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Ulcaasi chapter 153 . 9/20
Whew. Damn. This story is an absolute beast. Kept me up enough nights that I'm feeling pretty sleep deprived right now XD

Brilliant story. I'll be honest, I was a little apprehensive while reading the first few chapters but as it geared in towards the events of 2 and 3, I was completely floored. Also Wrex and the Krogan's fascination with the fish is hilarious, endearing and extremely amusing. Glad I managed to find this gem after digging around some of my favourite authors'(actually just one) favourite stories :P
Ulcaasi chapter 61 . 9/14
I fucking love Wrex. I would've left a review sooner but I was rather engrossed in the whole story till Wrex's sheer awesome pulled me out long enough to drop this short review.
griezz chapter 153 . 9/9
Finally reached the end. Gotta be honest: I wasn't too happy with the first part of the story; you seemed to go directly against the basic writing advice of "show, don't tell" and skipped over most of the first game. The first dozen or so chapters sounded more like after-action reports than story chapters. Even you admit that you had early problems, but then your account of the entire first game took as many chapters as the series-concluding final assault on Earth. That being said... you HAVE gotten better. I stuck with the story and was rewarded with a take on Shepard and Liara that I enjoyed. I didn't like eveything; the fate of the Rachni Queen felt like such a lousy payoff, and some of the personal decisions seemed a little cold. However, you helped use Morgan's mistakes to help develop her character and make her grow. Thanks for a wonderful story and on to the next...
griezz chapter 148 . 9/9
Given all of Jokers drinking, he needs a good talking to, but since he won't talk to Shepard, what cab they do?... Well, how about calling in the person that Jeff would be most likely to talk to: Dr. Karin Chakas. She's always been like a mother to Joker, so she'd be the one that Joker might let in.
griezz chapter 133 . 9/9
Well, if Shepard has no clue who to nominate to be Human Councilor, I certainly have one. (Too bad I'm reading this year's after the storysequel are written.) I would have nominated... Armando Bailey. As a leading figure in C-Sec, Bailey has had years of dealing with alien races, Council and non-Council. He has kept a cool head in extreme tough situations, including playing a vital role in repulsing the Cerberus coup. He is not afraid to make tough decisions, even going beyond the rules when necessary, yet has the patience to deal with bureaucracies. Even the fact that he has operated on the Citadel for years means that he is free of Terran political entanglements. That's why I would have chosen Bailey to be the new Human Councilor.
griezz chapter 132 . 9/8
Just halfway through this chapter, and I've seen more than over the last few, to call it right now: if Singh isn't a Cerberus mole, then he is a fellow traveller. Sure, there might be some noise about Terra Firma and the admirals' group being in opposition, but I suspect political play-acting. They are the same xenophobic ilk.
griezz chapter 125 . 9/8
Finally! For years, ever since the release of the base ME3 game, one of my biggest issues with the sight of the damaged or destroyed Relays was that it meant likely mass starvation for the Quarians and Turian, given the lack means for feeding them outside of their now-inaccessible dextro colonies. As for the rest, once the Relay system is gone, it would be so easy for civilization to collapse. I can't wait to see how you address this issue, but THANK YOU for actually realizing that it was a possibility and raising it!
griezz chapter 99 . 9/7
Okay, I must admit that the sniper contest you came up with was a lot better than the canon one. Cheers!
griezz chapter 79 . 9/6
In the aftermath of the Cerberus attack on the Citadel, Shepard's ignorance is her bliss. If she had ever bothered going to the lower docks, she would likely have found Kelly Chambers there; unless Shepard meets her prior to the attack and randomly tells her to change identities, then Kelly is executed by Cerberus during the attack. As such, Shepard actually lost two friends that day, not just Thane.
griezz chapter 28 . 9/4
I know that this is going back a ways, but in the chapter that covered the various ME2 loyalty missions, you had Shepard warn Morinth off. While the outcome is likely a few chapters away, I can't see Samara tolerating the lapse, whether biotically-induced, chemically-induced or caused by lonely depression. At the point where I am, I would fully expect Samara to turn on Shepard as soon as the mission is over.
rthansen chapter 138 . 5/5
Sry, I normally wait until finishing a completed story before reviewing, but I just have to let go of a little rant... I'm seriously starting to dislike Liara... I did not think it possible... She is so selfish! First, she gets pregnant and then keeps it from Shepard, claiming she did so Shepard wouldn't worry. Then, she jeopardizes her unborn child by going to battle, claiming that she had to be there for Shepard. Shepard would probably be even more inclined to succeed if she knew about the pregnancy knowing she had, even more, to fight for. And when Shepard shows concern about the complications (after being told while Liara raped her mind) with the pregnancy, Liara snaps at her. And she doesn't even tell her the whole truth!
I also find it underwhelming how Shepard reacted to all that. She was mad for about two lines and then she just doesn't care that she was lied to and that her bond-mate put her unborn child (and herself) in harm's way. I get that the mind-rape had to happen to save Shepard, but there should be some aftermath of Liara's lies and the lack thereof is really disappointing.
Also, FU Aria! I really liked her and her badass attitude and I liked the friendship between the four of them, but then she actually saves a videotape of her "friends" having sex and then proceed to use it against a "friend" who just asked for help with something important. What a bitch.
I'll continue reading, hoping it will get better soon because I really like this story up until after the war.
Otter chapter 153 . 3/27
What a wonderful story! I was midway through reading this yesterday, and had the thought "i need to look for the fandom surrounding this book" and then realised, "wait, this is part of a fandom". Beautifully written, and exceptionally detailed. I love that youve expanded so many pf the characters and created arcs for them without detracting from your A plot with Liara and Shepard.

Thanks so much for sharing this tale, and I'm off to read the sequel now.
Yuri-hime chapter 24 . 12/13/2015
Lawl, ahh the random pointless 'missions' of ME2. How I don't miss them at all XDD
Yuri-hime chapter 23 . 12/13/2015
Loved this chapter :)
Yuri-hime chapter 11 . 12/13/2015
Garrus is love :)
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