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Guest chapter 11 . 1/28/2017
Namei chapter 11 . 7/12/2012
Neuro's monologue at the end really cemented how much he cared for yako and proved that he was still the demon we saw and loved. Thank you for this forfilling story! Hope there really is a sequel, but the ending is good enough for me.
Namei chapter 9 . 7/12/2012
I am in love with your writing style and characterization! Also your OC was extremely whole and human without being cliche. I wish I picked this story up earlier. I have to admit I did click on this story one before a while ago, but your opening (saying your story was crappy and such) threw me off. I admire a modest attitude, but I believe you really do not have to put this many disclaimers about your writing in the beginning. I truly where this story is going. Thank you for posting! I maybe just looking into this too much, but I hope you can love your writing as much as I do. Hope I didn't offend you in anyway.
Sepsis chapter 11 . 6/1/2012
"It had scared her, the idea of going to the Daemon World more than anything else but eventually she went, knowing that Neuro would keep her safe."

Haha, I can understand both. ;) Even though Neuro has nothing against her getting a little hurt, I guess.

"She's only been married to that other guy for eight months!"

So the others werent happy that she married her other husband? xD Theyre just calling him "thje other guy".

haha, and the end.. of course Yako would be only his property right now.. ;) But theyre both happy with the way it is! :)
SilverRingasaMemory chapter 11 . 5/26/2012
Okay... the last part scared me and the guys a little.. Especially the purple, yellow feathers part. But hey, at least I got Neuro's feathers. :D

Here are their comments _:

Hannah: The husband should be Ishigaki.. I guess.. hehehehe :3 guessy, guess, guess.. my field of expertise..

Marielle: Oooohhh purple and yellow feathers, creepy, disturbed, and awesome at the same time.

Evil Fridays watching? XD

Miki's pet bird is named Friday, since it was born on a Friday and she sucks at giving names. She gave her pet cat the name "Pepper". Because the feline looks like that spice(?) _ The other was Sweetie. Because she just ate a brownie the time they bought her. We were there too, of course. I bought myself a turtle/tortoise My wonderful, pet turtle/tortoise. Oh so cute and tiny!

The husband? Totally Ishigaki. Ishigaki for the win! :D

Allysa: Ishigaki for the husband! Miki's the only one who wants Sasazuka to be the husband. We all love to gang up on her, even her sister.

Alyssa: I'm already paranoid.. don't make me more paranoid with that *_* Ishigaki for the husband ;)

Elaine: Ishigaki. And.. Abbie here is asking when will she get the feathers? XDD She believed it so now she's bouncing up and down with excitement to innocently stumble upon an Evil Friday or Neuro himself. I don't want to ruin her fantasy though.. :/

She can't type right now.. Hannah's trying to explain it and crush the girl's dream. That's why Miki's Neuro plushie is ready for action when Abbie cries. XD
MilissaRukia chapter 11 . 5/26/2012
LOL gotta love Neuro and I bet Yakos appitite is out of controll. I honestly was thinking that Yakos husband would be Yuya Higuchi or the fan that followered her everywhere having her sign his shirt. It would of been funny if it had been Sai(since in the manga they were not related) be her husband in descuise but how would he hide his scent from Neuro. Or even Jun Ishigaki but that would meanthat he was a police officer
darkmoose chapter 11 . 5/25/2012
AWESOME ENDING! I love Neuro's talk after "the end". Yes please continue this story! I want to see the hatchling and see if humans have evolved enough to Neuro's standards! KYA! That would be wonderful!

Oh back to your question in the beginning, I thought that YĆ«ya Higuchi was Yako's ex-husband. He had always loved her from afar and is perceptive enough to know that there is something wrong with Neuro and that Yako still loved Neuro. He would also know more than anyone else what it is like to love someone who was from another world AKA his love parents who lived in the gaming world.
MilissaRukia chapter 10 . 5/23/2012
I have just read through all the chapters and I believe that it is a wonderful story. It is just like Neuro to view marrage as ownership instead of a partnership. thank you for the lovely story.
darkmoose chapter 10 . 5/20/2012
The best way to shut up a woman is to kiss her. lol. I feel so bad for the husband, but so I happy for Neuro and Yako at the same time.
Sepsis chapter 10 . 5/20/2012
Argh, youre totally right about her husband! of course, Godo and Sasazuka already noticed something was wrong about Neuro and that he was sometimes..very much like a demon.. ;)

And somwebody who spent so much time with Yako and noticed so many things about her, of couse he would also see whats wrong with Neuro.

oh god..I can understand shes surprised to see Neuro and her husband together. Even more after what they did together. :(

I really think he is a sweet man. Not many would give up the woman thy love just to see her happy with another man. I mean, yrah, thats what we see in movies and books but in reality..? Im not sure how many would do something like that and still be able to smile at Yako like that. Im glad he did it, though, he made the right choice. :)

"Simple. He realized who truly deserves ownership of such a pitiful wretch like you and came to me with this realization, declaring that he was giving you up."

