Reviews for The Complications of Demigods
Guest chapter 87 . 11/18
Where is the sequel? You cannot leave it there, there are so many questions not finished
xxSnowxxAngelxx chapter 87 . 10/24
Please continue this in a sequel! I loved it so much! And ignore the person claiming you ruined Ron, because I agree with your portrayal of him. I'm not overly fond of Ron, Ginny, Percy or Molly most of the time, though Ginny and Molly can be written with good personalities as well as bad and/or creepy-stalker personalities. I liked how they are portrayed here. But Ron and Percy have irredeemable personalities, Ron bailing on Harry and Hermione in their year-long trip to hunt down Horcruxes shows his lack of trustworthiness. I honestly could see him turning into another Wormtail nine times out of ten unless one manages to get through his thick skull and whatnot. Also, Ron turned on Harry in fourth year about the tournament, then get welcomed back after the first task no questions asked? Yeah, I didn't like him and even Rowling said she regretted pairing Ron and Hermione together after the fact. Harry(Alexander) with Hermione made more sense.

Aqua Aquana chapter 87 . 10/12
I officially need a bloody sequel!
Reader chapter 87 . 10/2
The Story altogether is awesome but could you please make a sequel
CrossoverFreak0628 chapter 87 . 10/2
I enjoyed the book imensely and was wondering if you were going to write a sequel?
The dragons cursed flame chapter 17 . 9/23
At the part we're Lucious and Arthur we're wrestling like muggles I started laughing cause all I could imagine was Draco standing in the background shaking his head in utter embarrassment like "Dad were purebloods what are you doing?"
Izze McTigue chapter 13 . 8/30
Ron sounds like an idiot seriously y did u do that Ron is the best character and u ruined him
Izze McTigue chapter 2 . 8/29
OMG YES GOOD! I have read a lot of fan fictions this is one of the best ones! Bravo bravo!
Guest chapter 27 . 8/25
Jones? Williams? Do I smell a Hetalian?
CloakedDarkness chapter 87 . 8/24
Oooooook so, The plot is good. Very good. The story itself is good but you lack to write in detail (events happen to fast, etc...) One thing that I intensely disliked is that while at Hogwarts Harry and Hermione would be safe from monsters, on holidays, monsters should be flocking them. Especially considering that the two of them are children of two of the elder gods. And lastly the things that I severely hate is: WHY IS THERE NO CAMP HALF BLOOD!
reader chapter 87 . 8/21
sequel? ? ?
Guest chapter 1 . 8/14
I need the sequel :(
irishbabygrl chapter 87 . 5/15
I really enjoyed this story. Are you going to continue it at all?
Quartz Rider chapter 87 . 4/23
Pls. do a sequel since it somehow ended in a cliffie really like this story
ArticWolf4123 chapter 87 . 4/15
I love this. I absolutely love this. Fabulous story and plot.
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