Reviews for The Seven Year War :: Second Chances
Blaze chapter 15 . 1/18/2014
Great to see that you're back in good shape! Don't overwork yourself and pace accordingly! I'm in no rush... meanwhile, I'll check out that crossocer you mentioned!
Blaze chapter 14 . 10/30/2013
Oh gosh. Must have been hectic these few months! Glad to hear that you're at least doing fine. Don't push yourself and take it slow. Hope you feel better soon! At least I have Dual Destinies to keep me company until your recovery. Please take care!
Princess Unikitty chapter 13 . 10/27/2013
very cool story so far. keep it up.
Jack Falconer chapter 13 . 9/7/2013
Alright, back to reviewing here again...

The reunion scene: such a touching, happy time...unfortunately I ended up thinking about how it will go horribly wrong in the nearish future from the perspective of the plot. I mean, from the feeling I got from AA:AJ, Phoenix was more or less the sole man that gamers got to see as being in on some conspiracy that was targeting him until it was time for Mr. Justice to crack the seven year old conspiracy with Kristoph. So then, here in this chapter, Phoenix has lots of family, friends, and emotional support. So then, if you are going the route of him more or less going it alone come the events of AA:AJ, then obviously there's something in the works that's about to split these wonderful friends apart, right?

I'm not sure if I ever guessed this before, but I'm wondering if Kristoph Gavin has any relations or ties with this Kronos organization. That or the organization is more or less intending to take advantage of a situation that a petty man set up...unless somehow, in some strange turn of events, Kristoph isn't the egotistic attorney he's been portrayed in the games and is actuality deep undercover or something and couldn't reveal anything, hence allowing himself to get convicted...nah, I think that's too much of a stretch. But still, any ties between Kristoph's actions and Kronos's targeting of Phoenix and/or Phoenix's circle of family and friends?

And now, Once upon a Turnabout? Sounds catchy. And an apple that tastes weird eh? Apparently one bite was enough, unless it's revealed that the killing wasn't via poisoning, which is the obvious suspicion currently with the whole Cinderella angle.

And I'm thinking as much as Kiria claims she'll play it safe, I have a feeling that, starting with this next case, she'll more than likely be forced to go back on her word about backing off from Kronos cases. Hmm, thinking more on it, I'm not sure if Kronos is an organization that would tend to forget about its grudges, even if said grudge targets try to back off. Then again, if I'm recalling correctly, Phoenix is still a high target, so, while I don't think the characters know this (or well, the characters that Apollo's viewing), I don't think Kiria would be out of danger yet just simply because she's a known associate and friend of Phoenix Wright.

For the childhood tequila incident involving Edgeworth: err, which dad did they have to inform? Gregory or Manfred? I can see the situation being even more sour if it was Manfred, but errr, if you intended Gregory, then the age is slightly off. As far as I can gather from the Ace Attorney wiki, Edgeworth was nine during the time he first met Phoenix and Larry but before that year finished, the DL-6 Incident occurred which ended up with Manfred adopting Edgeworth. So then, the boys never got to spend New Years together with Gregory alive...So, perhaps Manfred did allow some brief fraternizing and then probably at some point after put a stop to it in order to fully mold Edgeworth into his own image (i.e. into a von Karma-style prosecutor). But err, then again, after looking back at the was six months later that Manfred adopted boy Edgeworth...okay, in short, I liked the concept of the childhood mischief Larry brought upon his friends...but apparently the games' backstory timeline messes with the timing of a New Years' celebration among these three amigos (could kind of work if Edgeworth has a birthday early in the year or something and Manfred allowed Edgeworth to be with his friends come the New Years following the one-year anniversary of DL-6 but just the nine year old to ten year old age transition for Edgeworth seems like it would be a rough time in his life and then going on eleven would be tough as well due to being incorporated into the von Karma family).