You just have to love Neuro for being like that! XD Brilliant!

"I refuse to go through such pain again, so, I'm making sure you will become mine."

Haha..Yeah, that sounds right..;) Of course he would say it like that.
Guest chapter 10 . 5/19/2012
Yayayayayay! (: the ownership ceremony.. Lol! Great chapter!
SilverRingasaMemory chapter 10 . 5/19/2012
One...more chapter left... ;A;

Although one thing left me a bit confused.. Isn't Yako smaller than Neuro? So... How can she shake his shoulders?

Anyway.. Here's are the others' reviews!

Hannah: I can't believe one chapter left.. But hey, they'll get married :D as for my guessing skills... Me, Miki, and Marielle always play a lot of games that involves guessing, brain challenge, and sometimes deducting skills...since we made a bet that whoever gets a higher grade in school than the the other two gets to have the Kuroshitsuji poster I bought. And it's fun. Miki won, followed by me and Marielle. When her parents found out about the little bet we made, her father bought math exercise books and downloaded mind games for her to do. She's like a walking sudoku book now xD. For me, my guessing improved and every time a teacher asks us a question I get it right :) no matter how hard I try not to remember it, I don't know why I like to forget it.. Maybe because I like to improve more :) Marielle got good at figuring things out.. too good... It's kinda unfair though that Miki won. She has a lot of Kuroshitsuji goodies. She's more of an otaku than us xD Marielle is good at writing although too shy to admit it, and I'm the one that brings this shy writer, and a creepy otaku together! :D im also the most random person in our bunch. B-)

Marielle: last chapter next, at least it's a happy ending... Although the ex-husband must be really depressed. I think the suitable character for the husband is Ishigaki xD I don't.. Just a guess, although its Hannah who should really guess this one. ;)

Allysa: Sasazuka can be the husband... Although the stuttering in the story doesn't fit him.. Ishigaki maybe.. :3

Alyssa: we've almost reached the ending :') although a sad ending for the husband.. I hope he can find someone else.

Elaine: almost the ending, I want an epilogue xD I'm 1000000000% sure the others want one too, they're just chickens enough to not tell it x) Marielle can help with the plot, Hannah can think of some funny things to put and Angel can be your reference for the tools and what not, you can always go to Alyssa and Allysa for support and cheering up-ness, they're good at it. They can help you with writer's block, Abbie... A,ways a,e everyone happy XD she's like a ball of sunshine, I'm not sure what I can help with though.. c:

Abbie: poor husband, what about Kanae-chan? She's available... I want to read about Yako and Neuro's child! :DDD if there will be an epilogue... What's an epilogue?
Nennington chapter 10 . 5/19/2012
Totes adorb. (totally adorable.) I like this.
SilverRingasaMemory chapter 9 . 5/17/2012
First, sorry for not reviewing XD crappy internet. The guys are busy out with Abbie buying ice cream :D

Second, why I haven't been able to review. My mother decided to go all willy-nilly and bought a 500 pieced puzzle and decided that we all join her.

Third, badminton became worse since a tournament is up on the first week of June.. that's when school also starts so we had to buy new notebooks and what not.

xxNow.. on to our reviews! [The rest read it before going out]xx

Hannah: I knew it! The husband's gonna have his own chapter! I'm getting reeeaalll good with this guessing stuff :D

Marielle: Now I understand why he proposed to her. Although.. I don't get it why Yako aven AGREED... :/

Allysa: I kinda feel bad for the husband.. I know that feeling when you want to cheer somebody up but making it only worse.. _ Miki... sorry for ruining your chocolate birthday cake..

Alyssa: I sympathize with the husband. I kinda get why Yako agreed. She thought it was a one-sided love.

Elaine: Unrequited love.. or so she thought.. now I know why.

Abbie: I feel bad for the husband. I wonder who will make him feel all better when Neuro and Yako ends up together.. O_O I'm sorry.. did I just spoil the story?

My review is kinda like Alyssa's XDD. I'm guessing you were wondering about that chocolate cake.. well...

My cake got ruined because of our pet parrot back in the Philippines XD Allysa tried to make it all better by fixing it but it only became worse since some cake bits went to my face..
Guest chapter 9 . 5/16/2012
Yakos husband is a good man. Push those blundering idiots in the right direction! :D
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