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Emiko Gale chapter 17 . 4/29
This really is the best Link/Ilia fanfic I read thus far.

But besides a great romance it is incredibly chilling and I nibbled on my finger nails most of the time.
Dominator046 chapter 17 . 3/13
I'm so sorry for not reviewing sooner! I'd had a high school classmate, and loose friend die the Monday before you updated this story, and though I was fine with the situation overall - I found that I wasn't comfortable reviewing because of the thought, and the over-arching stress I'd had that week.

In any case, though unforgivably delayed, here I am with my review.

Beautiful chapter, in any case. The process of Ilia's grief and reconciliation is one that I'm glad to see. It's definitely what I'd hope to see, in any case. I've definitely enjoyed the presentation of her character, and - I am happy to see she didn't just go straight back home. I'd hoped that, as to avoid her falling into the attention of the soldier there - for either of their sakes.

Link's own experiences were beautifully written, the brutal honesty of the grotesque situation did not over-saturate the pain and terror - while still instilling a dreadful environment. I loved it. I do hope to see you update soon! I really do enjoy this fanfiction a great deal. )
TheKiro chapter 17 . 2/25
Finally I have time to write a review! I had, of course, read the chapter the minute it was uplouded, haha. But work and life had kept me so busy these past weeks. Sigh, anyway.

I can only repeat that it brightens my day when I receive an email concerning this story. Oh and you don't need to thank me for even reviewing! (I should maybe say sorry for all my rambling and novels I always leave behind, haha) On contrary, I have to thank you for writing this story because 'The Answer' has become one of the few fanfics I really look forward to. I do love to write myself but I hardly find a story which keeps me personally excited. (I'm such a picky reader, I'm afraid.)

But yours is special to me, haha. Sounds a little cheesy and I should definitely get on to the latest chapter, I know. So - chapter 17!

I hope, I had already mentioned that I loved Ilia's and Thelma's interaction and relationship in general? Even more the fact that you portrayed it right and conveyed the loyality, trust and love between those two since they had gone through some tough times during the twilight and now the war. I could only squeal to myself as Ilia made her way to Impaz now, too. The sweet old lady's apperance had been so brief in the game and yet in my eyes it was meaningful. Not only because of her heritage but because she still lived in this abandoned village, her strong will to stay even if monsters attacked and the little information we received about her time with Ilia. Not to mention that he learned that it was Ilia who wanted to go and get help. (there were monsters everywhere and the girl still tried her best to find someone to save the old lady, too. Ilia was so determined that even as she lost her memories Impaz name was still on her mind. Can someone tell me again how Ilia is apparently not a strong character?)

No one really knew what happened to Ilia then. It's all blurry and the result was that she ended up in the bar. Her memories lost. I loved what you had written. The dark haunting trauma in the back of her mind. The way she had always ignored it until now she finally dared to overcome her fear of 'what could have been'. It so important for someone to overcome their past and face reality. And the gruesome memories (which were scary and menacing, kudos for those) are now really in the past, giving Ilia the strength to go and meet her future without this weight upon her shoulders. I loved this. I hadn't really thought about this all until I read her journey to Impaz! But it all made so much sense. I really love Ilia's parts in this story, she develops so realistically. I love your pace.

And now to Link and poor Aiden. My heart. I cringed and had to pause as Link's torture scene started. It felt so real. Let alone the knowledge that such things are real and still exist in this world. This is not fantasy. That's how people get information out of their prisoners in wars. And the hero we all knew, who fought and won battles once with the strength of the master sword and the light spirits and Midna - was now alone. And he was so human.

"Then why...why don't you believe us?" "Because you haven't broken."

Those lines! How dare you! I could feel my heart squeeze in discomfort, seriously! This is Link we talk about. The brave soul which is reborn every time when Hyrule is in danger. The very soul which cannot be broken because of its unbreakable spirit! That was so terrifying to read. Something which had been good and special once in Link's case had now turned into his doom. Link would never break. Ever. No matter how close he is to dying, in the end he'd pull through somehow.

The whole scene was just plainly heartbreaking. And it only got worse as Link was shoved back into the cell, they needed him alive after all, and Aiden was now the one who had to nurse him somehow. Aiden had to be now the strong one, speaking in a soft calm voice. Aiden had to be now the one who set Link's broken bones right the best he could. And to read Link, I can only repeat - our hero Link, begging to stop after all because everything hurt and I can only imagine how painful and gruesome this all was - was not even heartbreaking. It was just cold. Like, shiver down your spine cold.

