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LillyZ chapter 50 . 11h
Good for Ella for getting her life together and making a friend. I think she should go to Kara's graduation ceremony to be there for her little sister. Besides, Kara has an excellent point: Ella fought so much and has been so very brave; she should be able to stand up to her parents.
LillyZ chapter 49 . 7/30
When he crowned them, Aslan told the Pevensies: "Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia." I happen to believe this is true for all of the friends of Narnia. They all went back, even Susan, who had been deemed unworthy was redeemed, so I believe Ella will one day return as well.
LillyZ chapter 48 . 7/30
I really respect Kara for listening to Ella's whole story and not dismissing her r telling her she's crazy, but actually believing her and asking to hear more. I know Aslan told her Ella's story would be like that, but Kara didn't have to believe him. I don't know how they'll manage it, but I'm glad Ella will be staying close for a while.
WoodElfJedi chapter 49 . 7/22
I'm glad that Kara and Ella made up. :)

The pillow fight was a nice touch.

Keep it up and update asap!
WoodElfJedi chapter 48 . 7/12
Before I joined FFN, I found this story and absolutely loved it.
I had actually thought about it a few times since I had first read it, and then I was looking at someone else's favorite stories, and this was on that list.
I got very excited and began to pick up where I left off.
(I actually squealed when I saw it. :) )

This is a superb story. I think C.S. Lewis would be proud of it.

The characters from Narnia seemed very in character and not out of character. Great job!

Aslan was perfectly displayed, both physically and when he spoke. Excellent job! :)

For an OC, Ella seems very real to me, which I find very exciting. You have displayed her as a real person, with real fears and emotions, and sometimes that can be hard in fanfiction. I have read many, many fanfictions, and only a few of the ones I have read, have had OC's that are believable. Awesome job!

I think the only criticism that I have is that I feel like sometimes description is lacking, for example, Tash.

You've done an excellent job writing this and I can hardly wait to read more.

Keep it up and update asap!
QueenChezzie chapter 47 . 6/3
I liked your story a lot and the way you kept it original but also the way you aligned it with the original Narnia. If you write any more I'll be reading them.
LillyZ chapter 47 . 5/27
This is lovely. I am sure this reunion could not have been easy on either of the girls, but they did well. I think it was important Ella sees that maybe her sister's life isn't as great as she thought, and that no matter what, her sister loves her and needs her. Can we get some more sisterly bonding next chapter?
WendyAliceJuliet chapter 47 . 5/27
This. Is. Magnificent. It has the feel of being a real addition to the Chronicles of Narnia, and not just random fanfiction. I love how you keep the wonder/fantasy and the spiritual depth that the books have, while making it your own. There are some tiny mistakes here and there, (like brave being misspelled in one of the chapters) but they don't detract from the story. I can't wait to see the rest! :)
MCH chapter 47 . 5/27
Good job she did get in contact, sounds as if her sister needs a friend and a sister. Somebody to talk to and to love.
They have a lot to say and give to one another.

Good chapter like how it wasn't all lovey dovey. So what happened next?
Muirgen79 chapter 47 . 5/26
That is going to be one long explanation
elomeno chapter 46 . 3/30
LillyZ chapter 46 . 3/29
Ella must have been so anxious about this reunion! I am so happy that it turned out well. I swear my heart got all fuzzy and warm when Kara hugged Ella; it was beautiful.
MCH chapter 46 . 3/29
Well she found her sister and Kara didn't reject Ella, just a hug and a long discussion to come. Neat chapter the shall I, can I, but Aslan is walking with Ella he'll not let her fall it may not be comfortable meeting her sister but Ella needs to deal with this.

So what is Kara side of this story?
Muirgen79 chapter 46 . 3/28
Good chapter and nice visit for her with Aslan
Silky Button chapter 45 . 3/22
this has been a rather interesting live.

I hope to see more soon
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