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Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 50 . 15h
Nice. So Azula is going to work with (at least part of) the gang. Her words about the "helping these people", etc. are, I could bet, are a lie. It would be a surprise if she was saying that shevactually thought. Her conversation with Ty Lee about her plan seemingly prove this.
Oh, these villains, always smug saying things, infirmation when they have the heroes under detention (nod towards Shirong). I see Iroh has taken quite a liking to Biyu, but then again maybe he is just a womanizer(I feel like he prefers older woman, maybe because they are more likely to understand his proverbs or more wise or maybe just closer to his age ). Jet and Azula's relationship, wonder how it is going to workout.I wonder what happens next. What Katara, Zuko, Changpu and Aang is doing? I also see Mai is somewhat more friendly with Sokka, perhaps she is also bonding with the gang?
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 49 . 10/14
Wow, nice. So Changpu was spirited by flying bison Appa and him accomplice flying lemur Momo. Apmo. Or Mopa? To be honest that Aang still got with magically killing things seemsa unnatural, not sure what more to say about that. I wonder how things are going to play out un JetZula's appartment (as good of a name to refer to the place as any right totally no hidden meaning)? I get a feeling that team Azula is going to team with the gaang somehow. I guess this is an often used trope in fiction (not that I think that to be a bad thing). So far it seems Zuko is not going to betray the gang but even though that possibility seem highly unlikely I would not be surprised if that happened. Even with how much alterations you have been doing, which I (repeating myself because I am really enjoying the changes) trully appreciate. Though I guess it is really unlikely considering the bonding that Zuko has had with the rest of the gang and his general attitude. Other things aside, I think that especially opening his chakras and spending time with the gang has really helped his character to grow. And I think other characters has grown too. So far this has been enjoyable read. I see that the answer to my earlier question if the Children need to create a connection to receive chi had became seemingly clear somewhere along the progression of the story, that they do need to establish the connection first. I wondee if Zuko's mom Ursa has met the same fate of givingup her old identity to get a new up from the Mother of Faces? Or is there an alternation waiting to be unraveled?
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 48 . 10/14
This chapter was fun. So, Shizue and unknown Joo Dee broke free from the hypnosis. I wonder what happens next with Shizue and the Joo Dee? Anyway, I think Azula is not going to conquer the Dai Li like she did in canon is she? So is she like going to create a literal revolution?
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 47 . 10/14
Okay so the Joo Dee was a White Lotus member? Who is she? And Sokka is fine, nice. I wonder that happens next!
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 46 . 10/14
Cool. So Aang could control the Avatar state once more. I wonder how this shenanigans with Sokka is going to turn up. I imagine Azula doing something bad. Anyway, I wonder how her and Jet's relationship is going to workout?
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 45 . 10/14
Nice chapter! I see water healing and undying fire bending can make a good duo when it comes to healing right? Azula is going a different path this time? Is it because of Freedom Fighters' indirect influence that she got that idea? I wonder if Azula and Jet is going to have a tragic romance thing or a happy ending or something. Anyway, I am excited for that happens next!
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 44 . 10/14
Nice! Is Shizue able to counteract the earth mindbending thingy because she has some inner fire? I have read fanfics that mentions that.
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 43 . 10/14
So Shizue is somehow keeping a part of her mind intact? How? Simething to do with the Children of the Undying Fire? Anyway, I wonder if Zuko will betray the gang even after all bonding they had?eIt seems pretty unlikely but you never know. And will Zuko lose his firebending like he did in the air temple in canon? It is not exactly clear how this fire losing thingy worked. Well I guess this point is still quite sometime away though. I did think Shirong was nod towards Embers
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 42 . 10/14
I am surprised what Azula is feeling charmed, but I guess it is within natural possibility range. She did try to do... something.. with that Chang boy after all. I wonder if Jet wil discover that she is a firebender though.
I am glad you are making big changes it is very fun to read.
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 41 . 10/14
Intetesting. So how this whole Basingse thing is going to workout?
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 40 . 10/14
Nice! But I am wondering, is the Children of the Undying Fire able to get/give the chi from/to anybody or they can do the gettung only if they have created the bond? Zuko seems to naturally influence huh? Anyway I wonder what happens to Azula will she join the gang eventually or will the canon reeat with her eventually going crazy or something like that?
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 39 . 10/14
I think Ty Lee's easy defeat of Toph was highly forced in the previous chapter, to be honest. Toph could have easily blocked Ty Lee by making an earth tent at least, and Ty Lee being a non-bender would not be able to do anything to Toph. This is in the worst case scenario for Toph. Seems odd that the master earthbender wouldnot do that havung already encountered Ty Lee and all.
Toph learned metalbending much earlier, cool! I liked the image of the drill or ship being collapsed on itself like paper. Now Iroh does not look too good. I am excited for what hapens next! I wonder if Zuko's ability actualy can be used as a longterm investment by healing many many people and then reaping their chi a bit from everyone, energy in a big ball of power!? Zuko would be unstoppable!
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 38 . 10/14
Wow nice. Iroh vs Azula this was nice. And Changpu died, sad. I can see Azula is cracking it is interesting to see what happens next.
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 37 . 10/14
Well well so Azula has gone crazy much earlier than in canon! Or so it would seem. I like that you are changing so much stuff, even giving Mai a Zukosque scar. It is certainly makes it much more entertainkng to read knowing that you do some work to make this AU seem natural rather than repeating canon with one sided alterations. I appreciate that.
Successful World Is A Nice Rel chapter 35 . 10/14
Nice! I hope the alleged pairing between Katara and Zuko is going to be natural and fluid. I almost felt that their interaction in this chapter was a bit unfluid. I wonder if Zuko will betray the gang? It seems he changed bonded too much with them to just betray them but still maybe he will lose himself again. I see that Azula was shaken by the events, I wonder how it all is going to work out.
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