Reviews for Oil Paintings
Sternhimmel chapter 1 . 5/23/2012
Oddly, I started to like war stories, perhaps because in those moments we truly can see real miracles.

This story brings me a warm feeling, because it shows us more the love between brothers like Kouji and Kouichi.

I saw Asarikou-chan's review and her phrase "You or rather Kouichi didn't talk about the war's sides and that was really good which left more focusing on the humanity there" makes me think that in a war actually "the good side and the bad side" don't exist, because the men who are fighting, fight for an ideal or for their families, BUT the people (aka goverment) behind it only want money.
Asarikou-chan chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
I have contradicting feelings right now. Honestly, I don't know what to feel exactly but maybe the thing that I am sure I feel is...I feel stupid. You know I felt sorry for myself when I read the first two sections. I could imagine(no need for imagination, I saw worse) what happened when the alarm was heard...except we don't have alarm for plans attacks. The scene when the"narrator" was talking about the flowers forced me to cry and that is partially why I felt like an idiot...The real part helped in that, you know.

I think the end is supposed to be funny and all(I searched about the movie BTW) but I didn't feel happy(Really idiot)

A Police Helicopter ? The twins seem too engaged in Kouichi's story. The open end for the twins' story seemed good. Just like how life in war is. You or rather Kouichi didn't talk about the war's sides and that was really good which left more focusing on the humanity there. If I can comment on Kouichi's story then maybe he shouldn't add the last question. Any mother would go to look for her child so no point in blaming him even if unintentionally.

You know, a small part of me didn't like the real twins for the first time in my life. A tiny little small part but I could feel it*sigh* I am just too damn sensitive for my own good. I have to agree with Kouichi though. Wars keep happening and it is more about people who don't mind killing others...Killing Machines...still ,we have no right to judege those people after all no one judges a machine...

I am seriously thinking about writing sth similar to the story part but I don't think I have the required abilities despite the existence of a plot and inspiration(reality).

That is the first time I felt that I had been tricked hehe but it is all right, I got the idea and that was brilliant. The last thing I expected was a story like this. It made me sad and happy at the same time. Thanks Akiza-chan. I enjoyed reading it.