Blaze chapter 13 . 9/4/2013
Yay, I just got back from vacation couple days ago, and I'm glad that there is new content out! Despite how difficult the reunion scene was, I think you did an awesome job! I almost felt like I was there myself! Looking forward to the new case, but remember not to push yourself too hard! _
Semyaz chapter 13 . 8/23/2013
Each chapter my love for Nathan grows more and more, you can't even understand!
It was a lovely chapter and the reunion certainly was heartwarming. But what happened after... the realization that "HOLYMOTHERSONOFACOW she's gonna kill Snow White" hit me I just said there mumbling "nonononono" but it happened anyway. Augh, you're mean.
Have fun on your vacation, we're looking forward for stories!
Sword-of-Dusk chapter 13 . 8/16/2013
Ah, sweet reunion. Nice to see the gang back together, as well as the subtle showing of Phoenix and Maya's relationship. I still wonder if Kiria and Edgeworth will have any more moments together.

As to the case set-up, nice job. As soon as that dude pulled out some apples, I knew it was all bad for poor Snow White. For Kiria's sake, I hope this isn't related to Kronos.
LordSlogra chapter 13 . 8/14/2013
Very fast considering I only finished the last chapter like 2 days ago :P. Anyway, awesome cliffhanger and I'm thinking Carrie is the Snow White person. Maybe.
LordSlogra chapter 12 . 8/12/2013
Wow. I don't think I have read a FanFiction this good since Hawke's Vengeance (Advance Wars Fanfic). This is probably better. Anyway keep up the awesome work, I remember starting this series about a week ago, even my parents call it an addiction :P. Hope to see that new chapter alert in my inbox soon. :)

-Slogra, proud minion of Death
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Jack Falconer chapter 12 . 7/27/2013
Things are slowly, but surely, building up.

Anyway, I've been meaning to review for a while, and well, apparently, meaning to do something (obviously) doesn't mean it'll get done.

But now, it is.

Okay, first, I hope you're still doing better. Sorry to see that you went through a rough patch but I'm glad to see that you came out of it (at least as of when this chapter was posted). I hope that continues for you (i.e. that you're able to stay in pretty much good health).

Okay, so, hmm, it might just be some sort of contagion going around in the AA 'verse. Why? There's starting to become a pattern of main/important characters taking on a sidekick (or apprentice). Let's see, there's Phoenix and Maya (and technically the new girl Athena too, but I haven't really kept up too much on the news for the next AA game, though I'm interested in what exactly happened to Apollo to give him that sort of veteran look), Apollo and Trucy, Edgeworth and Kay, and apparently De Killer and his apprentice (well, at least in your fic). So, who's next on the list to pick up a second fiddle, as it were?

Anyway, interesting approach at the end of the last trial-that the whole reason was a stall tactic to try to bait De Killer into the open. So then, De Killer is somehow related to the grander scheme of things, definitely an interesting point. Why would those operating from the shadows want to get something on or from (or just in general get rid of) said honorable assassin?

Now this chapter, yeah, Apollo is definitely on the long and slow track for information. If I recall correctly from earlier in your fic/series, that Apollo is vital because he's unbiased. So then, we have both a nervous Phoenix and a nervous Edgeworth that are trying their best to use Apollo as a bloodhound to sniff out the truth without actually using a sample scent for said bloodhound (basically a type of you know it when you find it scenario).

And now, what could one Ms. Pearl Fey be so nervous about? I'm trying to remember if it's in your fic or some other fic from when I was browsing through the AA archives on this site that mentioned the possibility to seal away a spirit to prevent, then perhaps Pearl is not being entirely truthful to Apollo over whether or not there is another reason for why Kiria could not be channeled...though unlikely, isn't it established by canon (i.e. the games) that a stronger medium would take priority over a weaker and/or less-experienced medium when it comes to channeling? So then, there is still the possibility of Kiria being dead but still being in this world due to the actions of some unknown medium...

Well, now that I'm thinking about your fic/series as a whole, I must say: good job on not only making an oc-centric fic but managing to build up a lot of intrigue around said oc without taking away any of the appeal or such from canonical characters included (at least to me).

I still look forward to more. And though I may fall behind on reviewing and/or reading, well, that's what saving email alerts is for-to remind myself what fics I wanted to follow up on.

