Reviews for Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range
LizziePaige chapter 5 . 5/3
Edward works hard and plays harder, with no apologies for either. He’s young and single so he can enjoy that kind of lifestyle, but he can’t expect the females he’s with to play by different rules to him.
LizziePaige chapter 4 . 5/3
Poor Rose, whichever way it’s spun the Rose and Royce story rarely ends well and always leaves me sad and heartbroken for her.
LizziePaige chapter 1 . 5/3
I’m here for another go around. Not sure how often I reviewed last time, so it may not let me post reviews on some we go!
CSG chapter 28 . 5/2
I seen this come up on your Facebook page on the, “On This Day.” I made an EPub copy for myself to read, that way I could read it if we were out and about - without any WiFi. I’m not usually much of an angsty reader, but will enjoy one on occasion. You did almost give me heartfail with Edward, btw, but you made it right so you’re forgiven. I really enjoyed it. I’m actually going to miss those two. It’s kinda like losing a family member when you finish a story you’ve immersed your emotions into so completely, but it’s worth the book hangover to experience the wonderful world you so graciously typed out on to the pages of FFN for all of us to read. Thanks for writing it and for sharing it with us! I’ll be recommending it in my group, The Twilight Fan Fiction Finders.
agatona chapter 28 . 5/1
This is a good story as recommended by our FB group.
Regret that I've read it only recently. But as you already know, you are one of the best writers in here. Thank you.
Can't wait for more.
Tan R chapter 25 . 12/15/2017
I know I said Bella was pathetic (and she is) but this was really well written and a decent story. You're a good writer.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/7/2017
You guys paint men so wrongly as if girls aren't cheaters also. When actually women are worst then men is in most relationships. So stop acting like women are perfect!
Tan R chapter 11 . 9/17/2017
Wow... well Bella's pathetic
Guest chapter 14 . 9/2/2017
Man is she stupid
Mina chapter 14 . 6/14/2017
Are you nuts? You really think that Edward had "good" reasons? Are you serious? So let me get this straight!
Because he has contracts that has him out on his ship most of the time, Edward is allowed to be an asshole and manwhore? Oh and can't have a relationship? Aaaah okay got it. That's how men excuse cheating. Right!
This is utter bullshit. All of Edward's excuses. If Bella meant so much to him, he wouldn't slept with other women. And then to explain it to her in fucked up is that.
These are NOT good reasons and really NOT good intentions. It counts for nothing if you ask me.
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 28 . 5/18/2017
Absolutely amazing story. It really jerked me around for awhile and it made me cry! But at the end of the day, it was an amazing story and I'm glad I read it! :)
Thank you so much for sharing it and I can't wait to read more!
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 25 . 5/17/2017
Stupid chapter made me cry again lol.
Although I am still grumpy about Edward, I am SO happy that he is alive and kicking. The ending of this chapter was sweet and adorable.
I know that Edward just came back from his "death" and he's had amnesia and stuff, but I still thought his apology about the awful things he sad to Bella before the accident was not the best. He definitely could've done better on that apology. And I know that it isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but the way he talked to her was just atrocious, and it colored my view of Edward a little.
But great chapter and I look forward to more! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 22 . 5/17/2017
So thanks for making me cry...
That's always fun.
Well I started off this chapter pissed at Edward.
And then I got really annoyed because Bella was thinking about traveling with Edward. Which annoyed me because, she was thinking about it after he was a complete asshole to her RIGHT before he left and because he threw a temper tantrum, she is now thinking about leaving her DYING father to be with him. What a selfish asshole. God.
After this chapter, I am SUPER pissed at Edward. Because he was a complete dick, he left his and Bella's relationship at a really horrible place before they left. And then he went into a storm and is maybe dead?! What kind of person does that to the woman they claim to love? First, how could you be such a dick? And second, how could you leave without making sure everything was good?
Currently feeling very sad and very angry with Edward. Probably going to be pissed at him for awhile (because he will make it out-I know he will)
Onto the next chapter!
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 21 . 5/17/2017
I think I actually kind of hate Edward after this chapter.
He was straight up cruel to bella and didn't even seem to care. Not only did he completely blow up at her and say such awful things, but he didn't even try to fix it. He just left them at a horrible place because he was being a complete dipshit.
I 100% do not think that Bella should have apologized to him at all during that time. She did absolutely nothing wrong. And the fact that he could be so insensitive as cruel was just astounding.
Here she is, taking care of her dying father, trying to deal with Edward being away from her AGAIN, and he says these vicious things to her, that would absolutely break my freaking heart if I was in Bella's position. And if I were her, I would really start to question things. Like am I holding him back? Does he resent me? Does he truly love me enough? Can he ever leave the sea? Am I just a burden to him?
It's heartbreaking.
And the fact that she made an effort to talk to him after he yelled at her (the first time), even though I think he was 100% in the wrong, and he just yelled at her some more? I thought it was mean. Especially when HE LEFT WITHOUT saying goodbye! Literally! He wrote some stupid words on a piece of paper.
If I was Bella, I would be completely pissed and hurt. Especially because he didn't even seem too upset that he hurt her. When he was talking to Jasper about it, he didn't seem upset that he had literally broken Bella's heart and then just left her to go fishing for a freaking week!
Right now I am VERY pissed with Edward. He was a complete asshole and I'm very upset with him!
Lol rant over! But I can't wait to read more! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 14 . 5/17/2017
I really love this story. It's making me so ready and I'm seriously feeling so many emotions.
But I think edward is the biggest freaking dick and I wish Bella had made him work for it more. While he was upfront with her the previous summer about them only being together that summer, he gave her so much false hope that OF COURSE she would think they are in a relationship. While his words said "no commitment," his actions said something completely different.
And I thought his "reasons" for sleeping with those women were complete bullshit. He KNEW that Bella completely fell for him and would be pining away for him, and yet he did nothing. God, in one of those two damn letters he could have said "move on, j have". But instead, he was a selfish prick and gave her just enough hope to wait for him. And his reasoning for why he slept with those women "I wanted to stay with you, but I couldn't because of my crew, so I screwed those woman to give me normalcy" was so dumb. Everyone told him he was an idiot and that he screwed up, and he did absolutely nothing but write her two stupid notes. His actions are appalling and I do no think what he did was at all understandable or justified. It clearly seemed like he just wanted the freedom to have sex and get Bella out of his mind, with no care about her or how he left her. And to say it when he was in the middle of having sex with her? Absolutely disgusting.
Honestly, I think Edward has a whole hell of a lot to make up for and I really wish Bella would actually hold him accountable. But she's so in love with him that she doesn't. She lets him walk all over her and she takes him back after he didn't talk to her for 8 months, had sex with her, slept with other women, all because she loves him and he gave her a sob story about how he had to for the sake of his crew.
I freaking love this story (as I have no been able to freaking put it down) but I am so freaking disappointed in Edward. All the stupid tests he made Bella do, the mind games, the jerking her around, it makes me sad that she puts up with it because she thinks he's a good guy. I haven't seen too much of this "good" Edward. All I see is a guy who takes what he wants and then apologizes for it after.
So I am hoping that Bella will grow a pair and start to put him in his place. Because right now, all I want to do is punch him in the face
Lol sorry for my rant! I am just so invested in the story! :)
Can't wait to read more!
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