That's a rollercoaster of dramatic events I want to read, evil author. I'm not a fan of all this 'love-drama' at all. But this. Life and death and war and reading characters on the brink of insanity is amazing. I have to stop writing, haha. But I loved every bit of this chapter and I'm so excited to see how Ilia's and Link's story continues because both of their paths are so heartwrenching and interesting in their own way.

I still hope life treats you well and doesn't keep you too busy, haha. Thank you for this amazing chapter! (and sorry for, like, stuffing your review box here with all of this, haha)
GeekyGamer chapter 17 . 2/21
Dominator046 chapter 10 . 1/12
The content of this chapter is quite extensive, and thoroughly engaging. I'd hoped to steal one last review in tonight, get myself some rereading in before bed. This really is quite the nice story, if a bit original and change-of-pace.

All the scenes were set realistically and accurately, some of the best character outlook I've seen yet. Link's perspective and Ilia's are both crisp and very enjoyable. Link's struggle between the love he feels for Midna, and the love he feels for Ilia, are very real and functional things. Though in this story it seems that there's a touch the struggle between the two - more so than I usually encounter in the stories I read. Nothing wrong about that - just what I've noticed.

There isn't much else to say, other than praising individual scenes. The racy closeness towards the end was well done, tasteful, not crass or gritty. I enjoyed it, and it's probably for the best. I haven't encountered an actually written sexual encounter between the two - so while I'm sure in my maturity I would be fine, the OTP-fanboy in me (as shamefully so as I must admit) would be thoroughly flustered by the occurrence of such. Even still, aside from my ability to tell whether or not such a scene was tastefully done, I don't really have much expertise in otherwise evaluating sexual content.

Having said all of that rambling goodness. I could continue to praise you, but I think thorough reviews are more rewarding. I'll keep reviewing the rest of the chapters. At this rate, I'll be finished tomorrow.

Hope you don't take a year to update with chapter 17.
Dominator046 chapter 9 . 1/12
My opinions on Kael still stand. Fado, Rusl, or Uli would've been better apt for this in my mind.

Link's continuing adventure alongside Johnny keeps me entertained, both characters working together - forming a good, solid friendship. Similarly, I am greatly appreciative of Link's tactical excellence, likely having need of that - or gathering it entirely - during the Twilight Invasion. I was impressed, and glad to see it. His ability dealing with enemy sentries is what I hoped to see as well, for as kind-hearted as almost all Link personas are, he did what he had to do. Besides, arrow wounds aren't always immediately fatal, Link could very well have incapacitated the man without killing - again, adding to his composure.

Link being endangered from a flanking attacker, I also like. I entertain the thought that if Link had been facing the man, he wouldn't have had a chance.

Ilia's nightmare, and her subsequent reaction to it - well done, definitely enjoyable.
Dominator046 chapter 8 . 1/12
I always do enjoy seeing Telma.

The chapter was a good read, and kept me entertained every step of the way. Between Link's drinking, and his encounter with the skan-ERR Lorelai. Going further with his leaving the tavern in guilt, and his return to find that he'd been appreciated for his actions.

Things built nicely to get to this point, Ilia's fear at the end helps add credibility to the situation that Link is in. Uncertainty is very real, despite how strong she may believe in him.
Dominator046 chapter 7 . 1/12
Link's process of recovering from near deathly exposure, as well as his pangs of guilt really helped set this chapter in motion. I continued my enjoyment, reading of his encounter with the Commander. I had hoped there would be some recognition for Link's actions - either in his performance, in other people's observations of him, or otherwise. This was a good example of that, and I was glad to see it.

Having said all of that, I do have to be honest. I am not a fan of Kael. Not that he's creeping in on Link's territory, that provides some elements of interest to the character. I was much more upset that, unlike Johnny's inclusion with Link, Kael did not seem to fit into the story without consequence. I felt that if anything, Ilia would've turned to Fado, Rusl, and Uli. These were all people who could very well understand her situation, and have provided her with companionship. Kael... while he is a good character, and you write him to be both unique and meaningful - he detracted from those that we actually are present in the world, and I can't say that particularly sat with me.

That concern touches on much more than the content of this chapter, but I write it now to likely help explain my attitude towards future reviews.

As towards the rest of the chapter, the arrival of Link the night? I was partially surprised, but the Commander's respect and easy-going nature with Link alluded to it enough to make it easy to understand as it came along. I smiled, and it was rather well done. Their nightly dialogue was well done, and I enjoyed reading it.
Dominator046 chapter 6 . 1/12
A somber, and sobering chapter. It was one I definitely enjoyed reading. The characters were all portrayed well, and this one seemed to just flow right by.

