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Guest chapter 129 . 8/23
This story is so good can you make one about going into the narutoverse
Jeptwin chapter 72 . 8/9
But seriously. I may not be able to go on this site much longer
Jeptwin chapter 129 . 8/9
Hmm. I must admit, as much as I love your chapters, I am sort of getting tired with fluff. Good idea making a chapter to explain to Red, though
kawaii usa-chan chapter 128 . 7/24
Update soon :)
Guest chapter 128 . 7/18
Awesome chap! Update soon.
Guest chapter 128 . 7/9
Hmm...I must say that it is very hard to remember what happened in the last chapter...
Guest chapter 127 . 7/6
Awesome can't wait for more.
aoin88 chapter 1 . 7/4
Update soon.
togetic-chan chapter 127 . 6/22
Love the story hope you update soon.
Umbreon chapter 110 . 6/22
So I got tired of all the battling, mainly because I haven't played the games or read the manga (except for the first one, which was awesome) and I kind of stopped reading. Then this morning, I woke up and went "omg I never found out if red and Phileppe got together." So I skipped a bunch of chapters discovered that they got together in 109 and now I am satisfied. You are a great writer, but when one finds this story and has so much to read, it can kind of daunting, which is why I stopped. Don't take this as criticism it's just me
awesomeAmericat chapter 127 . 6/4
I recently found this and I quite like it. So try to update soon.
blublu chapter 127 . 6/3
I found this story two days ago. And it took me long long time continue reading without break to finish it and to tell you what I ... LOVE IT! And now Philipe will maybe prank red as revenge. Who knows?
So try to update soon .

Ps.. can you give Phillipe a pachirisu and/or a shiny glaceon and/or a emolga . I love those Pokemon they ware soo cute. and sylveon too but Philipe already had it even if he didn't know the true Pokemon name.
blublu chapter 127 . 6/3
I found this story two days ago ! and it was awesome!. And it took me hours of nonstop reading to finish it. And I really hope you will be able to update soon.

Ps: can you give Philipe a pachirisu and/or a shiny glaceon in shinno. I think they ware soo cute.
J. Tamer chapter 125 . 6/2
Ah yes, one last thing: Perhaps there could be one bonding scene when they reach Snowpoint City later on in Sinnoh, where Red and Philippe are relaxing in a hot spring, and Philippe is doing his best not to stare at Red's abs, but miserably failing, and Red just smirks, and says'Like what you see?" teasingly.
J. Tamer chapter 126 . 6/2
You know, I really love your story ever since I stumbled upon it three years ago; you've really grown as a writer and I'm glad you decided to share this wonderful story with us. It has good pacing, and it shows an interesting point of view of the events of the manga from a different party, namely Philippe; this in turn keeps your story fresh since it's not just the manga retold in a novel-esque fashion.

Character development throughout the story, especially Philippe, was shown very realistically. I love how much Philippe's changed over his adventures, with him slowly maturing and being more self assurant and confident, in addition to having more self esteem. Though he still rambles on tangents sometimes, I think it's a nice little character flaw of his that he has; really exposes that particular facet of his character and personality as a whole. I think this romance with Red will help Philippe develop even further as a person since he now has to deal with many new things, such as getting used to his prescence, responding accordingly to each other's needs, and talking everything out; it's a great thing, since he'll have a chance to become more of an adult since he never got the chance back on Earth. Of course, it's cute to see Philippe clamming up, blushing madly, and stuttering nervously when Red's trying to be lovey-dovey and develop their relationship further (and yes, I did see the scene with Philippe being frozen after seeing Red shirtless; heehee, I don't remember what username I used back then, but I'm glad my comment from all the way back when they finally got together at last after the final Deoxys battle was able to inspire you for that scene); the only problem I see with this, which could be beneficial to you as the writer since it'll give you more experience I think, is that Red has never been in a relationship before, and because he is so eager to make the person he's fallen in love happy, he's rushing things in a way that Philippe isn't comfortable with; this is so since Philippe never was a to quote Red, "...touchy-feely kind of guy," end quote to begin with, much less any relationship in the first place. He's dreamt about it being a reality, but now that he has it, he's not sure how to properly live it. Though it is sweet that Red is making sure that he's not pressuring Philippe and at the same time trying to ease him slowly into their relationship, I just felt that perhaps that particular aspect of their relationship could be explored some time in the future, maybe even getting down to the nitty-gritty of their feelings for one another (hmm, how best to put it...somewhere along the lines of them having a more deeper conversation about their feelings in general for another; I think this might be a good thing besides Red slowly coaxing Philippe to be more relaxed with physical signs of affection, since Philippe, though a rambler, is mostly at ease and free, in a manner of speaking, when he talks. Sure, he does go on tangents again, but talking is how he best expresses himself to others.).

