Reviews for M'lady The Magician: Mistletoe and Twine
EmrysofWriting chapter 4 . 1/2/2014
Woo too lazy to log in. But yay Lenora! I have been waiting for this chapter for a while!
Ammaarah01 chapter 3 . 12/22/2013
Hi, I just read your story today. It's really good, really interesting. Update soon! :D
NerdyLullaby chapter 3 . 6/4/2012
Full name: Lenora Soulblood { No Relationship to said, Lady Soulblood }

Age: 15

Home world: Marleybone

Appearance: Long red hair, light green eyes, small lips, an oval head

Signature clothing: A Victorian Dress from Marleybone that is a dark green, and heeled boots that are black and lace up.

Weapon: Staff

Pets or Mounts: Chestnut Pony, named Fae

Personality: She is a rather, shy and quiet girl. She rarely speaks up, unless it is needed. She also is a teacher's pet. But she is tough, and is not afraid to fight.

Back story: Lenora's parents moved to Marleybone, when everything with Malastaire happened. Growing up among animals, she became quick to pick up the languages animals spoke. Moving to Wizard City to learn, Lenora was surprised she got into the death school. Learning she carried a rare trait of Death students, soul seeing, in which she saw the person/creature's soul, and could tell if it was tainted. This later helped her as a Life student.

Markings: Scar running from left temple to clavical due to a bad run in with a creature that ended her up in the infirmary for a week, this caused the semi-blindness in her left eye.

School: Death, later Life.

Level: 60

Relationship: One brief realtionship, the guy still follows her around.

Other: She is a rather talented student, yet will not she her extent of her powers unless needed. She tends to act the weakest, unless it is called for her to truly fight.

SPECIAL: Duchess of Marleybone
Queen Becc chapter 3 . 5/20/2012
Name: Heather LifeBlade

Age: 15

Home World: Avalon (if not then Zafaria)

Appearance: Long brown hair and has sweet big innocent brown eyes

Signature Clothing: She wears Dragonspyre robe and hat and shoes even though it is not allowed in Avalon

Weapon: Sword of Salamon (Sword with a really sharp hook)

Pets or Mounts: Pet Forest Lord named Duke and a Black panther mount name Nightfall

Personality: Very sweet in terms but if you get on her bad side i would be scared. She is great at combat but just loves nature

Back Story: Her mother was the queen on Zafaria but her father was the king of Avalon. Heather lived with her mother until her mother got terribly sick so she passed away. Her father soon followed. So she became queen on Avalon.

School: Life and Balance (Sun too)

Level: 73

Relationship: IDK

Other: N\A

Special: Avalon (or Zafaria)