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quoththeraven5 chapter 25 . 4h
I am so happy you updated! The inner monologue with Zuko was heart-breakingly beautiful, keep up the awesome work! :)
shieldmaiden333 chapter 1 . 5/28
I like this first chapter, and I wanted to say that Masky is totaly something Aang would call the Blue Spirit, and I think it's adorable. : )
BBLimits chapter 25 . 5/28
...I'm so happy you updated that it's almost pathetic.
Thank you very much for this new chapter!
Lewis the Editor chapter 25 . 5/28
Oh, I'm so glad to see you updating! This is such an amazing and well written story. Great scene between Katara and Zuko in this chapter. Looking forward to the next one!
Fritz Niemann chapter 25 . 5/27
I'd o look forward the next update. I do hope Mai and Azula make an interesting appearance.
Also will Mai and Zuko meet before the Ba Sing Sei
EbonyWing chapter 25 . 5/27
Poor Zuko! :(

I hope he figures things out and can start to reconnect to Sokka, Katara and Aang.

Excellent chapter!
Kimberly T chapter 25 . 5/26
An update to this excellent story! Yes, this was what I needed today!

Zuko's back on his feet, but clearly not ready to travel on his own yet. I imagine that sometime next chapter, Aang will hesitantly offer Zuko and his uncle a place aboard Appa, perhaps with the somber addition that even if Zuko wants nothing more to do with him, he can at least offer them a lift to the nearest inhabited town. But before then, I'm hoping Zuko has conversations with Sokka and Toph; it will be interesting to find out what they have to say to him.
The conversation with Katara left so much unsaid, but at the same time, it was just long enough, said exactly what needed to be said. Now what will Katara do with that information, i wonder?
cyathula chapter 25 . 5/26
I can see why this chapter was hard to write, but I think you pulled it off well. Maybe because Zuko is mirroring my own life crossroads (career-related) in a magnified way, but I felt I could really understand his confusion and frustration. Good job! I look forward to future chapters and good luck with them!
Tortoise01Swe chapter 25 . 5/26
YES YES FINALLY! So happy you updated! Can't wait for the next part :) 3
zinneria chapter 25 . 5/26
Holy fudge-buckets, for some reason I didn't think this would be updated.
Anyway, I thought this was a pretty good chapter so I think it was worth the wait. :3
I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Kiyoky chapter 2 . 5/26
I love it !
So here is my contribution a review !
I like the dynamics of the story and how it's told.
See you
XIII-Jinx-XIII chapter 25 . 5/26
"If your muse is late for work, start without her." Sometimes nothing seems to flow right and all we can do is keep trying. This chapter still turned out pretty well
frznlights chapter 25 . 5/26
Thanks for the update!
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 25 . 5/26
Ooh! what's the memory? :P
Just in my opinion, I think Zuko should forgive Aang and Iroh should help Zuko just a liiiitle bit more. Then they should train up Aang and also Zuko and go kick arse! xD haha
anyway, thanks for the update
Kally Lass chapter 25 . 5/26
Oh, Zuko.
Oh, Iroh.
*hugs to a slightly lesser extent*
Oh, Katara

Zuko's just adrift in the mostly-formed memories of his past and I shudder to think at there being even more painful memories than the Agni Kai with his father. Perhaps the memory of Azulon ordering his execution and pretty much everyone going along with it?
But then, this Zuko doesn't have that sincere faith in his mother either, and never seems to have if he can remember things like being always watched by a maid ('mother's afraid of me, I'm worse than Azula . . . '), being scared by her ('what did Mum think I did? Did she think I hurt the turtle-duck?'), and being forcibly denied to practice what felt right ('if I don't do this, she not not love me any more,') and yet more stuff. And this is all fresh in his mind.
The mind that also recently remembered his father. And his sister. And that his uncle abandoned him. And that the friend he trusted lied and manipulated him to keep him around. Every single person he's trusted (aside from Katara and Sokka) has hurt him in a very tangible way, and *so recently* (seriously, all that happening in the space of a few weeks to him) that he might not ever be able to trust as well as he ever did. Really on Toph's got a clean slate, and I will *always* love Toph-Zuko epic friendship/sibling bond.
I don't know. As much as Zuko's love and loyalty towards his family is an integral part of his entire character and spirit, it's just *gone* here. Maybe that's why part of why he feels so empty. For better or for worse so much of his life has centred around his family that to have lost that . . . no wonder he's lost.
And no, I'm not putting down his decisions in DotBS entirely down to his family, he chose for the world (and also for Uncle) there; but he was still pitting himself against his family in a very visceral way and the guilt over his uncle certainly gave him sleepless nights.
It'll be interesting to see how Iroh proves to Zuko that he can be trusted and that he'll never leave him again. It'll be even more interesting to see how Zuko decides to approach learning to trust others again; how to find a purpose in life and, if you pardon the pun, his spark for life.

As for Iroh . . . at least he's realised that Zuko's pretty shattered

Also, I don't think this is poorly written at all and it seems to transition smoothly from section to section. I feel like, perhaps, you intended for a few bits to be longer (the tiny Iroh bit in particular feels like it was shorted than wanted), but it's still a very good chapter. I love the little analogy about how you can't fix things perfectly once they're broken (and tying it back to Zuko), I love the awkwardness between Zuko and Katara (I will campaign for epic friendship, but upon reading this chapter I feel that entering into a romantic relationship within a few months of all this and what's to come could actually be detrimental to Zuko in the long run - can you say Trust Issues? Clinging to a Partner? Very Protective and Jealous (think about how he was in the cartoon with Mai at the party and then multiply it by Everyone I've Trusted Has Lied to Me, Hurt Me and Betrayed Me) and more) and how he *did* extend a hand out in spite of all his misgivings; and I just like how *tired* so much of Zuko's narrative feels.

Oh, and as far as healing Zuko's memories with waterbending . . . 'Airbender's Child: Fire' had exactly that same plot point. Not sure if you want to tread ground that's already trodden, but maybe avoid it? And personally, I can't see how healing can return memories. Even Zuko seems to feel like it won't help. And if his chi/spirit/memories don't want to be helped, then I have the feeling that it won't work. And didn't they try something like that back around Omashu? It's been a while since I read the whole thing, but I think that happened.

I do feel a little irriated with Iroh *seeming* to choose to just follow Zuko's lead with this, but I can't help but feel that right now ZUko needs a bit more than just that support; don't *push* him to decide anything major, but a bit more *help*. Agh, complicated feelings! Then again, I suppose Iroh doesn't realise that Zuko's already given up the Avatar and returning home that way, and that without more active support could be forever frozen at an impasse.
So complex!

I hope now this tricky chapter's out of the way you'll be able to update more quickly.
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