Reviews for Heat Haze
Halesia Carolina chapter 1 . 9/2/2017
Wow, this story really made me feel like I did when I first listened to the song. I agree that this really would have only worked with Roxas and Xion. I feel like this was full of nice touches like how Roxas and Xion met and the scene with Sora and Cloud that really made it unique, even though I already knew the story. Thank you for writing this AU!
Melody chapter 1 . 4/5/2016
You have nooooooooo idea how much I wanted to strangle Namine (and smile while doing it!)… No idea…
AkatzeLove chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
Hey, I just wanted to say that I loved the way you wrote and placed the characters in place, I mean, if I were to write something like that, I wouldn't have thought about the scene with Cloud and Sora, nor about Kairi being sick, and, as you've said in your Author's Note, it would be awesome if you wrote another story based upon Jin's songs, maybe with Konoha's State Of The World, placing Axel as Konoha (the principal character), I mean, becase of the whole story of not caring for the two kids first, but, with the passing time, he began to have feelings for them. But I dunno, I'm just rambling. (Sorry for my bad english...)
Houkou-ush chapter 1 . 6/10/2012
Puedo resumir mi impresion de esta historia en una palabra que dice mucho: Wow. Estuve impactado en la mitad y el final totalmente inesperado. No habia escuchado la cancion, por lo que no estaba preparado jeje. Tu forma de relatar es muy bueno.

Sabes, me gustaria traducir tu fic al español y publicarlo, es que me gusto mucho, no hay muchos fanfic RokuShi en español y no soy alguien muy creativo. Claro, te dare el credito por la historia; pero primero quiero tu permiso para hacerlo. Por favor, mandame un PM con tu respuesta, sea cual sea. Y gracias por la gran historia.

I can resume my impresion of his story in one word that says a lot: Wow. I was shocked at the middle of story and the end was totally unexpected. I've not listened the song, so I wasn't prepared hehe. Your relate's skill is very good.

You know, I'd like to translate your fic into Spanish and publish it, because it liked me a lot, there isn't much RokuShi's fanfic in Spanish and I'm not very creative. Of course, I'll give you the credit for the story, but I'd like to have your permission to do it. Please, send me a PM with your answer. And thanks for the great story.

(Sorry for my English, lack of practice)
TheSapphireRose chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
Oh my god this was mind blowing. Terribly sad but amazing. So the song is called Heat Haze? I must listen to it now! This was beautifully written! Great job!
AnHeiressofaSOLDIER chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
You know you're the most awesome person ever, right? Just making sure _ Thank you so much for dedicating this to Angie and me. Especially since you don't even really like the ship. I can't thank you enough, Dani. I really enjoyed this. You wrote Roxas and Xion and RokuShi well. But you just write everything fantastically.

Now I really need to write that RokuNami story for you. I will do it! I promise. I mean, I have written for them in the past. Especially after KH2 when I was really into them (I was even writing a multi-chapter story for them back then, but it never saw the light of day). I just need to find the time and wrap my head around the pairing again. I've always had a hard time writing them, but that may just be because I don't always understand Nami. But hey, my RokuShi story had a lot of RokuNami in it. Maybe I could write for them now. You definitely deserve one dedicated to you from me. You rock, Dani.

Now back to this review. LOL. Forgive me if this isn't as long as some of my other ones. I think I get everything about this story, but I'm not entirely positive. Maybe I should listen to the song and it'll help me? -goes to do that right now-

And you know what's ironic? Just last night, I watched the Time Card episode of Cardcaptors where the same day starts repeating itself. I hope it's not a sign something like that might happen with me... You know, this entire story reminds me of the "Mystery Spot" episode of Supernatural. Man, I loved that one. 'Tis my favorite. Although somehow, I was able to tolerate Dean dying hundreds of time more than I could Xion. But I'm biased when it comes to Xion, so... This story also reminded me of an episode of Tru Calling. Actually, all of Tru Calling is about reliving days and fixing stuff. But there was one episode where Tru could not get it right and had to relive it four times. It was quite similar to this. LOL.

Anyway, I loved the RokuShi moments. They were so cute, and almost seemed canon-ish (even though this was AU), which is great! I love the history you created for them. And that Seifer liked Kairi. He totally did in the KH2 manga, too! Sora and Cloud were adorable with Roxy, but they might have been cuter together if Roxas hadn't been so emo with them. I'm kidding. LOL. If Roxas hadn't acted like you made him in this, I would have wanted to strangle him.

And Xion! Sweet, sweet Xion! I loved her so much. It was great how she was always happy before she died, and never questioned Roxas. You're so great Xi-Xi! Why do you always get the short end of the stick? But I guess technically Roxas did in the end. Those two are the epitome of angst.

And I knew the cat with Vanitas from the beginning. Hahaha. But you know what? I want a freaking Nami cat now! I think she'd be so beautiful as a cat. Don't you? She'd look all pure, and pristine white with gorgeous blue eyes -sighs dreamily-

I liked that you seemed to be pairing Sora/Kairi in this, too. I like the idea of Sora/Kairi and Roxas/Xion being couples that are related to each other. Maybe because they actually are in canon. LOL. And on a completely different note, I wish more people would draw Roxas and Xion as Sora and Kairi's reflections. People always draw Roxas and Nami, but seem to forget it works for RokuShi, too.

Back on topic, I loved Kairi in this. Like how she was scared when she realized she was going to live. I never thought about something like that, but the way you described it made a lot of sense. You wrote Kai so in character, which is funny since she wasn't even actually in the story! I am so glad to see you writing Sora, Kairi, Roxas, and Xion more! :D

Oh! And was part of the reason Xion was supposed to die because Kairi was going to live? Was it a balance thing? Somehow I'm reminded of XIII-2. Especially with some of the ending quotes, but this is so much better than that! Just so you know:)

I feel like there's a ton more I should say, but am forgetting what right now. Hmm... Well, if I think of more I'm sure I can just bug you in a PM later. LOL! Oh! And I will reply to your last message, so you don't have to reply to this unless you want to.

Great story, Dani. But you should know by now that I always think that. Hahaha. I'd say keep up the good work, but I know you will.

Love ya, and I'll talk to you soon.

FireWolfHeart chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
That was... whoa... This is based off of a song? It was written REALLY well. Think my heart stopped a few times...