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Guest chapter 136 . 4/21
Oh man I'm not sure when you updated but... Dude this fanfic is my childhood. I'm getting a lot of feels and nostalgia reading this again, and Philippe and Red are so cute my chest hurts :'D I hope you continue this! It's one of my most favorite works out there
Jabberwocky Tamer chapter 136 . 4/16
Lovely chapter as always, however, a general rule of thumb, writer to writer, is to not repeat what you said in the last chapter in the following chapter.

I'm referring to this section:
"I know that I had said that I wished that I could just fall asleep and wake up, and I'd already be there. However, because that is impossible, my second wish was that I'd at least not be bored over the remainder of the trip. That one didn't come true either."

For future references, please refrain from doing so.
AngelFaux chapter 136 . 4/8
Loved it as always
Jeptwin chapter 136 . 4/7
Hmm. Did you used to live in NY before you went to college? Also, I was totally hoping you'd introduce Candice to us. But how's Philippe going to catch the Pokémon he wants there? The only ones are the Seel and Spheal lines, the Swinb, Sneasel, Snover, Snorunt, Smoochum, and Shellder lines, and Lapras and maybe Delibird. And I suppose possibly a coupe, hardy rock or water types. Regardless, loved this chapter and can't wait to see what else you bring to the table!
Jeptwin chapter 109 . 4/4
I absolutely love how similar Red and Phillipe's relationship can be compared to Kirito and Asuna from SAO, my all time favorite anime couple (and cliche as it is, my favorite anime. Normally I like the obscure ones, but some, like SAO and now sort of Yuri on Ice I become obsessed with.) Philippe's Asuna, because he's smart and serious but also open with his emotions, and Red's Kirito because he has this kind of fun-loving personality that makes it hard for him to take things seriously, but when it's important he does. And they both have those sudden fits of violent rage they express, and they both avoid showing their emotions to anyone but their closest friends.
RainyDaze chapter 1 . 3/18
Yo, if Red and Philippe ever went back to Kanto after living in Sinnoh, it would be a dope idea to have them visit Bill to see how he's doing, only to find him being accosted by Lt. Surge (yeah, I ship those two together, if only because of Philippe's comment from that chapter when they were taking down Lance).
AngelFaux chapter 135 . 2/26
As always I'm really happy to see that you updated,and I can't wait for Phillipe to catch a combee and my vote would be on buneary
Jeptwin chapter 135 . 2/26
I'm gonna start PM'ing you rather than reviewing, if that's okay
AngelFaux chapter 134 . 1/24
Really nice to see that you updated
Jeptwin chapter 134 . 1/23
Okay. A: I love the idea of Red ending up with a Luxray; it's my second favorite Pokémon because the first ever Shinx I caught was shiny and I carried him throughout my journey!

B: I loved this chapter, and while the end was a bit cheesy, I like that they're getting more romantic. Hopefully you won't have to change the rating!;)

C: I think it would be awesome if both of them ended up with more than just six or seven Pokémon like the manga, like maybe a Gallade and Electivire for Philippe and Rhyperior and Luxray (obviously) and Dusknoir for Red or something, because since you're switching up the plot, some new ideas would be great!

D: Finally, I think it would be cool if you took a poll on where they should live, because that would get your fans really interested in the story, and also I personally have always wanted to live in Hearthome City, as it is closest to my hometown right near NYC
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 87 . 12/24/2016
I really like your story, I really do, I've read so many chapters of your story. But, one thing or several things that irk me is the lack of character development. Or just Philippe in general. Mentally he's supposed to be in his twenties, but he doesn't quite act like it. He's quite cocky and self-centered and at times, immature. He literally reminds everyone at least ten times in each chapter that he's saved the world and how he's beat evil organizations multiple times. It's getting quite repetitive. His lack of interactions with his Pokemon is also disappointing, what's the point of having them? The reason why they're strong now is because they were strong before. I was really quite happy when Celebi told him to wise up and be independent, but he rarely shows that, just the couple of times when he's traveling to another region. He also doesn't really make an impact to the story, nothing really changes even if he's at the scene, he always backs out when things get too serious for him. What's the point of putting him in the story, it's exactly like the manga except with an extra character. He also doesn't seem to put much effort into becoming stronger and dependent. He doesn't train, he doesn't do anything that really helps add a difference from this story to the plot. Overall, he's practically useless, I'm still waiting after so many chapters, for his purpose in this story, it's said but not done. I'm going to continue reading because despite my 'complaints' I actually really do enjoy reading it and I love how many chapters there are.
PokShipper chapter 40 . 12/21/2016
*sniffle* Pokéshipping has sunk.
IntothePokeverse chapter 39 . 12/21/2016
Whaaaa? But... but-but-but Green and Blue... I can handle one ship gone but... why did you do this I can see Red liking Philippe, but Green? Btw not trying to be a jerk just ranting.
AngelFaux chapter 133 . 12/20/2016
Really glad you updated
StardustPetals chapter 133 . 12/22/2016
Thank you for all the smiles I got when reading this, particularly the parts with waking up on Red, and Philippe's embarrassment. I hope that we get a lot of time seeing the relationship develop before there is a time skip, if there will be one.
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