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Uhura the 9th chapter 1 . 8/4/2017
Of all the Amanda and Sarek stories I read, this one is the far best , the other stories I have read made Amanda Grayson so whimpy and helpless. This story gave her a strong character and strong mindedness in thought. The other stories had her crying ALL THE TIME! Here you have her defending herself and fighting for survival. Which I like, she needed strength to counter act Sarek strong demeanor. I hope you keep that in you next stories about her, you related her personality well with star trek TOS in the Journey to Babel, which I watched today LOL. I like the interaction with the other vulcans in the story and Sarek's best friend Soren, great job. Thanks again, it was great reading.
DownDeepSouth chapter 11 . 5/12/2015
I've been loving the media parts of these last few chapters. The list of article and blog post titles, the interview, T'Vey's media analysis. And I remember liking the upcoming Stein meadia coaching a lot. Much of it requires a different tone (lighter, more TV than prose) and you do a good job with it.
DownDeepSouth chapter 10 . 5/12/2015
First, thank you for the Sarek/Amanda lovegasm that you've had the reader waiting for after nine chapters. Very excellent. Truly some of the best I've ever read.

Second, this should have been 4 chapters (or more) on its own. The lovegasm, the afterglow, the work and media, and the water ceremony. The beginning was so amazing that it almost makes all of the "back to the real world" stuff tedious.

And there are still more chapters after all that?! (wishes she could remember how this ends)
DownDeepSouth chapter 9 . 5/5/2015
Another great chapter! I particularly enjoy how you are switching gears from the polite, utterly controlled Sarek that Amanda first met to the territorial, more controlling Sarek that we know from Journey to Babel. This is just as careful and deliberate as the rest of the romance has been and I appreciate that.

Normally I would point out the ballroom dancing scene as an example of behavior that Sarek is much too private to engage in, but you led up to it really well. He did something out of character because he was feeling out of character, after a night of mounting frustrations and as a way to lay claim on Amanda.

And I love that her brother clocks him right away and is in no way fooled by his intentions now.

So why is he beating around the bush? Are you trying to squeeze out a few more chapters? Because at this point you've got his whole staff thinking it is logical-so maybe it is about time something happened.
DownDeepSouth chapter 8 . 5/4/2015
This chapter has a lot of different things going on, maybe too many. I enjoy all the pieces (a date, commentary from the media analyst, the translator tests, the mysterious women, and his mother), but together it seemed like a little too much was going on here.
DownDeepSouth chapter 7 . 5/4/2015
It feels like this should be near the end of the story, but it is actually the middle. It makes me wonder what you have planned.

The dance lesson section was compelling, but during the conversation in the middle you don't mention them dropping hands or continuing to dance, and for the most emotionally tense points it is hard to picture what they are doing. The action gets lost in the dialogue.

In Sarek's musings (AKA when he decides to actually pursue Amanda) he doesn't mention the backlash he and she could get from his own people directly. You get the sense that Vulcans would not find this a normal choice, but he isn't really thinking through the consequences. I think I'm noticing it because that planning is a big part of so many other Sarek/Amanda romance fics, but here he seems to casually brush it off.

That said, the awkwardness of the dance seen really came through well. You telegraphed those emotions with enough skill that I could imagine the little awkward, anxious gestures between the two of them in that confined space. Good work!
DownDeepSouth chapter 6 . 5/4/2015
Romance, shockingly well done. The build up was just right, and now the emotions you are firing off are all hitting their marks. By the end, a reader can absolutely imagine that picture.

I love how you took the translator takes from a cute plot device to a core element, and the pacing between those two scenes kept the tempo up as well. This is the part in your story where binge-reading gets really tempting.
DownDeepSouth chapter 5 . 5/3/2015
This chapter pushed the boundaries of belief for me a bit.

For one, the conversation about philosophy felt forced, a real disappointment since most of your conversations flow naturally. It seemed like you knew what you wanted them to talk about, but couldn't quite picture the conversation.

