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The Darkest wizard chapter 56 . 10/15
This is an amazing story! Please update soon!
25Carin chapter 56 . 10/12
I really don't remember this fic. I'm going to have to read it all over again. I really enjoyed reading this chapter tho! Especially the part where Katara asks Zuko if he was gay!
vanillaeclaer chapter 56 . 10/11
Even though I have never thought of an Azula-Jet pairing, it is very well thought out! And all the Zutara action... I need more! Zuko can be so BLIND sometimes... *sigh*
Secret.Identities chapter 56 . 10/9
Azula in interrogation is just woahhh. Wow, did you use her words well. It’s really great to see into her perspective.
Poor Aang... it’s painful for someone like him to be isolated for so long. I should know—my personality is super similar to his (and even then, I’m not as strong as he is).
Zuko, please please don’t dismiss seeing Azula; it really was her. Now go warn the others!
Ty Leeeee
Zuko questioned about his sexual orientation by Katara HAHAHAHAHA that moment is golden.
I wonder what made Katara so insistent to find out, hmm? She could have waited another minute to put her clothes on first but nooo.
In a twisted way, Jet really is perfect for Azula. But Azula will destroy Jet as she continues down this path. The betrayal will be asdfhjjhdshdsgja
If Azula gets pregnant by Jet like what you did to Katara by Zuko in With Small Steps... I don’t even know how I’m going to react. It would be an even worse mess, that’s for sure.
SmoulderS chapter 56 . 10/9
Wow, lots of Azula this chapter! I think Ty Lee is going to find that staying with Azula won't give her the level of influence over Azula that she seems to want . . . at some point, she's going to have to give up on her, or compromise her morals entirely. I can't wait for poor Aang to wake up!
Eboni chapter 56 . 10/9
Azula and Jet's romance is starting to get hot. I love his concern over her first kill, and how her only concern was how hot and bothered she was getting by Jet himself, she couldn't care any less about the man she'd killed. I wonder what she's going to do too! Is she going to share her identity with Jet and hope he'll still like her and maybe offer to take him with her... and hell, if he finds out, will he still like her or turn crazy. What an interesting situation!

Aww... I admire Katara for making sure Zuko's not taken before really trying to make her move-oh yes, and making sure that he likes girls before making a fool of herself, lol! Poor Aang, though, if he's crushing on Katara like he did on the show. But, I suppose, if he had to lose to somebody, better it be to a friend you consider a brother. Can't wait for the next update! Thanks :D.
Coldman9 chapter 56 . 10/8
So the weekend went downhill real quick, but I read the new chapter and finally have time to review so *cracking knuckles* Let's begin.

Very first thing we see is Azula interrogating Long Feng and finally killing him. . . . I always thought he had it coming. So it was Azula's first kill, and Jet was there. I've conpletely forgotten to mention until now how much I love this angle. The girl Jet wants most is the one he'd hate the most if he knew the truth. There's a kind of ironic justice in it and I love knowing the truth will come out eventually, likely with Azula standing over Jet in chains or something.

Getting really ominous feelings from her too.

Aang calling Zuko to his void was interesting, losing his past lives mrans no Avatar State and we all know how much of a win card that is. I'd hate being trapped like that, with nothing to do. I hope something happens to relieve that soon.

Getting woken like that had to have been a surprise for Zuko. Like you said about them happening naturally, this scene felt so much like what they'd do. I'm glad to see Toph isn't going to be constantly hanging off Zuko, I know she's been through a lot but that would feel like she was too helpless. And I bet Iroh will be a lot better on the supportive front. But I would like to see more Toph and Zuko interactions.

Also, Zuko just feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, wanting to help everyone but realizing he can't. It really speaks to his character, and I think it fitting that someone besides Aang be able to really help the people out.

And I dunno why but I get the feeling you're going for a kind of reverse Aang situation, where she'll kiss him before the invasion and he won't give her a answer before the battle starts.

And now Changpu has a king visiting his farm. That was a great touch. Zuko spotting Azula acts both as a great warning and foreshadowing, his instincts will probably run him ragged until she makes her move.

And finally we reach the figurative cherry on the icing of this chapter. You could cease all Zutara right here and I'd still be happy with the knowledge that Katara asked Zuko if he was gay while barely clothed. Such a great scene, I loved it.