I don't have much else to say, aside from the fact I feel it's a good progress - and that Link's act of self-sacrifice seemed well placed.
Dominator046 chapter 5 . 1/12
Another highly enjoyable chapter. I loved Johnny, and usually I don't care for additions to the cast at all. He felt real, felt like someone Link would find - and associate with. Link's own persona was well fleshed out, and made for a reliable persona to base the events of the game around. Sometimes, people make the most convoluted representations of the characters, I swear.

Ilia's reaction was appreciable. At first it seemed like a fit of anger, but - that was likely my own zealous reading, eager to see her reacting to Link's new departure. Very real emotion.

The only discrepancy I have in regards to the setting of this chapter is perhaps Link's reaction to the battlefield. I don't mean to say this now, but it is the easiest way to do so - having read much farther ahead than this chapter. I feel that at times, with the allusions to the perversion of war, the grit and weight of the Twilight Invasion is somewhat devalued. Link's own chainmail, however blessed it was, was quite the piece of armor. A chainmail coat in all respects, like one might expect out of the Viking sagas - save perhaps shorter sleeves, maybe.

Then again, it's probably better than having Link suddenly emerge as a champion of the battlefield - or, well... we'll keep that thought to ourselves. Hah, I can appreciate the horrors you attribute to the war, very immersive, but sometimes much lesser in the scale of horror that could be attributed to the Twilight Invasion. As different as the two are, I see the Twilight Invasion being just as horrible (if not more so) in its own aspects.

That issue aside, the chapter was very well written - and I highly enjoyed it.
Dominator046 chapter 4 . 1/12
I'm sorry for your loss. It's an all too common tragedy. Hopefully, despite the pain, there is a peace now.
Dominator046 chapter 3 . 1/12
The dialogue was quite impressive, it did feel real, and was a large credit to the characters. The imagery and setting were largely within my tastes, and my attention was held completely throughout. Link's decision didn't offset me, nor did Ilia's reaction to it.

The there are only a few things thing that catch me at an odds.

The first is Link's question regarding Midna. The relationship you allude to is one of incredibly significant strength, and it pulls a touch at my thoughts regarding the established context. Without mentioning what I've read later, and what I know from future chapters - this one by itself confused me as I read it. A small, slight confusion, driven to the back of my mind as I continued to read. What was this going to mean? A strong stab of mystery that contrasted sharply with the story around it.

Another note of similar awkwardness is the last line. Very small, having first read it. The mention of rolling her eyes hadn't implied much humor on its own, but having glanced at it a few more times, I feel the notion set in. Just an observation of how the flow of writing was made a little bumpy, it is no way a detriment.

Just trying to be thorough.

My attempts at nit-picking aside, the chapter was highly enjoyable.
Dominator046 chapter 2 . 1/12
I think with how you build your description, and the way you structure the grotesque, it only warrants a T-Rating. The horror is in the imagination, not in the vivid viscera, which I'm thinking lends towards T.

A very real chapter, one I can easily dive into without suspending my disbelief. I read through it quite quickly, despite it's length. The curse of someone who must be hard pressed to find the fiction that suits his picky palette.

The advancement of plot is quite interesting, a very real and productive way to continue the story. The description of the remains was something I enjoyed, and allowed me to really experience Link's pain.

I look forward to reviewing the rest.
Dominator046 chapter 1 . 1/11
Beautifully written. I hadn't noticed much, if any, in the way of grammatical error in my reading of this story. I'd expected a two-shot attempt at a story - but imagine my surprise when I had seen so much of what you have written! My good writer, I must thank you. This story will now likely be absorbing much of the time I dedicate to writing. It is all i can do to offer you as thorough and appreciable reviews as possible.

As per your writing style, it's very pleasant. It hits hard, but it never gives the impression of being too sappy, or too built for suspense. You create a good flow, and your imagery works for your vocabulary. At first I was worried that you might over use the verbs associated with breathing that you do - instead, it seems as if you use breathing as an excellent way to introduce particular emotions through tone. Either a very tactful skill, or a talent that you should definitely explore!

Some of the word choice felt slightly awkward at points. Skin-grain being used seemed to jeer the sentence a bit - but really, that's a minor personal observation. I merely attempt to give as thorough reviews as possible.

Again, I thank you for writing this - and, you can definitely expect me to do the same for future chapters.
CupcakePride101 chapter 16 . 12/12/2014
It's ok for the super late chapter. I'm busy as well. Hope your life goes well! :P
And tho, I'm more into SS Zelink than IliLink, I think this story is better than UATW :3

Poor Aiden... I don't blame Link for being so sick whenever he seems him. I probably will as well. But omg! Those jokes they made XD Good job, Aiden!
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