And there is no way I believe Sarek is running around, chasing Amanda, in his robes, in a public park, and not on drugs or in Pon Farr. At this point I would believe it if they were in her apt or his suite, her offices, or even a garden in the Vulcan Embassy if it were emptied. But a public park-that's a little too far.

That said, the chemistry in this chapter is top notch. I can totally believe, after all this build up, that Amanda is getting under Sarek's skin.
DownDeepSouth chapter 3 . 5/3/2015
Again, lovely. Overall the pace you are taking with their relationship is believable, as are the scenes. Having watched plenty of folks (friends and dates) at movies or plays, I could really relate to the scene at the symphony. (Based on prior personal experience?)

One thing I found a little iffy:

-They really stood out in the rain, even under an umbrella, for an hour? And hour is a long time to stand anywhere, and I'm not sure I believe Sarek would tolerate rain and all the humidity and cold that comes with it. And would Amanda feel comfortable standing outside in one spot for an hour, even with Sarek? Again, an hour is a long time to stand anywhere.

And while I love the back and forth between the Vulcan Embassy Security Staff, Stanek's comment to T'Vey that Sarek didn't present Amanda with any new information is inaccurate. Sarek gives Amanda information about their media monitoring and then promises her more later.

(All nitpicky details. Great chapter!)
DownDeepSouth chapter 2 . 5/3/2015
Just lovely. So much Sarek/Amanda origins stuff is heavy, or overly dramatic, or puts Sarek in situations he would never normally be in, all traps you story is not falling into here. It is believable that Sarek, isolated by the worries of others over his unbonded state, would be more open to making a new, unconventional friendship.

This time their appreciation of one another is detailed enough that it is enjoyable. And the dating scenes are in a light tone, wihch is fun!

There's only one thing that's niggling at me, and that is how easily and comfortably the scene at the diplomatic reception goes. Amanda notes it is a very weird environment-but never says so to Sarek. Sarek very quickly uses her for his own diplomatic agenda-but didn't feel the need to say anything about that in advance to her, or to thank her for it afterwards.

Maybe I'm just imagining how this often goes irl-one person invites the other to visit them at work and then they do and it turns out awkward. At any rate, take that criticism or leave it. All in all, a fun read.
DownDeepSouth chapter 1 . 5/2/2015
This is my second read-through on this story, with some time in between. I remember loving it, but I do have some notes too.

Your initial description of Amanda is too much. She's too amazing. She's pretty and smart, with a tragic past, but she's elevated herself above all obstacles to achieve academic superstardom. She goes on plenty of dates but really none at all because she's too busy being awesome.

That said, I'm more ready to believe her saavant status academically because you've done an excellent job describing the Translator Project in a way that is both thorough and interesting. Very engaging.

Their meeting was really well done. They both come to all the same conclusions one would expect that people with in a long-term relationship might feel on a first meeting (she's smart, pretty, eloquent, and just BAMF and he's talk, dark, and broody handsome) but more slowly, with enough detail and interaction to really justify the praise.

The fighting was lovely, interspersed with the unsolicited flowers, which was really creepy.

Overall, good job with building up to a believable courtship.
Guest chapter 13 . 2/13/2015
Excellent story. I really enjoy Amanda and Sarek.
MuggleCreator chapter 13 . 9/30/2014
I love the way you write these two.
Love how you show Sarrk's romantic side as well as Amanda's. "You just have to look" indeed!
And the idea of hostile groups being so idiotically prejudiced as to attempt a kidnapping was good, too.
starfreak23 chapter 13 . 5/28/2013
This is my third time reading this story and I never cease to "Sit on the edge of my seat" with suspense, or fangirl at the romance as if it was my first time reading. Keep up the amazing work :)
sandsofvulcan chapter 13 . 10/9/2012
An exciting end to a great story. I liked it very much, thanks.
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