Aiden realized who Link actually is. "The kid who brought back the light", aw, I loved this.

And Iilia's journey, the places she visited (Link had wanted to show her) and her new found will to live again and her craving for something new- it felt real. The different stages of grief, acceptance and wanting to move on. The world still moves on, even without Link. It was painful to read, but still true. I liked the way how she reacted to Kael. They were still on good terms, still careful around each other but good. And that she had hoped for a touch while knowing she'd feel guilty later on, ouch, it made it feel pretty real. I mean, the whole journey of acceptance. She had faced her inner demons and, how does the saying goes again? "You always find something to fight for", that seems fitting. Your way of describing this progess was really, really good! It's just terribly sad as a reader to know that Link is still alive, coming to terms himself that he's going to die and expecting that Iilia has moved on, too. Everything hurts. Seriously, everything.

And it's your fault.
...I love it. Haha, seriously, it's the good pain. But still pain.

Keep at it, I hope everything is going well for you and life is still good!
echo009 chapter 18 . 9/3/2015
Yea an update! I do like how the twilight was the cause of the war. I feel like that was a nice twist . Keep up the good work :)
Dominator046 chapter 18 . 8/28/2015
I just finished up some schoolwork, and then I found this email. A very interesting way to end out the day.

The writing was very pleasant, and I was very happy to find the update. The story is progressing in a way that keeps me on the edge of my seat, so - I can't wait for more!
Emiko Gale chapter 17 . 4/29/2015
This really is the best Link/Ilia fanfic I read thus far.

But besides a great romance it is incredibly chilling and I nibbled on my finger nails most of the time.
Dominator046 chapter 17 . 3/13/2015
I'm so sorry for not reviewing sooner! I'd had a high school classmate, and loose friend die the Monday before you updated this story, and though I was fine with the situation overall - I found that I wasn't comfortable reviewing because of the thought, and the over-arching stress I'd had that week.

In any case, though unforgivably delayed, here I am with my review.

Beautiful chapter, in any case. The process of Ilia's grief and reconciliation is one that I'm glad to see. It's definitely what I'd hope to see, in any case. I've definitely enjoyed the presentation of her character, and - I am happy to see she didn't just go straight back home. I'd hoped that, as to avoid her falling into the attention of the soldier there - for either of their sakes.

Link's own experiences were beautifully written, the brutal honesty of the grotesque situation did not over-saturate the pain and terror - while still instilling a dreadful environment. I loved it. I do hope to see you update soon! I really do enjoy this fanfiction a great deal. )
TheKiro chapter 17 . 2/25/2015
Finally I have time to write a review! I had, of course, read the chapter the minute it was uplouded, haha. But work and life had kept me so busy these past weeks. Sigh, anyway.

I can only repeat that it brightens my day when I receive an email concerning this story. Oh and you don't need to thank me for even reviewing! (I should maybe say sorry for all my rambling and novels I always leave behind, haha) On contrary, I have to thank you for writing this story because 'The Answer' has become one of the few fanfics I really look forward to. I do love to write myself but I hardly find a story which keeps me personally excited. (I'm such a picky reader, I'm afraid.)

But yours is special to me, haha. Sounds a little cheesy and I should definitely get on to the latest chapter, I know. So - chapter 17!

I hope, I had already mentioned that I loved Ilia's and Thelma's interaction and relationship in general? Even more the fact that you portrayed it right and conveyed the loyality, trust and love between those two since they had gone through some tough times during the twilight and now the war. I could only squeal to myself as Ilia made her way to Impaz now, too. The sweet old lady's apperance had been so brief in the game and yet in my eyes it was meaningful. Not only because of her heritage but because she still lived in this abandoned village, her strong will to stay even if monsters attacked and the little information we received about her time with Ilia. Not to mention that he learned that it was Ilia who wanted to go and get help. (there were monsters everywhere and the girl still tried her best to find someone to save the old lady, too. Ilia was so determined that even as she lost her memories Impaz name was still on her mind. Can someone tell me again how Ilia is apparently not a strong character?)