So take care and enjoy what remains of your summer (and of course, hopefully the rest of the year goes by well as well).


Sidenote: In regards to my bloodhound analogy, yeah, I can very well imagine someone being able to sniff out the truth coming to play in an AA setting (heck, Spark Brushel already sniffs enough as is, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to potentially take that odd characteristic and make it even odder but somehow workable in a court of least in the Ace Attorney then what's next, Ace Reporter Spark Brushel: The Scent of Truth?).
Semyaz chapter 12 . 7/8/2013
No Nate can't disappear after Kiria he he HEEEEE.
Poor Polly. Everyone's hiding things from him. This is worse than what they're doing to him in the actual game, jesus. At least the whole thing's legal. (Or is it...? Oh Nick, what are you up to.)
Also, I'd like to comment on what you said regarding the new game (because I am a peeky bastard and I highly respect your opinions.) I pretty much trust the writers on Phoenix's matter because I don't think it'll be focused on HIM- it seems like a lot of the story focuses on Apollo ("Maybe my truth is different than yours, Mr. Wright" WHY WON'T YOU TEAR MY HEART OUT.) and on Simon (the antagonist). Not only that, it seems like Phoenix's story will be less centered about him and more about A. The new court system, B. Being what Mia was to him to both Apollo and Athena ( I really hope she won't be another Maya replica ) and C. Being a good father and dealing with the return of the Feys (now that Pearly is surely here he has to adress them SOMEHOW.) Once again Phoenix doesn't focus about himself but on another person's lives. I really wish we knew a bit more about Nick's past \ And I have to agree on the matter of Yamazaki making it. I mean, this trailer felt like a fucking Anime. Which has its pros and cons, but I liked the old character design more (Not nessecarily the main ones.) AAI's plot was boring and predictable, the game was easy, BUT the characters are purely brilliant. Kay may be a lot like Maya but the same can be said about Ema and Trucy and yet they both have their own traits that make them unique.
Sword-of-Dusk chapter 12 . 6/28/2013
Not much in this chappie, but that's to be expected. It did get me intrigued as to what the hell is going on in the current timeframe, as stuff happening within the past has made me push the actual reason for Apollo doing what he's doing to the back of my mind. I wonder what happened to Kiria?

As to AA5, I'm sure Phoenix and Apollo will share the spotlight equally. It would be wrong if they didn't. By the way, if you're going to refer to Kay as the ninja version of Maya, then Trucy is the magician version of Maya. They're all from the same mold, but I think Kay is better than Trucy. Besides, unless you played GK2, which is touted as being better than GK1 in every way, then you don't know the full extent of Kay's character.

Last thing, I'm sending you a PM in order to mention some stuff I'd rather not here. Too long and unnecessary as part of a review, you know?
bruhchansan chapter 12 . 6/22/2013
I'm glad you're feeling better!
Even if the chapter's short it's still needed and I quite like the first person Apollo chapters. I hope we hear from Kiria soon. But i still like the nathan chapters of course, gives a different prosecutor point of view. The Edgeworth game doesnt count, i personally think it's terrible. Sometimes I forget how much I love and am attached to this story. It doesn't matter how long it takes for the next chapter because I will always read it, eventually. It's got so many different feels. By the way, was there a Professor Layton thing earlier, Hermia Laytonne was it?
I like the adding of Pearl, reminded me that there actually are other people relying on Apollo, since he is barely given a chance to shine in his game. Hopefully that will change in Dual Destinies now that Phoenix has his own badge.

Put up the art whoever you're ready there's no rush for me, I'm a lot less busy now.
Amazing chapter as always!

anangelwithnowings chapter 12 . 6/20/2013
amazing chapter as always! .

my sister played 999 about a year ago, i remember watching her play and the game was just amazing but horrifying at the same time. still a great game overall, did you finish the game along with all the endings?
Aviantei chapter 11 . 6/20/2013
Ah, that's too bad about your health. Don't feel pressured to provide us content if you're not up to it. Do your best to feel better. I'm sure waiting for the update will be worth it.
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