Of course, these are just suggestions and analyzations I came up with, and I hope you weren't offended by anything I said. Hmm, back on track, I think Red will eventually learn how to properly stop Philippe's long winded talks, and even cheekily and sneakily use it to win a couple of not-arguments (erm, playful arguments if you will): which is of course, just slowly walking up to him, since Philippe wouldn't notice since he's lost in his talk, before being silenced by Red kissing him, and then his hands fall limply to his sides as he blushes madly, his eyes widening minutely. (This would even better later on, when he finally gets used to being kissed and starts to relax, until either Blue snaps her camera too loudly, falls out of a tree where she was recording them, or she, Yellow, Emerald and a Kecleon they befriended to help them blend in with the environment get exposed by perhaps a baby Pokemon sneezing and then they have deer-in-the-headlights expressions as Philippe squawks embarrassedly as Red laughs with the group running away laughing).

I think Red'll be shocked the day when Philippe initiates the kiss himself in the future. It's a scene to look forward to. Hmm, where was I? Ah yes, somewhere along the lines of Philippe relaxing in their relationship, I do believe it was... I think he'd still blush whenever they did things after finally being more comfortable with the relationship, especially kissing or holding hands, which Red would tease him about since he's say he liked it when he blushed since he was cute, to which Philippe'd huff and deny it, then fluffiness ensues with Red doing his best to make him believe it (maybe a tickle attack to get that beautiful laugh he loves so much?). (This is so unrelated, but I'm just waiting for Philippe's freezing reaction when their relationship gets more intense later on, and Red unexpectedly either or both bites and licks his neck when they're making out...though this does tie in to my next topic.)

Speaking of Philippe being more comfortable in their relationship, I can totally see his super pervert side finally showing itself after all these years to Red himself, which'll be great, since he's only had Blue (die-hard slash fangirl), Mew (mega die-hard slash fan), and Gold (innocent-not-so-innocent creepy perverted soul that was corrupted and shown the greener patch of life by his mentor, the pervert, Philippe). I have NOT forgotten that juicy little tidbit all the way when they were kids, you know, when Red was kidnapped by the Victreebel family in the Safari Zone. Here's a jogstarter for you: "The only one who's going to be eating Red is me! ...Oh my God, did I just say that?" Ring any Victreebels? Hahaha, oh my~, how interesting. I think Red would be flabbergasted at first, especially because of how much a pervert Philippe is (but then again, aren't we all to some extent?), but then he'd greatly appreciate this more...adventurous? side of his personality. In addition, I can see Philippe surprisingly being more fiery to protecting Red when he's jealous at that point in their relationship. (Oh my, now I'm beginning to wonder if Red is a gentleman with either a not so developed libido like Philippe (i.e. that one chapter with the Tentacruel and Philippe diligently trying not to think of weird tentacle porn), or simply just doesn't have one... though it does make one wonder...) (Oh, and if Red is flustered with Philippe being more daring, can it please be shown? Maybe Philippe'll get a burst of courage, and for a moment, the roles will be switched around, with Philippe being the one to make Red blush brightly with a devious grin as he says something... I dunno, maybe something along the lines of what he said to Gold before? That'd be fun.)
On an unrelated note, out of curiosity, will we ever be subject to another scene where Philippe talks with his Pokemon inside of his mind? I rather liked that scene myself. Oh, and then there's Delia's reaction I'm looking forward to when she finds out her son finally got his childhood friend to be his boyfriend after who knows how long.

Hmm, the real last one before I have to go, will you ever decide to throw Ash in the story somewhere in the distant future, and if so, how will it affect everything in the verse? Just curious since I recognized that being a possible thing from one of the conversations with Mew.

Dreadfully sorry for the long review, but I couldn't resist myself. Keep up the great work, and always take your time with these things; don't feel the need to rush, since I greatly understand how hard the creative process is myself, as a fellow creative writer.


-Jabberwocky Tamer (doing it like this, since I can't find my bloody password anywhere at the moment)
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