No one really knew what happened to Ilia then. It's all blurry and the result was that she ended up in the bar. Her memories lost. I loved what you had written. The dark haunting trauma in the back of her mind. The way she had always ignored it until now she finally dared to overcome her fear of 'what could have been'. It so important for someone to overcome their past and face reality. And the gruesome memories (which were scary and menacing, kudos for those) are now really in the past, giving Ilia the strength to go and meet her future without this weight upon her shoulders. I loved this. I hadn't really thought about this all until I read her journey to Impaz! But it all made so much sense. I really love Ilia's parts in this story, she develops so realistically. I love your pace.

And now to Link and poor Aiden. My heart. I cringed and had to pause as Link's torture scene started. It felt so real. Let alone the knowledge that such things are real and still exist in this world. This is not fantasy. That's how people get information out of their prisoners in wars. And the hero we all knew, who fought and won battles once with the strength of the master sword and the light spirits and Midna - was now alone. And he was so human.

"Then why...why don't you believe us?" "Because you haven't broken."

Those lines! How dare you! I could feel my heart squeeze in discomfort, seriously! This is Link we talk about. The brave soul which is reborn every time when Hyrule is in danger. The very soul which cannot be broken because of its unbreakable spirit! That was so terrifying to read. Something which had been good and special once in Link's case had now turned into his doom. Link would never break. Ever. No matter how close he is to dying, in the end he'd pull through somehow.

The whole scene was just plainly heartbreaking. And it only got worse as Link was shoved back into the cell, they needed him alive after all, and Aiden was now the one who had to nurse him somehow. Aiden had to be now the strong one, speaking in a soft calm voice. Aiden had to be now the one who set Link's broken bones right the best he could. And to read Link, I can only repeat - our hero Link, begging to stop after all because everything hurt and I can only imagine how painful and gruesome this all was - was not even heartbreaking. It was just cold. Like, shiver down your spine cold.

That's a rollercoaster of dramatic events I want to read, evil author. I'm not a fan of all this 'love-drama' at all. But this. Life and death and war and reading characters on the brink of insanity is amazing. I have to stop writing, haha. But I loved every bit of this chapter and I'm so excited to see how Ilia's and Link's story continues because both of their paths are so heartwrenching and interesting in their own way.

I still hope life treats you well and doesn't keep you too busy, haha. Thank you for this amazing chapter! (and sorry for, like, stuffing your review box here with all of this, haha)
GeekyGamer chapter 17 . 2/21/2015
Dominator046 chapter 10 . 1/12/2015
The content of this chapter is quite extensive, and thoroughly engaging. I'd hoped to steal one last review in tonight, get myself some rereading in before bed. This really is quite the nice story, if a bit original and change-of-pace.

All the scenes were set realistically and accurately, some of the best character outlook I've seen yet. Link's perspective and Ilia's are both crisp and very enjoyable. Link's struggle between the love he feels for Midna, and the love he feels for Ilia, are very real and functional things. Though in this story it seems that there's a touch the struggle between the two - more so than I usually encounter in the stories I read. Nothing wrong about that - just what I've noticed.

There isn't much else to say, other than praising individual scenes. The racy closeness towards the end was well done, tasteful, not crass or gritty. I enjoyed it, and it's probably for the best. I haven't encountered an actually written sexual encounter between the two - so while I'm sure in my maturity I would be fine, the OTP-fanboy in me (as shamefully so as I must admit) would be thoroughly flustered by the occurrence of such. Even still, aside from my ability to tell whether or not such a scene was tastefully done, I don't really have much expertise in otherwise evaluating sexual content.

Having said all of that rambling goodness. I could continue to praise you, but I think thorough reviews are more rewarding. I'll keep reviewing the rest of the chapters. At this rate, I'll be finished tomorrow.

Hope you don't take a year to update with chapter 17.
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