And then finally back to Azula. And wow, WOW, I didnl not think Jet would get that far. I didn't think Azula would let it go that far. This takes their partnership to a new level, one where Jet is going to be so twisted up when he learns the truth.

Definitely feels like we're at the very esge of the cliff and about to jump off. I can't wait to see how Ba Sing Se falls and how the Gaang will scrape out an escape. Seriously, it's like they barely get time to catch their breathes before something else happens.

I'm really looking forward to what happens next. And I'm glad you found the time to get us all another chapter, it's appreciated. You keep up that fantastic work.
lydiasmith16 chapter 56 . 10/8
will azula get pregnant with jet's baby
it could add to the story and be one of the reason azula final snaps since pregnancy can have mood swings
Fine Waffle chapter 56 . 10/8
Dammit this is such a good fic ... I don’t really know what to think to the dynamic of relationships being added in ... I mean, I have my own ships but ... yea ... seriously, this fic is so damn good! I’ve never read a fic with Katara and Zuko as more than buddy buddy since I don’t really like that ship but ITS SUCH A GOOD STORYLINE I CANT STOP KEEP IT UP!
Brytte Mystere chapter 56 . 10/7
Oh good gods, I keep loving this fic more and more, by heaps and bounds, it's just too good.

Poor Zuko, hormones won't forever yield to his determination. Though I'm sure he'll do his best to prolongue the grace period.
Also, Katara my dear, your thirst is kiiiinda starting to show. It's delightfully hilarious.

Honestly I've been rereading this fic and damn but I love so much the way you've been developing everyone and their relationships with each other.

My heart keeps going for Toph, I sincerely hope Aang manages to find his way back, and wonder what would be Azula's reaction upon finding out the only one who can heal Shizue is the brother she's so keen on avoiding XD

Btw. Azula's clearly thteading on thin ice and I'm kinda sure the whole situation with Jet will come back to bite her...

Oh well. At least Long Feng won't be a problem anymore...

Thank you so much for this awesome update, and I hope everything goes well for you in your RL!
FFFG chapter 56 . 10/7
Well now, I'm not sure what to make of that. It's not that I deny the tension you've built up between Azula and Jet, it's moreso the thought of Azula losing herself to an Earth Kingdom peasant that's throwing me off. She seems a little more proud than that. Then again, hormones are a b!tc#.
I just hope Zuko et al are able to meet up with Sokka and co. soon. They are about to be embroiled in a huge brew-ha-ha and I'm worried they'll all miss each other again, and it will result in even more trouble. I just hope Sokka's plans will amount to something before it's too late.
I'm also secretly hoping that it takes Azula like, a week before they all move so Kuei will have a chance to have a proper saddle made for Appa again. It seems like something he'd order, doesn't it? Maybe give Zuko and Katara a chance to heal Aang some, or try for a few Joo Dee's? Ah well. That's for the next chapter. Till then, KTN
sasunaruneechan chapter 56 . 10/7
Great chapter! About time that Jet and Azula got together. Oh how she would regret it if it turns out she's pregnant! Would be a nice plottwist. Wonder how long you can prolong the tension between Katara and Zuko. And damn is Aang gonna feel hurt when he finds about them. And would love to see what Sokka's reaction would be too. But loosing the connection with his past lives doesn't make Aang a normal kid, right? He'd still be able to controll all four elements. I mean, Korra had no past lives she could counsel either. Really looking forward to what's gonna happen next! Faithfully waiting for each chapter of this fanfic, and i got to say, it's damn worth the long wait! Keep it up!
Laurie chapter 56 . 10/6
Thanks for the update! I was glad to see that Aang isn't in a completely hopeless situation. You addressed so many of their problems, at least in reminding us readers that they exist, and did it smoothly. Your version of the king is horribly accurate. The guy is a useless man-child who I despise! Finally, Azula may have found an area where she's in over her head. Being accepted by Jet for what she is, his offhand comment that he's the same, probably affected her more deeply than the sex did. You're making them a terrific pairing.
YorkyOnTheRun chapter 56 . 10/6
I never thought I'd ever ship Jet and Azula (I do now... sorcery I'll say!). Love the story as always, Toph tho... the scene with her was short but honestly, it really tug a hole at me. Seeing as she's clinged onto Zuko, I hope he and when she finally opens up with the others, they will help her recover. its just so hard seeing her like that...
KnightOwl247 chapter 56 . 10/5
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